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Jan 7

Dateline Jerusalem - Jim Fletcher

Palestine or Bust?

Well, he’s done it. Anyone who’s paid attention to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has known for some time that Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has changed his thinking.

After a stint as mayor of Jerusalem for 10 years, and a long-time Likud party member, Olmert a few years ago bolted the party so that he could follow Ariel Sharon into the newly formed Kadima (“forward”) Party. Olmert, like most politicians, showed himself to be an opportunist. It was fairly obvious that Sharon was unhealthy. He made Olmert vice premier; predictably, after less than a year, Sharon’s health nose-dived and Olmert found himself as the leader of Israel.

Just this past week, Olmert indicated that Israel would have to get used to the idea that Jerusalem will be re-divided again (a united city under Israeli sovereignty since 1967) once a final-status agreement is reached with the Palestinians.

This is a stunning revelation, given that every Israeli prime minister since Levi Eshkol has forcefully declared that Jerusalem will always remain the undivided capital of Israel. Even Labor leaders made such declarations. Now Olmert, once a hawk, is now making dovish statements about concessions to the Palestinians. It is inexplicable.

One of the great stories of our time is the international obsession with pacifying the Palestinians. Large numbers of the Arab population in Israel and Gaza have a pathological hatred of Jews. A few days ago, 1,000 Palestinians given temporary housing by the Egyptian government torched said housing, all because they weren’t being allowed to go back and live in the hell-hole called Gaza.

Palestinians have committed tens of thousands of terrorist acts over the years and show their contempt for Jews and the West on a daily basis. Many of them are barbaric. East Jerusalem has often seen posters of the so-called “martyrs,” the shaheeds, who in reality are murderous psychopaths.

 The international community, however, is obsessed with donating billions of dollars to the Palestinians, repeatedly. The recipients have shown time and again that corruption and twisted thinking squanders every dime. Still it goes on.

 While visiting the Center for Special Studies (north of Tel Aviv), I saw a display of captured terrorist weaponry and propaganda. One of the items was a punching bag made from an American flag. Another item was an image of Christ being crucified by the Israeli army. These kinds of things are part of Arab culture in the territories, Gaza, and throughout the Arab world.

 Yet Olmert wants to allow the Palestinian Authority to establish the capital of Palestine in East Jerusalem. He cites demographic concerns, stating that in another generation or two, the Arabs will outnumber the Jews. Or, failing that, Israel will have to operate as an apartheid-type state. Of course, there are studies by people with the opposite view.

 The important thing to remember is that while pro Israel Christians fret about such events, the Bible never changes. In point of fact, the Bible doesn’t mitigate against the existence of a Palestinian state in the end. Ezekiel 36 mentions that Israel’s enemies will be gleeful that “even the ancient heights are ours.” This might or might not be a reference to the “West Bank,” which we know as the mountains of Israel.

 Likewise, Amos 9:15 assures us that at the last, with Jews living in their ancient homeland, that they will never be uprooted again. As current events change and ebb and flow, we must not keep our eyes on said events, but rather on Scripture, which has never been wrong and will never be wrong.

 A situation could develop in which part of the “West Bank” is given to the Palestinians, but Jewish settlers remain. Whatever geopolitical solution is cobbled together by weak politicians, God is well able to see His plans through.

 Zechariah discusses a battle in which “half of the city” of Jerusalem is taken. Israel and the Jordanians have fought over Jerusalem twice in the last 60 years; however, a state of Palestine, with its capital in East Jerusalem, would fit such a scenario in a climactic final battle.

 Whatever, the Bible is clear that Israel will survive. Jesus said that those who overcome to the end will be saved. We live in momentous times, times of privilege for Christians. Let’s all do our best to pray for each other, pray for the peace of Jerusalem, and pray for That Great Day!

 As believers, we should not fear current political developments, whatever they may be. If it looks as if something is “going against the Bible,” we must remember that human perspectives can be wrong, but the Bible is never wrong.

 Current politicians, terrorists, and diplomats cannot thwart the plans of God. They can only play the roles that He has assigned them.

 Jim Fletcher is a member of the executive committee of the National Christian Leadership Conference for Israel (NCLCI); he can be reached at