Known as "Dontwobears", his real name is, Don Elder. Don has been a long-time contributor to Rapture Ready and his no-nonsense stand on the gospel is a tremendous blessing. Don resides in San Antonio, Texas, and is happily married to a wonderful woman, Monika. August 16, 2013 marks 38 years together for them. They have two daughters and five grandsons, and with his blood family he has five brothers and two sisters in Kenai Alaska and multiples of first to seventh cousins, aunts and uncles. Don worked in the medical field for almost fifty years, in Interventional Cardiology. He accepted the Lord in 2001 and has not looked back since. He states, “There is nothing of my old life that I care for. For me to live...IS Jesus Christ.” Him.

The "Great Apostasy" is here!!!
"Hey...anyone Got the Time?"
To Be or Not To Be Deluded
Ever Wonder Why Everything Is Messed Up?
The "New Trend" is a lie!
Only two ways out of this Life! more Kid stuff!.Part 2 more Kid stuff!..
Is it really...”All about YOU”?
Is This Life...Really Worth It?
Time in the Last Days!
HUMILITY.......Before God

The "Rapture" is still ahead of us...
It Is Vitally Important That You Understand
Intellectualism vs Wisdom and Discernment
Do You have a date with Death..The Rapture
Our Body..Our Soul and Spirit..are NO Joke!!
You Chose This All By Yourself!
The Time is here and now!!
The “Mis-Information” of the Times!
For What Ails Ya!

What you need is different,...
The Cure is everywhere...
Death ain't the End!!
What is that “Tickling Sound”?!
Problem with “IF”!
Tale of Two Orchards
The Signs of the Times are REAL 3
The Signs of the Times are REAL2
The Signs of the Times are REAL 1
A Still, Small Voice?
Pride...The Worst Sin Ever
So you think you got it all covered...
The Truth about lies
The Life in the Pulpit
What's a “Rapture”?

“You snooze...You Loose!!”
Fear Incomprehensible! Part 2
The Price is so very High! 3
The Price is so very High! 2
The Price is so very High! 1
"Doubt and Procrastination"
Too Scared to die...Why?!
Who understands the “Wages of Sin”?
What is our Worth?
Our Accountability to the Lord
That Old Time it really Lost?
Today and Forward─Or Has It Begun?
There is...NO ROOM for ERROR!!
Are we in hurtin' shape or what?
It Truly Is...So Simple!
It's Still so is Life or Death!

Sign of the Times: what should I be doing?
When they say...Peace and Safety!
The Days of the “Mad Dog Syndrome”
We Are Lost, Fallen, Filthy and Decrepit!
Who Are We That God Should Love Us?
Believing in the Here and Now or ...
Here is the reason we are here...
What Are We Before God?
There Ain’t No “Buts”...With Salvation!
Despair, Deceit and Lies upon Lies!
You Want the Whole Enchilada?
A Distinct Change Is Taking Place!
Man Is a Failure, Always Has Been
Call It Like It Is Life or Death!
Got Questions, the Bible Has the Answers
Life Can Be Simple or Complicated
What Are We to Be Doing...Right Now?
The Days Run By...Time Is Short!
Everyone Needs It, But No One Wants It?
The Bible: God’s Holy Word to You & Me!
There's a Problem We Need to Discuss Here
Call It Like It Is Life or Death!
You Are Running Out of Time!
You Are Running Out of Time...Part Two!
You Are Running Out of Time...Conclusion
God Is Love, Always Will Be!
The Intent of the Heart!
Ya Wanna KNOW Why? Here It Is!
Who Is Responsible Here?
Life, How’s It All Working Out for You? II
Life, How’s It All Working Out for You? I
You Made Your Bed Now Sleep in It!
Gods Word Can Save a Dying World!
What Is the Worth of Each Day?
Don’t Give Up Just Yet ─There’s More!
What Happens When Jesus Stops Knocking?
Critical Thinking versus the Thought!
Life According to God’s Will Part Two
Life According to God’s Will Part One
Critical Thinking versus the Thought!
Do YOU Understand the Question?
It Is Still One Way or the Other...
Easter Should Be Every Day!
Time Waits for NO MAN
Ah, Them Days of Old!
The War of Unimaginable Consequences
How Far Have We Fallen?
Our SIN Is the Problem!
What Is Your Eternal Life Worth to You?
It’s Between YOU and GOD!
Is Sin Worth Talking About?
It’s ALL...Quicksand!
The Whole Problem with the World...Is SIN!
Why Does God Allow Suffering?
Looking through the 'Glass Panes' of Time
Ya got all the answers...Yet?
The Old and Live in the Present!
Baby...You Ain’t Seen NOTHING...Yet
The Few,the Forgiven, Only God Knows...

Praying Like It’s the Last Thing You ...
Trying to Knock the “Stupid” Out of You!
Is It REAL...or Just a Dream? Part 2
The Facts of Death and Eternity
Is It REAL...or Just a Dream?
Are You Worried Yet?
Is There Room for Complacency?
SIN Is Everything YOU Don’t Want to Be
When Giving Is Right or Wrong
Morality Has Left the Building!

Education Vs. Wisdom and Discernment
Lament the day, If You Miss the Point!
Who Rules Your Life?
Given, Just for Asking III
Given, Just for Asking II
Who killed Brotherly love

To Everything There Is a Season
The Times of Our Lives
Problems in the End of Days
Polarization and Separation of the Church
Prozac and the Mindset!
The Rapture & Tribulation Are Not Fiction
Super Bugs Are on the Rise in 2013
Christmas Should Be...Forever!
Life and Farming, a Lot to Know!

Relationships Still Matter!
Squandering Time...Fruitlessly?

Does God Work in Our Lives Today?
The Easy Way Out Is Not Always the Best..
Who Said We Must Show Honor & Humility?
Pride...Will Steal Your Life Away! III
Pride...Will Steal Your Life Away! II
Pride...Will Steal Your Life Away! I

Whiff of Smoke
Surviving the Tribulation Part One
What Part of Stupid Don't You Understand?
Surviving the Tribulation Part Two

Murder, Suicide, Which Is Worse..
The War We Have with Ourselves!
The Writing on the Wall Is Truth!
It's in the Blood

So...What Do Ya think?
You Know, You Need to Read This!
Intent of the Heart Is More...

A Real Man Knows the Word of God
Questions & Answers Come from the Lord
You Ain't Seen Nothing...Yet!
Do You Really Understand How to Think?

A Lie Can Be So Destructive!
Sin Is Just Plain Sin and it’s against God!
As a Man...I Am a Failure!
Destination...Do You Need a Plan?

SIN...the Death of All People!
Typically, Our Thoughts Are Trouble!
Are You Sure Life Is What You Think it Is?

Is It a Dream...or the Last Days?
Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, Whatever
Our Sin and a Righteous and Just God
SIN Is Destroying You and Me and....

It’s All Falling Apart...
God Said It...Not Me!
How’s That Working Out for Ya?
If You Think Things Are Bad Now...!
We Cannot Exist Without God

Time Is Short Ya’ll...Think About It!
Is There Such a Thing as a “Wise Fool?”
Every Word in the Bible Is Significant!
Little Things Can and Do Make a Difference!

This Life Is Not What You Think It Is!
Two Sides of a Coin Makes the Difference
Say What You Will, the Truth Is the Truth!
This Is Our First Step into Eternity!
This Life Is for One Reason Conclusion
This Life Is for One Reason 2
This Life Is for One Reason 1
For Where Your Treasure Is...?

Because You Think It...Conclusion  
Because You Think It...Part 2
Because You Think It, Does Not Mean It's True-Part 1
God Deserves Our Love & Thanksgiving  

Wake Up Before It’s Too Late!  
The “ME” in All of Us  
You Have a Choice, Today Is That Day!  
Christmas...the Rapture & Jesus Christ 

Life Ain’t What You Think It Is!  
Is Perspective or Perception All We Have?
Regret...or the Rapture?  
New Year: Serious Questions to Ask  

Is a Story...Really...Just a Story?
The Rings of a Tree  
Serious Questions to Ask  

I Have a Burning Question to Ask! 
The Pool of Eternity! 
We Are There, in the Last of Days... 
 Are you Weak-Minded...Deluded? 

The Angels Rejoice in Heaven
 Life Is Such a Slippery Slope!  
Are You Ready?  
Is There Peace for the Worrywarts?  

The Disconnect in Everyday People
The World Slides to Its Doom
Death Is Not the End...Never Was!  
I Have Never Known a Love like This!

Life Is About Relationships!
It’s the Final Word on the Issue!
Have We Messed It All Up Too?

God Has Never Made a Mistake!
They Are Known by Their Fruit!
The Dicey-Side of Life!
No Better Time Than the Present!

Are We Living Lives of Truth or Deception?
An Unpredictable Life...Conclusion
An Unpredictable Life 2
An Unpredictable Life 1

Determine Your Eternal Destiny
Something You Really Need to Know!
Hope Is the Prayer on Everyone's Lips!

Things We Need to Know About Jesus
When a Choice Becomes Eternal Suicide
Body, Mind and Spirit, Which Is Which? 3

 Body, Mind and Spirit, Which Is Which? 2
Body, Mind and Spirit, Which Is Which? 1

One Question...One Response...Eternity!
Consider Your Perspective Today
Taking Things for Granted
Knocked to My Knees
The Tombstones in My Life
The Pain of Death...
The Truth Is the Truth!

What You Know and What You Think!
Hypocrisy...the Ultimate Act of Pride!
Your Thoughts, Your Actions..
Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!
What Do We Really KNOW?

Our Lord and Savior Is Watching You
It’s a Decision and You
Always the Small Things...Right?
Decision From Which You Can’t Walk Away
It Is Beyond My Feeble Mind!

Thank You Mr. President!
How Strange We Truly Are!
It Becomes Clearer by the Day
In the Valley of the Shadow of Death!
There Is No Slide-Rule to Gain Heaven
Life Is Too Short to Miss the Point

Speculation Is Not for the Believer!
The End is NOT the End, until God Says So
Go Ahead, Pass  This One Up - Part 2
Go Ahead, Pass This One Up! Part 1