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Updated January 30, 2017

Hey there, Todd~

Happy New Year to you and yours! DANG, dude, the site looks terrific! Excellent job. It really did need to be updated and looks beautiful!


I can’t ever remember writing a complaint to any organization before……… this is certainly a rare event.

The changes made to your web site are not an improvement!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have experienced many changes to web sites that I frequent, and, although awkward at first, I usually came to appreciate the the changes and see them as improvements. However, after only a couple of days use, all I can says is: please, bring back the old website.

I like the new site.  It’s much classier.  It makes me feel like I should dress up little bit before I sign in.

I wanted to send a congratulations on the launch of your new site. Very nicely done and easy to navigate for your followers. Thank you for making all of this available to us believers and for helping to keep us vigilant.

I love the new website, but it would really be helpful that after I click into an article and read it, in the old website, it would turn and stay another color.  This new site does not do that and with so many articles it is hard to remember what I have already read and what is new, especially if I miss a couple of days.


Dear Mr Strandberg

I think God has set a trap with Donald Trump as the bait.

Sooner or later he will do or say something so offensive he will get shot and possibly killed. Then again the economy might just collapse before someone can kill him.


Everything else you read in print, or see on videos, is the FLAWED CONJECTURE of man. If your information is not directly from the Holy Scriptures it is the flawed conjecture of man, and should be considered as such ! Nothing you read in the Holy Scriptures is inspired by the spirit of Satan, but EVERYTHING ELSE is subject to the influence of the spirit of Satan to deceive you according to :

Revelation 12:9

“Satan, who deceives the whole world”

Open your Bibles and read the TRUTH ! Everything you need to know is in the Holy Scriptures. We have been TOLD EVERYTHING in the Holy Scriptures according to :

Mark 4:22

“For there is nothing hidden which will not be REVEALED, nor has anything been kept secret, but that it should come to light.”

And so it IS REVEALED in the Book of Revelation. Read it for yourself, and do not be deceived.

According to Your Holy Word, come Lord Jesus !

********,  Scripturalist for the Lord

Nov 14

Thanks for your article on Preterism and its extreme view of eschatology. It helped a lot. Jesus finished redemption by becoming our sacrifice but to use that truth to adopt a replacement theology where Israel is concerned doesn’t work.

Hi Todd,

I have something personal to tell you about the Rapture. I’d like to tell you and Terry about an experience I had years ago. It’s not kooky; or tin foil hat stuff. The Lord came into my life in June, 1979. I had always believed in God; but only as the Creator. I believed that the Bible was true; but had not read it. I wish that I could remember the exact date in June that I was born again. I awoke to a sunny; warm day. My father had left a small book in the laundry room. It was by a Christian author; I don’t recall his name. I put it in a brown paper bag, and went outside to read–I kept thinking “This is atypical of me– why am I reading a ‘religious’ book?”

Nevertheless; I sat down on a bench in a nice park-like setting. (I had been living with my parents for awhile after getting my degree.) They had sold the family home, and were living on the twenty-third floor of a highrise apartment building.

I finished the book. It was simply titled Jesus. That night; I looked up at the stars, and prayed. “Dear God–I know that your hand is upon me. Please let me know what is is I need to be doing.” Then–for three days–I had an indescribably powerful, wonderful feeling of being literally ‘drawn’ to something. It was like a powerful magnet. The feeling lasted for three days. I started my search, and sat in a church for three hours. I didn’t discover whatever it was I was trying to find. The three days ended.

My parents went shopping one week later. I felt like I had to pray. Not a strong feeling; not with a sense of urgency. I knelt beside my bed (gritting my teeth–“this is ‘religious'”.) Not knowing what to pray; I heard myself say “Dear Jesus. I know you’re real; I know you’re alive. Please forgive my sins, and come into my heart; into my life.” The next day…Wow!!! Everything was in technicolor; the day before–in black and white. I wanted to shout from the rooftops!

I had never, ever heard of the “sinner’s prayer.” No one had witnessed to me; or instructed me. There is much more to tell; but I’ll write about my main point. I knew nothing about prophecy. Sad to say; I didn’t read the Bible after becoming a new Christian. But–I was close to the Lord. I had suffered a lot of rejection, ridicule, and mocking as I went through school. I felt like a dummy, a failure. Why? My mother was a very negative, critical person. My father…a very uncommunicative, unsupportive father. Somehow or other; I grew up feeling like I didn’t fit in anywhere. My feelings of being “stupid” were almost tangible. I couldn’t express feelings, and felt frozen. “Love” was just a four letter word. I had no true experience of real love…just for me; as broken as I felt.

But–the first thing I instinctively said to Jesus: “You KNOW me. You were with me through all the years. You have seen all my tears…you know all my hurt…and you love me. You saw me before I was born. I just knew these things about him. I had not read it anywhere. So comforting; so healing.

One year later; July 8, 1980. Morning; 7:58 a.m. I was mentally rehearsing my answers for a job interview. Totally focused. Suddenly…Whoosh!! I cannot describe it any other way. I suddenly; instantly; knew five things–without thinking. And–I knew that God had supernaturally “spoken” to me. I knew it; without question.

My interview lasted for three hours. I was in Toronto. After the interview; I walked down Yonge Street, and began to ponder what I had known, suddenly and instantly…without thinking. It took about five minutes to “think”, and put what I had been given into words. I won’t go into all the five points.

I was young, and naively hoping to work at a “career” job until sixty-five, and then a gold watch, and retirement. One thing I was told by the Holy Spirit: “The word ‘retirement’ will no longer have any meaning. (Now look at the world!) Also; I was not to worry about a ‘9 to 5’ career job. I was also told that I had a role to play in the “Time of the End.” (Not my words). Here is where it gets interesting: Recall; I knew zero about Bible prophecy. Zip. Never entered my mind. I only knew that Jesus would come back some day… some far off time. Hundreds of years?? Who could say? I also “saw” what I can only describe as a world-wide destruction–fires, nuclear warfare….The Time of Jacob’s Trouble–that is what I saw in my mind. Again–no knowledge of Bible prophecy, and my outlook was for a normal, uneventful life. I put all of it in the back of my mind.

After that warm-up; here is what I want to tell you and Terry.

One week later; I was on the living room floor; cutting out a newspaper article. I was childishly angry at the Lord; because I didn’t get the job. Suddenly—–Whoosh!! No warning; no expectation…I immediately KNEW something. Instantly. No thinking. “I was going to see the Lord–face-to-face. It would not be a dream; or a vision; or an out-of-the body experience. I would be with him “forever.” Immediately; I felt saddened. My natural mind told me that this meant that I would die; well before “my time.” I felt very sad–thinking about leaving behind all that I knew. This all happened in mere moments.

Immediately–immediately–a thought instantly formed in my mind (no thinking.) “No Brian; you will not die physically.” Huh??? How can that be possible?? No answer. I pondered this awhile. Then went back to my newspaper clipping.

One week later. I had never set foot inside a Christian bookstore. I went inside one a few minutes from my apartment. (Not at my parents anymore.) I looked around, and a small paperback caught my eye. I bought it. It was The Late, Great Planet Earth. I went home, and started reading. Suddenly…My mouth dropped. There’s my answer!!! 16 “For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: 17 Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.” (! Thessalonians 4:16-17.) KJV.

That–was my first introduction to Bible Prophecy. suddenly; it all made sense. I knew that the Lord had supernaturally spoken to me twice–in Toronto at 7:58 a.m., and one week later. I saw the Tribulation period in my mind. It didn’t make me afraid. He told me about the Rapture—by direct revelation. He told me I would not die physically; but would see the Lord face-to-face, and be with him forever. I would not die physically…and this supernatural event will occur Before I am old.

Here we are. Thirty-seven years later. I have had a “Whoosh” experience a few more times since then–always to bring me comfort in suffering and loss. Retirement is becoming much less likely for people–all over the world.

On July 8, 1980; I “knew” that that day would come. It will only get progressively worse. And–as I was told in 1980–try as I might–I was never able to land a “career” job. Not one. i really tried. Not because I didn’t remember what the Lord had told me years earlier-and then decades–but it was what “normal” men did. Career–family–house in the suburbs. At times throughout my working life; it brought me despair. I just couldn’t break into a “real” job. But; then I would remember the Lords words for me. I did land a job with a “career” company. I never moved beyond the entry level position. Again; not from a lack of trying. It just never happened. I made the most of what I had. It was a god paying job; but the big “downsizing” tapped me on the shoulder after nine years with the phone company.

He has also spoke to me directly through Scripture in 2010. Following a permanent layoff from the telephone company; I went to South Korea for almost eight years, and almost one year in Taiwan. My wife is Taiwanese, and in 2010 I lived with her family for a time. I tried very hard to get another teaching job in Korea. The door back into Korea was “dead-bolted.” I was much older than the teachers they wanted–and there was intense competition. That was because of the world economy. The door would just not open for me. I tried really hard.

I prayed unceasingly, and continued to apply for Korean teaching jobs. I had a few short term ones in Taiwan. I loved teaching in Korea. I was also at the tail end of a two year; deep depression. The Lord kept me going. Almost every building in Taiwan–including Ruth’s home–had prison-like iron bars on the windows. They’re paranoid about B &E’s. Every night—I prayed. “Lord…please…you know this isn’t good for my health. I feel like a prisoner in Taiwan–all these bars…and the Koreans have dead-bolted their door from the inside. Ageism. Please help me go back. I prayed that prayer for seven months.
I always took my Bible to my wife’s small church. It was always my custom to book mark my last page, and note the exact place where I had previously stopped reading. This particular morning…I picked up my Bible, and “randomly”– without pre-meditation; opened it. Instead of scanning the page–as usual–my eyes “automatically” dropped to the first verse. Top of the page. Instantly. no thinking. Here is what I saw: “I will break in pieces the doors of bronze, and cut through the bars of iron.” (Isaiah 45:2-3.) ESV.

My heart soared. Instantly; I knew that the Lord had just spoken, and answered my prayer. He was “cutting” through the iron bars in Taiwan, and “breaking in pieces” the locked door in Korea. My immediate thanks lifted to Heaven; he saw me in my distress, and was ready to move me back to Korea. I still didn’t have any sign of a teaching job there. Two weeks later; I flew to Korea for a combination interview, and school visit. I was immediately offered a job teaching at this elementary school–my favorite grades. I started the new school year two months later, and Ruth (my wife) joined me that summer. We had three wonderful years, and then moved back to Canada. We could have remained; but I had plenty of money, and we both felt it was time to return to Canada. I felt ambivalent about leaving. The Lord put another Scripture under my nose: “Return to the land of your fathers.”

We both feel very blessed where we are. And–the Blessed Hope is on the horizon.


I just wanted to glorify the Most High God for the work you are all doing in enlightening the believers and I believe the unbelievers too in these dark times. I have been greatly impacted by all the articles written and for those who take us through the word of God (Calvary chapels and other links). We are lucky that in Kenya, we still have the freedom of practicing our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. We are currently experiencing the prosperity/ear tinkling doctrines but I thank God for the few shepherds who are sticking to the true gospel in our country. I was brought to real salvation through the late Pastor Chuck Smith and his teachings; and through the many prayers by the saints standing in the gap pleading for the souls of the lost. This is a note just to appreciate and let you know that you are not doing the Lord’s work in vain – you are touching and changing people’s lives through the power of the Holy Spirit. My thanks and appreciation too, to the ‘behind-the-scenes’ staff equally involved in the Lord Jesus’ harvest of souls. Truly there will be a lot of pleasant surprises in Heaven for the winning of lost souls.

Hi Todd,
I was reading your article on how many people have been so rude and ugly to you about your website. It is very sad that people don’t see all of the signs from the one and ONLY GOD’s Word. Constantly, we Christians are told how there is no God. It’s very scary how many people don’t care enough to change their behavior. You have warned these people about what is coming ahead at top speed. They can now tell Jesus that yes they knew and were told about Him. Blessings to you Todd!!

Please keep it up, we are living in end times and you are giving the real NEWS that matters the most.

Thank you for your time, news and your caring about God’s people.

Updated August 22, 2016

I’m inclined to believe that if the 483 years ended at Christ’s Triumphal Entry in April of 32 AD that the 2000 year countdown to the second coming and millennial reign would likely begin then as well. That would put the rapture sometime in the next 10 years. It’s coming! He’s coming! Be ready!

I have devoured your website and you have extensive content.I am just reading a book by John Price called, “The End of America, the Role of Islam, and Warning to flee America”. He makes several defensible arguments as to why America is called the “Daughter of Babylon”

He references Jeremiah 50 and 51, Isaiah 13; 21, 1-10, 47, 48; Revelation 17 and 18 In his book there are 223 verses concerning Daughter of Babylon. Please read this book.

You disgust me. Arnold Murray’s finger knew more about the bible than all you false teachers put together. Learn how to read. Follow the subject and the article and try really hard to apply some common sense. And above all. Put more effort into praying for wisdom and guidance than talking about other people. I know you mean well. I used to be where you are. I’m not sure who wrote the article about Arnold Murray but it was very childish.

The biggest JEZEBEL WOMAN around today is none other than Hillary Clinton. She is exactly like the original in 1-Kings 16:31-33, 18:4, 21:25, 2-Kings 9:10, 9:30-33, and in Revelation 2:20-26. Hillary is exactly the same as what the original is. She is secretly involved in the occult like the original. She is also like the original HARLOT-QUEEN. She pushes the murder of babies.
I don’t have a question, this is just say thank you. I happened to come across your column, I believe God led me there, because it was purely an accident, I was looking for something else, actually haha. There are no accidents though, everything has a purpose. I have been in the same position as Kathy letter dated July, 18 2016). I have been wondering why some Christians can seem so judgmental, and hateful toward me. It hurts, a lot. God answered a lot of my questions, and comforted me through you. Thank you for letting Him use you in such a big way.Love in Christ

Hello Sister Esther,Just a quick note to tell you how exactly right you are in your recent comments to the depressed, discouraged and to the lady with husband who shows no affection. Now, I know you yourself have suffered many things, else you would not know about the things you write to help these people.

I also have learned to see the glass is “half full,” and I have had to die to this world and jump into the lap of Jesus. There, I live most of the time, as a choice. The enemy of our souls cannot get me. I struggle, but I never lose the Joy of the Lord, and I even learned to laugh at depression instead of agreeing with it. Ha! “You are wrong,” I say to morning depression, “I’m going to have a GOOD day!” And I do. I don’t even have to say that any more. I get up and say “alleluia!” I start my worship music and I begin my housework, courtesy of “”

(Try Flylady; you’ll love her system like nothing else!) She is a Christian. Yep, very peculiar. Ha! J

I live with the constant expectation that I am going Home soon. I studied Jack Kelley’s book, 7 Things You Have To Know, To Understand End Time Prophecy. There is a Scripture that says prophecy is to comfort and strengthen us, and that is exactly what has happened to me. Life is hard, but I have one foot in heaven all the time.

So, I understood every sentence you wrote to these despairing Christians. You really “said” it all just right for them. May God continue to bless you.

Just wanted to thank you for your quick response to my letter and let you know God is answering prayers and I believe lifting my spirit and encouraging me to abide by His words. One of my favorites that I forgot about till the Lord brought it to my heart yesterday after I felt so sad that the Clinton’s got away with what evil they have done and it seems a higher standard is held for the world’s elites and it is but Psalms 37 says it all and I only quoted the 1st verse but the entire chapter deals with a lot of what we see going on today. vs 1 (A Psalm of David.) Fret not thyself because of evildoers, neither be thou envious against the workers of iniquity. Anyway, thank you for the prayers that I felt immediately and the encouragement. May the God and our Savior Jesus Christ continually bless you and your ministry to others in Jesus name, amen. Thank You Jesus, all the glory, honor and praises to you and you alone forever! all my love, your sister in Christ Jesus, soon we shall meet face to face but most importantly we will see our King Jesus who has transferred us out of the kingdom of darkness and translated into the Kingdom of His dear Son, Christ Jesus, hallelujah. Please continue to uphold me in prayer, thank you.PSALMS 47:1-4 vs1 To the chief Musician, A Psalm for the sons of Korah.) O clap your hands, all ye people; shout unto God with the voice of triumph. 2 For the Lord Most High is terrible; He is King over all the earth. 3 He shall subdue the people under us, and the nations under our feet. 4 He shall choose our inheritance for us, the excellency of Jacob whom He loved.

Just wanted to say that you guys are doing such a great job. Stay encouraged , strong and may the Lord bless you and your families abundantly.

Todd Stranderg,
I don’t really want to get into a I said, you said type of argument with you people for the simple reason is that it is always going to be completely one sided, your side, and I will never ever have the opportunity to say what is on my mind. The stats speak volumes relative to those who do not see the end times unfolding as you do. That is perhaps the main reason why there are hardly any emails at all that are being published at the Rapture Ready website that don’t tell both sides of the pre Rapture debate. I live in Australia, and so I am not really all that concerned with the arrival of the Antichrist. However, he is over there in the USA and now right in your face. Once elected, he is going to sign the long awaited covenant of Daniel almost immediately after the elections, within a matter of weeks. On the 31st of December of this year to be precise.That is not just something that I am making up because I am not a dispensationalist, but is something that is a reality. As that is the case, the time is now running extremely short for your alleged Rapture to take place. I will give you the courtesy of that few extra months before that date to say that there still could be a Rapture – but you and I both know that there is no such event, so why pretend that there is. It is interesting though isn’t it? For years and years people have been saying that just as soon as the Antichrist achieves his power base he would confirm the covenant, and whoops, look out, here it is coming right at you and still no sign of the Rapture. There is no point now of going into a state of denial by saying that Trump is not the Antichrist, and the treaty that is going to be signed off on later on this year is not the one that we are looking for. That type of attitude is not going to get you anywhere at all. I know that you were supposed to have been gone from the earth in the Rapture before the Antichrist had even been revealed. Nonetheless, as you are still here there is no one to blame for that fact other than yourselves, for tying something into the word of God that is not even there to begin with. However that being said there is still time for you to make a complete turnaround and admit that there is nothing in the word of God at all about a Rapture of the Church. Do it now before it is too late.

If you don’t then all that is going to happen is that you are going to make matters a lot worse for yourself than what they already are. God hates False Prophets and he is going to punish quite severely all of these people, Christian or not, who have added to his word with this Rapture nonsense. It is not there, so why even pretend that is when it is not. Repent now before it is too late. Even after having made the aforementioned comments I am still your friend. It is just that I have very strong feeling over this whole Rapture issue and that is the only reason for this email. I am writing all of this in the vain hope that you may come to your senses before all of this has gone a lot further than what it already has. With the enormous market that it has already created in books and DVDs it is high time that all of this was put to a stop once and for all, just for the ultimate act of deception that it has created if nothing else. That is so, apart from the innocent and gullible who have parted with their hard earned over the Rapture issue all of this has ever turned out to be was just one big scheme of Satan, to deceive, and nothing more than that. As much as it regrets me to have to say make a statement such as that it is true nonetheless. God’s richest blessings.
Robert Muir (Australia)

First I must thank you for your ministry- I pray God replenishes your spirit daily- you give so much to others, help so many. You are truly a blessing. I so appreciate your perspective and biblical knowledge- it’s worth more than gold. I have emailed you one time before and your words and scripture reference helped more than you can know. I have an issue in my life that I don’t want to talk to my sister or mother about because it is about my husband and I don’t want them to know. I do feel bad about asking you for advice- I have nothing to offer you in return but just writing this makes me feel better.A little history… I was married to a non believer for 15 years, he was unfaithful multiple times, physically and verbally abusive. I filed for divorce when I found out he was having an affair with my brother’s wife. I was 2 months pregnant with our second child and our son was 4 at the time. That’s all water under the bridge- God brought me through the fire and I could go on and on about the unbelievable blessings that came out of that trial- I have never ever felt closer to The Lord than during that time. I remarried a man I had known all my life- he knew my story, I knew his- his wife left him for a married man. So we had both been through it- and we brought our families together and have worked hard to provide a stable, real home for our kids.

It’s been 9 years now. He is honest, faithful, attentive and very helpful around the house. He is a believer although we both need to work on praying together and attending church more often and quit letting busy lives get in the way but that’s a common problem in every household. And that’s not the problem. He has always had a temper. He has never been physical with me- he has “gotten in my face” once but he was really angry. It’s just that he has very little patience and the smallest thing sets him off, water on the bathroom floor, me throwing the foil lid to the lasagna pan away, me forgetting to put the ac filter that I had just washed back into the ac. I use these examples because these are what set him off tonight. To me, small and insignificant, to him, very important and leads to very loud foul language. I work a very stressful job as a home health RN- I’m on the road in my truck all day running from patient to patient- on the phone constantly- evenings, days off, weekends. Always “on call” for my clients. It’s fine, I love my job but it’s exhausting. Then the usual at home – kids, games, homework, dinner, bills. I manage the finances and all the bills- always have- he came into the marriage with a lot of debt and credit issues I have helped him with.

I’m no angel- I stress out sometimes and get moody but never call him names or curse at him. I try to have grown up and respectful conversations – like tonight- I let him know that these little things just don’t warrant the ranting and language- and I mean the foulest if you know what I mean without me saying it. When I said this he got very defensive and said he wants stuff done right and wants it done right now. Again I said with all the normal stress we have lets not add to it, I don’t want this kind of house – where we have to walk on eggshells and I have to make my kids walk on eggshells so we won’t accidentally set him off. I didn’t say the eggshell thing out loud, just the part about not wanting this kind of house- i was talking not yelling- he continued to raise his voice and told me to shut the …. up- I’m not going to fill in that blank. This is not a new occurrence- it IS rare, but not new. I simply asked him to not talk to me that way. It used to hurt, I’ll be honest, but I’m kinda at a point where I don’t have the energy to care. I hate that the kids hear this.

He has very little to no patience with my kids but his daughter (17) he still calls “princess” and she is treated as such- she never has chores but my kids do. That’s probably another issue- sorry 🙂

He is under a lot of stress- he has been laid off of 3 jobs since we’ve been married- is recently employed after 8 months of unemployment. He took the whole 8 months because he said he deserved the time off- he did do some work around the house so that helped- and he cooked and cleaned which helped because I had to work more. I wonder if his temper had anything to do with his job loss- he did tell me several times when he was talked to about his cursing at employees. He likes to be the boss- has been a supervisor in the steel industry or oil field for as long as I’ve known him and now that those jobs are gone he has a job here a mile from home making less money than he ever has- been there 2 months and they’ve already threatened to fire him because he refuses to work some weekends. He says the job is beneath him. I know he’s depressed over it so I try to encourage him to talk to people he knows, look for another job, maybe technical school, I throw all kinds of ideas out there but his jobs have always come to him and he wants that to happen again. When he was laid off this last time it was me who prepared his résumé and worked hard to find him a job- I must have applied at 50 different locations. He just wasn’t aggressive about looking. He tells me he doesn’t want to work and that he may just walk out of this job- that puts a lot of stress on me. I have been trying real hard to keep it together – I pray for help every morning- listen to my Christian music station- love it- it keeps me going through the day. It’s just I feel disrespected and unappreciated when he talks to me that way- I want a happy home- I want my kids to be happy. There are days when the rebel in me fantasizes about packing the kids up and just taking off – Is that wrong? What can I do to make a happier man out of him.

Thank you, Esther, for listening. It feels amazing just to get this off my chest- sometimes I feel like I’m screaming on the inside so it really helps to just lay it out there. Thank you again and God bless you and all you do 🙂

Hi Esther!
Thank you so much for getting back to me!Things are going better at work, while I was waiting to hear from you I pretty much did what you said and told my co-workers that those are my beliefs and I stand by them…I also told them again that God loves the sinner but not the sin…and we all need to be accountable for our sins…all of us. I have 3 co-workers who stepped up and said that they have the same beliefs as I do and that they also go by the word of God as I do. The mom of the son has been very nice and acts like nothing happened. I do pray for her and her son and I really hope he comes to a realization that his lifestyle choices also affect his eternity choice. I can sure tell Satan is working overtime…everyone seems so casual on sin, I bet the Lord just weeps some days.

So that’s where this situation is… I am trying to be a positive representative for Jesus, but I won’t bend on his values and laws just to please others . And sometimes I do feel like I’m walking alone AND uphill :/ But I am going to fight the good fight and stay true to the Lord.

Thank you again Esther, I love reading your column. I will keep praying that your advice reaches many souls and that they hear the voice of truth….God bless!

A ministry friend referred to Trump v. Clinton as Nebuchadnezzar versus Jezebel. He remarked that Nebuchadnezzar, at least, led a great nation and that the Jewish people did start to have some good things happen with Daniel once they realized how disobedient they had been, whereas Jezebel was nothing but trouble.I added that also, Nebuchadnezzar eventually acknowledged the sovereignty of God after being humbled, even if commentaries are divided, from what I’ve read, on whether that was a mere factual assent (as in ‘every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord) or he had really asked for God’s forgiveness.

Personally, i had been seeing through prayer that God may be allowing Trump to gain the nomination so true Christians would call out to God in earnest, whereas if Cruz won it would sadly be more likely a case of, “Well, we have a good Christian leader, all we have to do is vote for him and it’ll all be hunky dory” – an attitude which might keep Cristians from truly trusting God for healing this country but instead only a fallen man. (Plus, I recently heard that Cruz is a Mason and a Dominionist.)

So, there are some logical points to ponder when it comes to Trump winning. I can’t stand him, but I would rather have Nebuchadnezzar than Jezebel.

This morning I found Christian Authors on my iPhone. I didn’t know these existed, or how I got them, but want to thank you. I love them!

According to one or two obscure reports on the local Houston news immediately following the Grand Jury’s decision to indict the two pro-lifers who made the videos and to clear Planned Parenthood of any wrongdoing, nobody from Planned Parenthood was ever even called before the Grand Jury and no case against them was presented. The Grand Jury didn’t find anything because the DA didn’t give them anything to find, according to these early local news reports, which quickly disappeared from the news. The Harris County DA, Devon Anderson, a Republican, purports to be pro-life, but I find that hard to believe, and every time I see her now on the news I smell a stench.

Once again, you are bearing false witness, calling Ron Wyatt a habitual liar, based primarily on hearsay. Did you ever meet the man and question him yourself? Have you gone where he has been to see for yourself? No? Then who are you to bear witness against him? You are also ignoring the evidence that supports his findings. Here is a video with Gary Stearman and J.R. Church interviewing a scientist who corroborates Ron Wyatt’s Red Sea and Mt. Sinai discoveries. You can also add Brent Miller to the list of corroborators based on his video “Decoding the Future” which was recently discussed on Prophecy In the News. There have been many documentaries made, secular and Christian, based on information that originated with Ron Wyatt.I once worked for a crooked elected official and was required as a witness to take a polygraph test. I failed. But with God was my witness every answer I gave was 100% truthful. Even the courts know those tests are only as good as the person who administers them.

Based on what I’ve seen there is ample evidence that testifies to the validity of his claims at least as far as the Red Sea crossing site, the real Mt. Sinai, Sodom and Gomorah, Joseph’s grain storage facilities, and probably even Noah’s Ark. As far as the Ark of the Covenant is concerned, I don’t know. But I am willing to leave it at that rather than call someone a habitual liar who may have in reality been mightily and almost impossibly blessed and used by God. God does use the simple to confound the wise, you know. Is it likely that Jesus’ blood and water was sprinkled onto the mercy seat? I can’t imagine that God would have it any other way…but time will tell.

I just finished reading your article entitled “Would Jesus Vote Republican?”. I was surprised that you detailed the reasons why Jesus wouldn’t vote Democratic but you failed to mention the good things that Dems support, such as helping the worker and supporting the poor, things like that. The major message of the New Testament is helping the poor. You also didn’t mention all the ways Jesus wouldn’t vote Republican such as, they support the new amendment, the right to bear arms, the death penalty and corporate America. Jesus would definitely not support the ownership of guns or the death penalty, the 6th commandment is Thou Shalt Not Kill!!!!I think you should have also pointed out that even though the Reps claim to be anti abortion, they failed to reverse Roe vs. Wade even though in the 2014 election, Republicans gained control of the Senate and the congress. That Congress, the 114th, began the session with the largest Republican majority since the 71st Congress of 1929-31.

I would encourage you to rewrite your article to include these facts.

Hello brother Todd,
I find your page long time ago and i come here for everything, news, strength, knowledge and a lot more. No matter what I always come to your page daily, I can spend hours a day reading. Thank you so much, you have such a great crew, a variety of Christian brothers and sisters that really love our Lord that contribute in RR. Many of them inspired by the Holy Spirit.

God bless you and your family.

I live in Maffra, Victoria, Australia. I have been reading RR on a weekly basis since 2005 and really enjoy this site. I just want to congratulate you on your recent article and state I too, am over the whole “candle vigils” lighting up the French flag on major buildings in almost every large city upon this earth. It makes me feel I’ll!! I can tell you that in Melbourne tonight, they are holding a “candle vigil” in the city! People will no doubt be weeping and looking all so sincere for the cameras. I was talking with a mate of mine last night and we were both saying how ineffective and tasteless it is to hold these pompous ceremonies and people are just fools at best, and our Muslim enemies just keep laughing at us!Whilst we both feel the sadness and total disgust of these bloody actions committed by these evil and vile Muslim criminals, when will people wake up and start confronting their respective Governments and demand the mass migration of these people stop immediately??? Our Governments need to be made accountable for allowing such thugs into our countries. These little ceremonies just don’t cut it, and I’m sure ISIS are REALLY shivering in their boots with the response from the masses ( tongue in cheek) what with these “candle vigils” and French flag colours shown everywhere.

Anyhow, great article and God bless you mate!

…I wanted to thank you for the website “Rapture Ready”. The amount of work and dedication that it must have taken is staggering to me. I have learned much from this site.On Facebook, I was contacted by a friend who I haven’t seen for over forty years. After 62 years of Roman Catholicism, she indicated her dissatisfaction with her denomination. I advised her to go to your website. A month later she informed me that she had become a Christian, was now saved (and finally felt secure), and that she had become “born again”. She credits your site, and I say, “Praise God”. Thought you’d want to know.

Hello, I just wanted to thank you for and the wonderful nearing midnight writings. Your site and writings are such a needed blessing to me and to others! Thank you so much for all you do and may Father Jehovah and Lord Yeshua keep you!

Dear Todd,
Your recent article called “Demonomics” is probably considered controversial by many — that fact indicates what kind of world we are living in today. I agree 100% with all of your points. It was a well written article that I will be sending (link) to all of my friends.
Thank you and God Bless.

I found your commentary on Joel Osteen rather interesting. I have for years wondered what hold this man has on people. I have a good friend that just loves him. For me, he creeps me out. I watch John Hagee most Sunday’s and I am truly confounded as to why he choose to have Joel Osteen as a speaker at one of his big conferences. Thank you for speaking the truth.

Dear Esther
Thank you for your response. You have made me feel so much better. I should have mentioned that I am still married, my husband is very forgiving and he never even brings up the subject. Esther, I just don’t know how I could have done that when I think back on what happened. I must have grieved the Holy Spirit so much, I can,t bear the thought of it sometimes. I thought that when you are truly born again that one would not commit such a grievous sin as i did. That is where I am confused and I feel so depressed sometimes. I thank you for your encouragement , you are so sweet and your response is such a blessing to me. I thank and praise God for you.

Re your commentary on Joel Osteen, I could NOT agree with you more, Brother, point for point exactly, everything you said. I can’t stand to listen to him either. Sometimes I try, just to monitor what he’s saying, but after about 30 seconds I have to click him off before I vomit on my shoes. If you put him on mute and just watch him, his moves are serpentine and hypnotic, snake-charmer-like. But that revolts me also and I can’t watch it. My friend and I were just complaining to each other about him tonight, as we often do. And how he conveniently manages to put “you” in every book title hasn’t been lost on us either.I had a run-in with one of his Lakewoodians awhile back and tried to reason with her from the scriptures, but in the end she walked off down the street yelling back at me “I LOVE JOEL AND I LOVE VICTORIA!!!”

I continually hear good preachers condemning him and in fact heard a pastor do so just tonight without mentioning Osteen’s name. Some use his name, others just make obvious references to “the smiling preacher” saying thus and so on Oprah or the Larry King show – no doubt who it is. And even Daystar won’t actually call him a preacher in their promos but they refer to him as America’s most popular motivational speaker or most influential speaker or some generic thing like that.

One thing is certain – he is Bible prophecy fulfilled, and that means we’re about to leave him and his carnal, lusting, laodicean, apostate adherents behind to face the consequences they’ve chosen for themselves.

Thank you!!! I needed your letter. You are obviously gifted with understanding and mercy. I am humbled for it is what my Savior needed me to hear. I am going to pray and follow your advise on family members but most importantly use a soft voice. May God continue to bless you.

Oh, Gift of Life,
How beautiful in purity
How lovely in Majesty
Eternal Wisdom radiant in the blazing eyes;
Yes, Savior, in power and greatest authority
In most tender, gentle goodness
Kindness in purest Spirit flow from Heaven’s Throne
River of the water of life
Crystal clear waters flow down the great street of New Jerusalem.
Much like the branches from the royal Tree of Life
That spread far and wide
Bearing the richest fruit in abundance
Continually renewed month by month
Day by day without end.
How wonderful to reach out and touch this splendor
Water as liquid jewels pour forth through hands and fingers
And, the fruit that hands heavy,
The taste of exquisite delicacy
Beauty of all life, all Creation,
Eternal life freely given.
Because the nations had drunk their fill of evil
Emptying their cups of wickedness to the last drop
Choking it down greedily
Till their bellies burst,
Justice from the King of Glory followed in righteousness
And His Earth was swept clean
Every body of water purely filtered
The vast sea of all nations purified
All air around and above like the fragrance and aroma of Heaven;
Only the eternal beauty
Only the work of His hands
Truly forever remains.

Hello Todd,
I know as a believer in Christ, I shouldn’t set my mind on the earthly things or worry.. I just have to ask though, just why do I not hear anyone within the church ever mentioning the fact the our Government is literately spraying chemicals over all of our heads constantly? I live in Florida and have observed this daily across the entire state and also even worse in Georgia. While many news outlets focus on ISIS and the President and all the corruption we all need to also look up above our heads daily. Take a look at the sky and watch what they are doing above your own head…

We are totally living in the end days, this is a physical witness to me, that man is either playing God by trying to manipulate the entire global weather by literately spraying metals / chemicals over all major metropolitan areas.. and no one saying a word about it anywhere but online. It is a reality though, try looking up at the lines in the sky that are being sprayed in your own city, there are always white 747’s flying in a pack together, two to 5 go in the same direction at the same exact time, covering at specific area, the trails do not dissipate like a normal contrail does on a jet for example but these trails leave a deliberate trail line leaving chemical & metals within our atmosphere.. these are usually at or around 30 to 50 thousand feet (above our normal passenger flight paths) and above regular lower clouds creating very strange shaped clouds which are very artificial looking often glowing very bright pink during a sunrise or sunset. I write this to you so that maybe, maybe others would be informed because it is a very serious matter that I believe all families should be aware of..I know that we shouldn’t set our minds on earthly matters and simply trust is Christ and I do but also I just think it must be talked about by us Christians as well.. literately they are spraying over heads non-stop, my children play outside and I just cannot stand seeing it because I know it has to affect on our breathing etc eventually.. and if it doesn’t, it is a very obvious in your face reminder to me that today MAN thinks he knows better than GOD, to take things into his own hands and try and change the weather with spraying chemicals or metals..either way I look at it, it has got to be sin before GOD.. destroying Gods creation, this is a very strange time in history…