Daymond Duck was born in 1939 at Trimble, Tennessee. He is the second of five children born to Herbert N. and Gracie M. Duck. They eventually moved to Dyer, Tennessee where he graduated from High School as vice-president of his class. In 1979, he became a United Methodists pastor, and he currently preaches in three Tennessee churches: Brazil, Eaton, and Gibson Wells. This page contains several of the sermons that Pastor Duck has preached to his congregations.


Sermon 1 - Following Jesus
Sermon 2 - The Virgin Birth
Sermon 3 - Haman's Last Supper
Sermon 4 - How Can Our Saltiness Be Restored
Sermon 5 - Our Right-Now Benefits
Sermon 6 - Good News Foe All People
Sermon 7 - God Delivers
Sermon 8 - Funeral Philippians One
Sermon 9 - Doing What We Can
Sermon 10 - Bible Guidelines For Serving God
Sermon 11 - Remaining Faithful Under Fire
Sermon 12 - Marital Responsibilities
Sermon 13 - Please Excuse My Spiritual Suicide
Sermon 14 - The Burnt Offering
Sermon 15 - The Greatest Miracle
Sermon 16 - The Scapegoat Offering
Sermon 17 - Walking With God
Sermon 18 - Seven Tips On How To Slay A Giant
Sermon 19 - High Time
Sermon 20 - Sacrificing To God
Sermon 21 - The History Of Israel
Sermon 22 - The Virgin Birth
Sermon 23 - What Makes A Church Great
Sermon 24 - What Shall I Do To Inherit Eternal Live
Sermon 25 - Choosing Wisely
Sermon 26 - You Belong To God
Sermon 27 - Giving Glory And Strength To God
Sermon 28 - The Fiery Furnace
Sermon 29 - The Birth Of The Church In Europe
Sermon 30 - The Neglected Side Of Suffering
Sermon 31 - Doctrines About God
Sermon 32 - Does Character Matter?
Sermon 33 - Fear
Sermon 34 - God's Provision
Sermon 35 - The Place Of Torment
Sermon 36 - Eight Gifts Of Love
Sermon 37 - Jesus At Jericho
Sermon 38 - Let Someone Else Pay It
Sermon 39 - Sowing The Word Of God
Sermon 40 - The Value Of God's Forgiveness
Sermon 41 - Trouble At The Temple
Sermon 42 - When A Nation Rebels
Sermon 43 - Caring For A Gourd
Sermon 44 - If The Lord Be God
Sermon 45 - Nahum's Message About God
Sermon 46 - Spiritual Sleepers
Sermon 47 - The Beginning Of Miracles
Sermon 48 - The Things Which Defile A Man
Sermon 49 - Will God Revive us?
Sermon 50 - Funeral Based On Job 19
Sermon 51 - Funeral For A Suicide
Sermon 52 - How To Be Successful In Life
Sermon 53 - Light For The World
Sermon 54 - The Road To Emmaus
Sermon 55 - The Sins of God's People
Sermon 56 - The Triumphal Entry
Sermon 57 - Fruit Bearers
Sermon 58 - The Birth Of Jesus
Sermon 59 - The Bread Offering
Sermon 60 - The Death Of Christ
Sermon 61 - The Law Of Christ
Sermon 62 - The Sound Of Trumpets
Sermon 63 - Why The Darkness
Sermon 64 - The Lamb Of God
Sermon 65 - Remember Balaam
Sermon 66 - Reports In The Early Church
Sermon 67 - Seven Things To Remember
Sermon 68 - Showing Forth The Praises Of God
Sermon 69 - The Love Of God
Sermon 70 - The War We Are In
The Feast Of Unleavened Bread
Introduction To The Feasts
The Feast Of Passover

The Antichrist Vs. Pres. Barack Obama
All Prophecy Has Not Been Fulfilled
Prophecies About The #1 Coming Of Jesus
Prophecies About The #2 Coming Of Jesus
36 Pre-Trib Rapture Texts
No Second Chance After The Rapture
The Last Trump
Jehovah’s Witnesses

John the Baptist Was Not Elijah
The Folded Napkin
This Generation

My Views On The Church Of Christ  
Israel Cannot Be Destroyed Again  
The Restrainer  
Why The Church Has Not Replaced Israel
New Heaven And New Earth
What Will We Do During The Millennium  
The Second Coming Is Older Than The Flood  
Differences Between The Rapture And The Second Coming  
Why The Church Has Not Replaced Israel   
The Sequence Of Events At The End Of The Age 
The Curse Of Jeconiah
 Were The First Christians Communists
The Grave Is Not Hell
My View On The Baptism Of The Dead
There Are Tears In Heaven
Prayer (Answered And Unanswered)
The Two Witnesses
Persecution And Detention Centers  

Egypt, Libya, Ethiopia And Other African Nations
My Thoughts On Sunday Worship
Isaiah Chapter 19
My View On Taking Our Lord’s Supper Unworthily

Will We Know Each Other In Heaven
North American Union Update
Apostasy, Deceit And Lies In The Church
Some Thoughts On Matthew 24 
If There Is No Resurrection Of The Dead 
Did Jesus Say Anything About The Rapture
Three Days & Three Nights... 

Wars & Rumors Of War (PDF) 
Signs And Current Events(PDF)
World Government(PDF)
Israel: The Key To Understanding..
The Tribulation Period(Part I)
America Has Turned A Corner On Homosexuality
The Importance Of Bible Prophecy
Does God Send Natural Disasters  
The Tribulation Period...

Does The Bible Say Anything About Storing Food
Feasts of Weeks(PDF)
Feast Of Trumpets(PDF)
Feast Of First Fruits(PDF)
Feast Of Unleavend Bread(PDF)
Intro to Feasts (PDF)
Feast Of Passover(PDF)

My View On Cremation
The Feast Of Tabernacles (PDF)
The Feast Of Atonement (PDF)
The Ten Days Of Awe (PDF)

Are We Seeing The Beginning Of A Global Famine
Mystery, Babylon The Great, The Mother Of Harlots..

Unity In A Satanic One World Government
Pres. Obama And The Middle East Firestorm
Last Days Liars
What On Earth Is God Doing
The Battle Of Gog And Magog

They Won’t Track What Doesn’t Exist...
Delayed Does Not Mean Replaced
Post-Election Peril
Ahmadinejad’s Fatal Mistake

 Anti-Semitism In The Church
Voting In The Spirit Of Antichrist
Flags Of Israel And Jerusalem
Set Time Signs Of His Coming

Will God’s Judgments Be Stopped By Prayer
It’s the Target and Who Targets Them
Will Isaiah 17 Soon Be Fulfilled
Listen Up America

Prophecies That Seem Unbelievable
America, We Have A Problem

Harbingers Of Hope And Grace
Persecution In America
Fast-Tracking America's Decline
Godless Globalist Gun Grabbers
Prophetic Timing
A Pre-Rapture Lifestyle
Why People Ignore Bible Prophecy
Is America's Funeral Looming?
When The Wicked Beareth Rule
Watch the Trees
Bondage in the United States
Educated, Religious and Misguided
The Way of Mohammed
Old Testament Salvation
Well Done, Faithful Servant
Statue of Satan
A Paper Tiger No More
Dual Covenant Theology
Asking for Trouble
Dragon Talk

Fast Tracking the North American Union
The Spirit of Antichrist
Prophetic Curses
Imminent Danger and Dead Fish

My Loved Ones Won't Listen
Give Us a Leader
Believest Thou the Prophets

Bible Prophecy Conferences
Wonderful Promises
A Sign of Trouble
A Clear and Present Danger

Stirring the Medes
Forced to Sin
America’s Future
Silence in the Church
God Works in Mysterious Ways
False Accusers

Generation in Trouble
Red Heifer
Goodbye Lady Liberty
Without Excuse

The Horse’s Mouth
The Same Old Playbook
Israel’s God Is God
Why I Am Watching Israel and Gaza

The Approaching Darkness
The Approaching Day
Showdown in the Land of Babylon
Don’t Blame God

Watching for a Hook
Not the Rapture
Spiritual Warfare
My Shemitah Problem

Lovers of Darkness
Armageddon: A Global Goal
God Reveals Himself
You're No Benjamin Netanyahu
Mr. Kerry's False Hope
Five Is Not Enough
Suicide and Cremation
Down to the Wire

Reprobate Mind
Has God Left America’s House of Prayer?

Obama’s National Police
Is God Turning the Bear?
Obama’s Bad Harvest

No-Go Zones
Why Some Jews Go Home

Economic Crisis or World Government?
Gog’s Evil Thought

America’s New Lower Class 
Obama’s Anti-Christ Actions 
Why Obama Won’t Say Islamic Terrorists
More Signs
Speeded Up
America’s Spiritual Decline 

Fantasy Land 

Evil and Confusion in the White House 

What Should We Do? 
Disaster Plan 
A Nation in Trouble 
Satan’s Domain 

Our Hope 
Our Citizenship 
Attitude Check 
Syria’s Last Legs 

Home Time
Disturbing, Disgusting and Devilish 
Just a Matter of Time 
Sure Signs of His Coming

Evil Things 
Closer Than Many Think 
The Kurds Are Rising

It Is About Control
Surely it Is Near
Crying Rocks
Fascinating Perspective
September 2015
Prophetic Stew
A Fundamentally Transformed World
Made in the USA
Precariously Close
Foreshadows of Gog and Magog
Prophetic Stew Part Two
Betrayal and Hatred
What Difference Does it Make?
The Coming Snare
Scary Things
Be Careful What You Wish For
Three P’s in Prophecy
Trending Toward Tribulation
The Battle Is the Lord’s
Guns and Christians
Daniel and Revelation?
Two Steps Forward and One Step Backward
 Prophetic Tidbits
The Sanhedrin vs. Ban Ki-Moon
Syria, Russia and Iran Update
Laodicean Troublemakers
Items of Interest
The Antichrist and President Obama
A Time of Trouble and Distress
 A Cause for Concern (and More)
One and Impossible
Every Word
God’s Curse Is Real
Panic in the Shadows
A Satanic Rampage
Prophecy Related News
 Lift Up Your Heads
Is President Obama Insane?
Who Needs Congress?
Worse than Canada’s Week in Hell
The Last Generation
A Borderless World
Ignorance in the Church
Satan’s World
Crooked Hillary
More on Black Lives Matter
Black Lives Matter Exposed
Remember the Future
Satan’s World
Hard to Imagine
Jerusalem Graves
Global Suicide
When Leaders Reject God’s Word
Rejoicing or Mourning
Is Vladimir Putin Gog?
Prayers at the Western Wall