The Olympics' Burdensome Stone

By Jan Markell


The Olympics are a little microcosm of the world. The entire 2012 event is hostile to Israel. We can start with Israel's capital, Jerusalem. It was handed over to "Palestine" at the start of the Olympics. Then the International Olympic Committee (IOC) moved Jerusalem to her proper place -- Israel -- but then got cold feet! To avoid all conflict, the IOC removed the name of the capitals of all participating nations so they could be seen as politically correct.

The Jerusalem controversy is not new. Recently the U.S. State Department said the very same thing as the IOC; that is, that they would not come out and flatly state that Jerusalem is Israel's capital. The spokesperson dodged the question over and over. I even played the clip on my radio program that week. It's a position echoed by a majority of modern governments and most nations, including the U.S., who place their embassy in Tel Aviv.

So the IOC was temporarily fine with recognizing a capital in the wrong location and is also fine with recognizing a nation that doesn't exist -- Palestine. This nation that really isn't a nation joined the Olympics in 1996 and they proudly march in the procession of nations, much to the protests of the Israelis. Besides, who cares if Israel is objecting? In the eyes of most, she's an apartheid-promoting reckless state.

The Olympic Games are meant to transcend politics. The creator of the sports festival -- the ancient Greeks -- would actually suspend wars for the event. The IOC today is trying to make a statement that politics and sports actually do mix. We can all get along in the Olympic village -- even though such a delusion was brutally broken in 1972.

The Munich massacre is an informal name for an attack that occurred during the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, Germany. Eleven members of the Israeli athletic team were killed when they were taken hostage by the Palestinian terror group known as Black September. The financier of that massacre was the current president of the Palestinian Authority, Holocaust denier Mahmoud Abbas. Sadly, his photo is proudly displayed at the London Olympics as one of the dignified "heads of state."

Jordan's King Hussein was the only Arab leader in the world to condemn that attack in September of 1972.

This year Israel made an appeal for a minute of silence to commemorate the murder of their eleven athletes four decades ago. It fell on deaf ears!

British Prime Minister, David Cameron, backed the IOC's decision to not recogngize the tragedy. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke up on behalf of the widows of some of the slain Israeli athletes who pleaded for a public acknowledgement of the slaughter.

The world would have moved on and collectively forgotten that tragedy had Steven Spielberg not made the 2005 film "Munich." While he accurately captured the drama of the murders, he distorted the rest of the film. He portrayed the hired Israeli assassin of the killers as having tremendous guilt over his assignment. He sank further and further into a pathological mental state after he killed each of the remaining Islamic perpetrators. Thankfully, most movie critics nailed Spielberg for this.

Now the Israeli Mossad fears a possible "London massacre" at this year's Olympics. London security forces were in a panic as the games began. Israel's 38 athletes are training under tight security at the Olympic Village and British forces have even placed surface-to-surface missiles at six locations.

Whoever would have thought that a nation smaller than a postage stamp placed on a giant globe could cause such alarming events and reactions? And that troubling city to which Jesus will return to rule and reign -- Jerusalem -- has become that prophesied burdensome stone once again.

Jan Markell


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