29 Sep 2017

Gravitational waves roll in again, detected from both sides of Earth
it’s worth remembering that observing these ripples in the very fabric of spacetime that are created by massive cataclysms in the very distant past, is one of the most important scientific finds in a century. The Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory (LIGO) has just detected gravitational waves for the fourth time, but it wasn’t alone this time: the signals were also measured by the Virgo detector in Italy, marking a new milestone in the observation of the Universe.

DHS Got Two Claims About Russia Wrong
The DHS notified 21 states including California and Wisconsin that Russian-linked individuals had tried to target either voter registration files or public election sites. The DHS is now claiming that these hackers targeted the California Department of Technology and the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development.

BREAKING: Trump Goes Rogue On Healthcare…During the campaign, he promised to get rid of the “lines around the states” to allow Americans to buy health insurance across state lines. After numerous struggles from Congress to take action, Trump is finally signing an executive order to keep the pledge he made to the American people, according to the Washington Examiner.

NASA’s Hubble Observes the Farthest Active Inbound Comet Yet Seen
NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has photographed the farthest active inbound comet ever seen, at a whopping distance of 1.5 billion miles from the Sun (beyond Saturn’s orbit). The comet is record-breaking because it is already becoming active under the feeble glow of the distant Sun. Astronomers have never seen an active inbound comet this far out, where sunlight is merely 1/225th its brightness as seen from Earth.

Red Cross: Yemen cholera cases could hit 1 million by end of year
The humanitarian situation in Yemen is a “catastrophe” and cholera cases there could reach a million by the end of the year, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said Friday.

Secret First-Temple Jewish City Discovered Under IDF Training Base
The dig revealed a Jewish settlement of several dozen residents, dating back to the First Temple period. It was later inhabited during the Persian period and expanded in the Hellenistic and Hasmonean periods, remaining in Jewish hands until the Roman era.

Norway Says They ‘Get It’ About Israel and Terror in Ynet Interview
Norway’s Minister of Immigration Sylvi Listhaug says her country is now beginning to understand what the State of Israel has been grappling with for decades.

US Ambassador: Settlements are part of Israel proper
The US ambassador to Israel raised eyebrows on Thursday by saying that Israel occupies just two percent of the West Bank and that settlements there are part of the Jewish state proper. The comments angered the Palestinians and are at odds with decades of US policy in the Mideast. “I think the settlements are part of Israel,” American Ambassador David Friedman said in an interview with an Israeli news site.

Illinois Republican governor signs controversial abortion bill
Illinois Republican Governor Bruce Rauner signed a controversial bill into law on Thursday to expand state-funded coverage of abortions for low-income residents on Medicaid and state employees.The bill…would also keep abortions legal in Illinois if the U.S. Supreme Court…overturn its landmark Roe v. Wade… Illinois’ Medicaid program has previously covered abortions in cases of rape, incest and when a mother’s life or health is threatened.

CNBC Viewership Drops To 22 Year Low
It appears that “subdued volatility” is hurting not only bank trading revenues: according to the latest viewership data CNBC delivered 22 year lows in Business Day viewers, and record lows in the 25-54 demographic.

ICE Rounds Up Nearly 500 Illegal Immigrants in Mass Sanctuary City Sweep
Sanctuary cities were on the hot seat this week as ICE agents swarmed the communities, collecting around 500 illegal immigrants for deportation.

Here’s What Obama Demanded of Otto’s Family Months Before He Died
In an appearance on Fox News on Tuesday, the parents of Otto Warmbier — the American college student imprisoned in North Korea who died shortly after being released from North Korean custody — revealed that the Obama administration had told them they should keep quiet during their son’s captivity.

Russia Releases Photos Showing U.S. Special Forces, SDF, Working In ISIS Territory With No Fear of Attack
On September 24, the Russian Ministry of Defense may have corroborated what many researchers and journalists familiar with the Syrian crisis have been exposing all along; that the United States is working directly with ISIS on the ground and that its SDF forces are doing so as well.

BREAKING: ‘Massive’ Democrat Espionage Scandal, Media Silent
Details of the indictment of the Democrat National Committee aide Imran Awan are coming in and both media and Democrats are keeping silent. The Daily Caller reports that the unrestricted, unauthorized access Awan had to the House server is more “massive” than originally realized. Probes revealed that the server was accessed 5,400 times and “terabytes” of data were siphoned off to unknown sources.

The ‘Donald Trump of the Bible’ identified
…“Here comes now, a surprise,” explains Cahn. “This guy, Jehu, he’s going to suddenly burst onto the national stage…“He is a commander, he is a leader but not a politician … he is a warrior, he is a fighter, he fights with everybody. He is not a gentle man. He is a rough man. His words are rough, his actions are rough … he can even be brutal at times. In his ‘past life’ he didn’t exactly exemplify a godly life. Jehu could be boastful, he could be self-promoting,; but he’s going to be used by God as an instrument. God uses everything.”

Silicon Valley Elitist Starts Religion to Worship Artificial Intelligence as God.
Documents uncovered as part of a separate court case reveal that multi-millionaire Silicon Valley elitist Anthony Levandowski started a religion based around the concept of worshipping artificial intelligence as a God.