6 Oct 2017

Will Tropical Storm Nate Hit Florida And Mexico After Massive Hurricanes and Earthquakes?
A newly formed tropical storm named Nate has set its sights on Hurricane Irma-ravaged Florida and earthquake-devastated Mexico—but not the areas that suffered catastrophic blows. Instead, the storm shaping up to be the sixth hurricane of this season in the Atlantic is headed toward the Florida Panhandle and the Yucatan Peninsula, with the potential to wreak havoc on areas that had been spared and create more widespread damage.

Japan earthquake: 6.0-magnitude quake strikes off east of country
Tremor hits east of Fukushima, where nuclear reactor failed in 2011. There were no immediate reports of casualties or damage. The quake struck 255 east of Ishinomaki, Honshu, at a depth of 10km, the US Geological Survey said.

NOAA forecasters say there is a 45% chance of polar geomagnetic storms on Oct. 7th when a stream of solar wind makes contact with Earth’s magnetic field. Arctic sky watchers should be alert for auroras mixed with bright Harvest moonlight.

In meeting with military, Trump talks of ‘calm before the storm’
“You guys know what this represents?” Trump said after journalists gathered in the White House state dining room to photograph him and first lady Melania Trump with the uniformed military leaders and their spouses. “Maybe it’s the calm before the storm,” he said. What storm? “You’ll find out,” Trump told questioning reporters.

Democratic Lawmaker Rapped About Shooting ‘Snitches,’ Dragging Their Bodies
A Democratic state representative State Rep. Bruce Franks Jr., who has organized anti-police protests in St. Louis rapped about shooting “snitches” and dragging their dead bodies behind cars in a series of rap videos.

NRA slams liberal hypocrisy, urges honest discussion in Las Vegas massacre
The NRA slammed the hypocrisy of Hollywood celebs and the left and urged an honest conversation about gun violence in its first interviews since the Las Vegas massacre … “The hypocrisy is beyond belief,” National Rifle Association CEO Wayne LaPierre told Fox News’ Sean Hannity, adding that Hollywood “makes billions” by depicting gun violence and bloodshed in films and TV shows.

Netanyahu Leads Bible Study Group in Tradition of Jewish Leaders
On Tuesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continued a longstanding tradition when he hosted a Bible study group at his residence in Jerusalem. This tradition has deep roots in the first-family and has Biblical significance for leaders of Israel.

Earthquake Swarm of Almost 2,500 Tremors at Yellowstone Supervolcano Since June is one of the longest on record
An earthquake swarm at Yellowstone is now one of the biggest ever, with 2,475 tremors recorded since it began in in June. Records show that 115 earthquakes were reported in the western part of the national park during September.

Russia, Saudi Arabia cement new friendship with king’s visit
Russian President Vladimir Putin hosted Saudi Arabia’s King Salman for talks at the Kremlin on Thursday, cementing a relationship that is crucial for determining world oil prices and…resolving conflicts in the Middle East. King Salman, the first sitting Saudi monarch to visit Russia, led a delegation to Moscow that agreed joint investment deals…providing much-needed investment for a Russian economy battered by low oil prices and Western sanctions.

Storm Nate: At least 22 dead in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Honduras
Tropical Storm Nate has killed at least 22 people in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Honduras as it heads north towards Mexico and the US. A state of emergency has been declared in the Central American nations, where more than 20 people are missing. It has caused heavy rains, landslides and floods which are blocking roads, destroying bridges and damaging houses.

Las Vegas shooting: NRA urges new rules for gun ‘bump-stocks’
The National Rifle Association has called for “additional regulations” on bump-stocks, a rapid fire device used by the Las Vegas massacre gunman. The group said: “Devices designed to allow semi-automatic rifles to function like fully-automatic rifles should be subject to additional regulations.” Republicans have said they would consider banning the tool, despite years of resisting any gun control.

Spike in airborne radioactivity detected in Europe
The Federal Office for Radiation Protection said Thursday that elevated levels of the isotope Ruthenium-106 have been reported in Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and France since Sept. 29. Spokesman Jan Henrik Lauer told The Associated Press the source of the Ruthenium-106 isn’t known but calculations indicate it may have been released in eastern Europe.

Denmark joins European nations in banning niqad, burka
Denmark will join other European countries banning full-face covering, including Islamic veils such as the niqab or burqa. Jakob Ellemann-Jensen of Denmark’s liberal party that leads a center-right governing coalition says a law proposal was not aimed at any religions or a ban of scarfs, turbans or kippa, the traditional Jewish skull cap.

REPORT: John Kelly’s Personal Cellphone Was Compromised
Chief of Staff General John Kelly’s personal cellphone was compromised for months, the Trump administrations says. The news comes amid chatter that Kelly may depart the White House shortly.

Trump Increasingly Expected To Declare Iran In Breach Of “Worst Deal Ever Negotiated”
In the months leading up to the November 2016 election, Trump repeatedly referred to Obama’s secretive Iran Nuclear deal as “the worst deal I’ve ever seen negotiated” (here’s just one example).  Of course, for a man who only speaks in absolutes, it’s difficult to know what that meant for the fate of the deal but it didn’t sound positive, nonetheless.

20% Of Illinois Lawmakers To Quit (To Save Their Pensions?)
“It’s a huge stampede for the door the likes of which Illinois has never seen… They do not want to face voters after passing a huge tax hike.”

Sean Hannity: The Left Is Now Unhinged
…“They all think the same. They all tweet each other. They all think that they’re smarter. They all live in New York and D.C. and Los Angeles and San Francisco. And they have no idea how real Americans think. They still don’t understand the outcome of the election. “It’s so bad.”

Research: Islam Now World’s Most Common Official State Religion
Of the 43 countries with an official state religion, 27 countries name some form of Islam as their state religion. 13 countries name Christianity as their official state religion, while two cite Buddhism and only one (Israel) cites Judaism.

Which American Cities Will File Bankruptcy Next?
For those looking to escape the trauma of being taxed into oblivion by their failing cities/counties/states, JP Morgan has provided a comprehensive guide on which municipalities haven’t the slightest hope of surviving their multi-decade debt binge and lavish public pension awards.

Ominous Earthquake Swarm At Yellowstone Supervolcano Now One Of Longest Ever Recorded
Over the past three and a half months, almost 2,500 earthquakes have been recorded in the western part of the national park…