We Are Summoning Up Demons :: By Jan Markell

Late last year I started to become aware of a phenomenon known as “artificial intelligence” or “AI.”

The first troubling headline I saw stated, “Ex-Google Executive Anthony Levandowski is Founding a Church Where People Worship an Artificial Intelligence God.”

The second headline read, “Why Humans Will Happily Follow a Robot Messiah.

I started watching videos online of robots who look human and who “think.” They answer questions and seem to process real thoughts. Developers of these robots say someday they will solve society’s problems. Such men also believe that it is possible for artificial intelligence to be a billion times smarter than humans. Try to process that!

Various leaders in the field of “AI” have made some of the following statements:

  • “The human era could be ending and machines will take over.”
  • “He who develops AI rules the world. We aren’t going to be able to control it.”
  • “We are summoning up demons.”
  • “We are playing with fire.”
  • “This is one of the dumbest things we can do.”
  • “Soon robots will walk among us. They will play with us, teach us, and they will truly be our friends.”
  • “AI will be smarter than humans and will become a god.”
  • “AI could become the worst event in the history of civilization.”
  • “In the end, the machines will win.”

Maybe this new religion isn’t the promise of paradise after all. Some promoting AI are evangelists and some of them offer a new Promised Land. But some of the very movers and shakers of the artificial intelligence industry are sounding serious warnings.

This is really not the wave of the future as it is all being employed now! Outfits like Google have every bit of information on us they need: Address, e-mail, occupation, history, photos, our family, our interests, our searches. Simply stated, they have all our vitals.

So how will this play into Antichrist’s agenda? Will this manage all buying and selling? We want tech companies to work for us but we end up fitting into their plans and purposes! Dare I say, we are almost their useful idiots.

We’re all aware of the biblical prophecy found in Daniel 12:4 that knowledge will increase in the last days. But machines smarter than people? Surely God would never allow that to happen. He created mankind in His image and He didn’t create them to be superseded by computer chips. That is not stopping man from trying!

In 1948 there was a milestone event as it concerns “signs of the times.” That was the re-birth of Israel 70 years ago. Are we in the generation of a more current sign that could involve end-time technology, the “image of the beast,” “mark of the beast”, etc? Could this wave of technology be as relevant as the stirring of the dry bones? We look at that 1948 happening in a rear-view mirror. Technology is a 21st century fulfillment.

Viewing one now-famous robot, Sophia, is a bit unnerving. YouTube loves to feature her and has introduced her to millions. She is attractive, clothed, looks you in the eye, and answers your questions. She can be your friend, companion, problem solver, and perhaps someday, your spouse. At the very least, she will run your errands and put away your groceries. In the wrong hands, she will be dangerous.

Young people are particularly drawn to artificial intelligence. Some will tell you that they can get an answer more quickly from Google or Alexa than they can from God. Who needs God in an age of artificial intelligence? Who needs an invisible God? And Google or Alexa may tell you what you want to hear in Technicolor, 3-D, and instantaneously! 

Don’t brush this off as silliness. It’s our world today. Welcome to the brave new world. 

Google admits that they want to be like the mind of God and suggests we will be “godlike.” They are grabbing bundles of data from us. There is a “home invasion” going on by the world of technology. If you think you have privacy, think again! We are being monitored and this is not crazy talk. It is not sensationalism. It is not kooky conspiracy language.

The world of “Big Brother” exists and will be in full bloom during the Tribulation from which the Church is absent. And as I quoted above, an inventor admits, “This is one of the dumbest things we can do.” It has a very dark side.

In late January I featured artificial intelligence expert Pastor Billy Crone on air for a two-week series on AI. You can access the programs from January 20-21 and January 27-28 here or here.

You may not be skilled in technology and you may think this doesn’t affect your life but it does. And it’s a guarantee that younger people in your world are captivated by all of this.

Things are falling into place.

AI cannot speak anything into existence or give anyone eternal life. It cannot give anyone comfort, guidance, or offer anyone peace or hope. It cannot still the wind or calm the sea. It is more like Frankenstein than like God. It is trying to be like God but will fall far short! We are fearfully and wonderfully made. AI is fearfully fraudulent.

Stay ahead of the game and become informed. Events of the Tribulation are casting a shadow today. The shout and the trumpet are close. He is coming soon! God sits in the Heavens and laughs at these people (Psalm 2).

He will allow them a short season of notoriety and then will crush the evil doers at His Second Coming.

Are You a Member of This Church? :: By Jan Markell

You have heard of the word “remnant.” Some people are called “remnant believers.” There are “remnant churches.” Perhaps you know of some or attend one. I often say that I do “radio for the remnant.”

I began to pay more attention to the term when I got some e-mails. Here is a sample from Benjamin:

“Jan, I feel the remnant is getting smaller every day as the time approaches for the Lord’s return. The world seems to be getting darker and more evil. I know I am not alone as a member of the Body of Christ but at times it is easy to feel isolated.”

Then Patrice wrote: “I just read your print newsletter and want to thank you for your article on the remnant church. You hit the nail on the head and everything you write about that church I am experiencing. I feel so alone and no one wants to discuss events of the day and certainly not Bible prophecy. If I mention these things they shudder.

“My husband and I are visiting churches and have not found one that addresses these issues. Some in these churches have gotten angry and asked that I not come back. I feel like crying when I leave. I try to sit there but wonder why they never talk about what is going on, what’s happening in Israel, or the intensifying birth pangs.”

Then Carolyn wrote: “My church has no excitement about prophetic fulfillment applicable for today. When I bring up what I learn on your broadcast, I am put down. I am so lonely for like-minded believers.”

Based on a lot of interactions including people at my annual conference, I have concluded this about “the remnant.”

  • It is made up of people longing for a solid church and a pulpit that will address issues of the day as well as the nearness of the Lord’s return. The remnant wants a church that will not fear offending with the truth and that will confront apostasy.
  • Remnant believers have offended friends and family simply by telling them the truth of our times or for sharing information that is relevant to our times. This will often bring on mocking and scoffing. At the least, it results in irritated indifference. This doesn’t daunt a remnant believer and such a tragic response doesn’t keep them quiet!
  • Enthusiastic remnant believers will travel across town or across the country to attend events that present information about which the church is silent.
  • Remnant believers often feel isolated and misunderstood even though they have the truth and the naysayers are clueless!
  • Members of the remnant church see our times darkening but remain enthusiastic that this is but a herald of His coming — not signs of doom and gloom.
  • When a remnant believer finds someone who is a kindred spirit it is like discovering a gold mine!
  • Such believers often had a very solid church but in many cases in went haywire. A little leaven came in and ruined the whole loaf. They then begin a long journey of searching for a new church which can take years.
  • Very often these believers approached their church leadership to talk to them about these things but they are most often shut out.

Some who are reading this see themselves in several of the above-mentioned bullet points! And, you fully identify with Benjamin, Patrice, or Carolyn.

People who make quilts use a wide variety of mismatched remnants. Such professionals discard sections of fabric from garments that were no longer usable but they were then sewn into a unbelievably elegant quilt! The tossed aside remnant became an object of creativity and beauty!

If you are a remnant believer, take heart and remember that you, too, are a creative and colorful quilt. Eternity may reveal that you broke through to more people than you thought. And remember that such mocking and scoffing are fulfilling end-time prophecies as well. Hang on and don’t grow weary in your well doing!

We are living in the most significant time in history and the most prophecy-fulfilling days, yet we are in the days with the least amount of interest. People are perishing for a lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6). Who will tell them if you don’t?

Our assignment is to be “watchmen” (Ezekiel 33). We’re to be sounding an alarm. Trouble is ahead. There is a new urgency and a renewed reminder that time is short.

The nations of the world seemed moved, as though by a hidden hand, into exactly the right positions on a global chess board. Amazing things are happening before our eyes.

So, remnant believers, let’s not be silent. Go tell it on the mountains. The King is coming, perhaps today!