30 Sep 2017

Hamas leader places prisoner swap deal ‘in Israel’s court’
Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar claimed…that the organization accepted an Egyptian proposal for an Israeli-Hamas prison swap…Sinwar said that “the ball is in Israel’s court”. Palestinian newspaper Al-Quds revealed details of the proposed three-stage deal. Israel would hand over 39 bodies of Hamas members and other persons. In return, Hamas would provide Israel with information regarding Israeli prisoners and missing persons now believed to be held by Hamas in Gaza.

Catalonia referendum: Thousands turn out for closing rally
Tens of thousands of Catalan separatists have taken part in a final rally ahead of Sunday’s planned referendum on independence from Spain. Regional President Carles Puigdemont told the crowd that he believed Catalonia would be taking its first steps as a sovereign nation. Thousands of extra police have been drafted in from across Spain as the government seeks to stop the ballot.

US pulls staff from Cuba over ‘specific attacks’
The US is withdrawing more than half of its staff at its embassy in Cuba in response to mysterious attacks which left its diplomats unwell. Washington is also warning Americans not to visit the country because some attacks occurred in hotels. At least 21 staff reported health problems ranging from mild brain trauma and deafness to dizziness and nausea.

Iran nuclear deal: Tehran expects US to ditch agreement, says FM
Iran’s foreign minister has said he assumes that the US will abandon the international deal restricting his country’s nuclear activities. But Mohammad Javad Zarif said he hoped Europe would keep the agreement alive. US President Donald Trump – a stern critic of the deal – will announce next month whether he believes Iran has adhered to its terms.

Trump interviews four for Fed chair job, to decide in two-three weeks
U.S. President Donald Trump is ramping up his search for a new chief for the U.S. central bank, meeting with former Federal Reserve Governor Kevin Warsh and three others and promising a decision next month. “I’ve had four meetings for Fed chairman and I’ll be making a decision over the next two or three weeks,” Trump told reporters on the White House South Lawn.

North Korea seen moving missiles from development center: South Korean broadcaster
Several North Korean missiles were recently spotted…in the capital Pyongyang…amid speculation that the North was preparing to take more provocative actions. The report cited an unnamed intelligence source saying…officials detected missiles being transported away from North Korea’s Missile Research and Development Facility at Sanum-dong in the northern part of Pyongyang.

Moscow denies Ukraine’s accusation that it left troops in Belarus
Russian troops that took part in war games in neighboring Belarus have returned to their bases, a Russian general said on Saturday. “As for units of Russian forces that took part in a mutual strategic military exercises ‘Zapad 2017’, they all returned to their permanent disposition,” TASS news agency quoted Major-General Igor Konashenkov as saying. “Zapad” is the Russian word for “west”.

In Libya Strike, Military Shows New Lethal Powers Under Trump 
The White House has slowly rolled back Obama-era restrictions on drone strikes, shown for the first time in a deadly strike against Islamic State group fighters.

Supply of Opioid Painkillers NEARLY DOUBLED Under Obama, Trump Is Working to Reverse This Trend and Save Lives
…Under the Obama administration, quotas for opioid distribution just about doubled and pushed a massive level of supply into the pharmaceutical system. The Trump administration is taking active measures to reverse the damage done by Obama, with the current administration officials calling for a 20% cut in the production of many of the commonly prescribed opioid painkillers by 2018.

TRUMP on Track to Make History! – Lowest Debt Increase of Any US President in 40 Years!
…As great as President Trump’s tax plan is for working Americans, some on the Left are concerned that it will increase the US federal budget deficit. This is amazing since the Left never said a word about President Obama’s record setting US Debt increases…In Obama’s first eight months after his inauguration, Obama increased the US debt by more that $1.1 trillion. This was the most in US history up to that time.

Latest United Nations Textbooks For ‘Palestinians’ Demonize Israel And Jews
According to the Palestinian schoolbooks, Jews have no rights whatsoever in the region but only “greedy ambitions.” The books also say that Jews have no holy places… Seventy-five of the books checked were published in the years 2016 and 2017, as part of a new project initiated by the Palestinian Authority, which provides its curriculum to UNRWA schools.

Tillerson Orders Withdrawal of U.S. Personnel from Cuba Following Sonic Attack
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson announced Friday that America would withdraw all “non-emergency personnel” from the U.S. embassy in Cuba and all family members following months of unexplained attacks on American diplomats that have left some with hearing loss and, reportedly, brain damage.

Nestlé pays $200 a year to bottle water near Flint – where water is undrinkable 
But just two hours away, in the tiny town of Evart, creeks lined by wildflowers run with clear water. The town is so small, the fairground, McDonald’s, high school and church are all within a block. But in a town of only 1,503 people, there are a dozen wells pumping water from the underground aquifer. This is where the beverage giant Nestlé pumps almost 100,000 times what an average Michigan resident uses into plastic bottles that are sold all over the midwest for around $1. To use this natural resource, Nestlé pays $200 per year.

How many nukes are in the world and what could they destroy?
Tensions over nuclear weapons have been raised further after North Korea claimed to have successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. This latest move comes amid increasing concern over North Korea’s military capabilities, with the new US administration upping its rhetoric in response.