16 Sep 2017

‘Second Turkish Republic’ looks east for new alliances
Turkey this week announced its purchase of the S-400 antiaircraft missile system from Russia…The S-400, which has a range of 400 km. and can down 80 targets simultaneously, is widely considered to be the world’s most advanced air defense system at the present time. This surprise development is the latest milestone in Ankara’s ongoing drift…away from its traditional strategic position in the region as a NATO and US ally.

Israeli Consulate in NY opens again despite threat against PM
Israel’s mission to New York reopened after being sealed shut on Friday night after a package containing white powder and a letter threatening Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was received, a source in the consulate building confirmed to The Jerusalem Post. Prime minister Netanyahu landed in New York a short while ago.

North Korea will reach its nuclear force goal – Kim Jong-un
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has vowed to reach the country’s nuclear goals, according to state media. The aim was to establish “equilibrium” of military force with the US, the KCNA news agency quoted him as saying. Mr Kim’s comments come after North Korea fired its latest missile over Japan – in what is being described as the country’s farthest-reaching test.

Kurdish MPs say yes to independence referendum
The Iraqi Kurdish parliament has voted to back an independence referendum in the face of opposition from across the globe. The Kurdistan Regional Government, sitting for the first time in two years, backed the 25 September vote on Friday. Iraq’s central government rejected the referendum as unconstitutional on Tuesday.

Richmond police plan weapons ban at pro-Confederate protest Saturday on Monument Avenue
Authorities are planning to cordon off a “weapons-free assembly zone” around the statue of Robert E. Lee on Monument Avenue in an effort to head off any potential violence at a rally to support preserving Confederate monuments planned for Saturday. “We do not want what happened in Charlottesville to happen in Richmond,” said Richmond Police Chief Alfred Durham in a letter distributed to residents this week.

College Park, Maryland won’t allow non-citizens to vote in local elections after all
Non-U.S. citizens won’t be allowed to vote on local matters in College Park, Md…”For most Council actions, a simple majority of Councilmembers present must vote in favor of an item for it to be adopted,” the city said in a news release. “However, changes to the Charter have a different requirement. The City Charter was amended in June to require the affirmative vote of six elected officials to change the Charter.”

EU-U.S. data pact faces first major test of credibility
A pact underpinning billions of dollars of transatlantic data transfers will undergo its first annual review on Monday, with Europe seeking to ensure Washington has lived up to its promises to protect the data of European citizens stored on U.S. servers. Feted as a milestone in transatlantic relations…the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield data pact has been in place for just over a year.

Trump to ‘slap’ foes, embrace friends in first U.N. speech: envoy
President Donald Trump will pummel foes and embrace friends in his first speech to the United Nations General Assembly next week…U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley said…Trump will meet with leaders from Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America throughout the week, but his remarks, scheduled for Tuesday morning, will be the president’s highest profile opportunity to explain his foreign policy vision couched in his “America first” agenda.

How Iran Is More Dangerous Than North Korea
Iran’s nuclear program even without a bomb as we speak, enjoys the potential of becoming more dangerous than today’s North Korea after a recent hydrogen bomb testing – with new reports showing the blast delivering a far more powerful yield than presumed – and its increasing row with the international community.

For The First Time Ever A Snake With Legs Has Been Discovered, Proving The Bible
For The First Time Ever A Snake With Legs Has Been Discovered, Proving The Bible To Be True That The Serpent Originally Had Legs.

Fearful Californians Prepare For A Nuclear Attack: “A Lot Of People Will Be Killed”
“This is not your traditional nuclear apocalypse scenario.  A lot of people will be killed but a large percentage of the population will survive. They will be at risk and they will need help.”

Apple’s New “FaceID” Could Be A Powerful Mass Spying Tool
“Apple’s new system completely changes that. For the first time, a company will have a facial recognition system with millions of profiles, and the hardware to scan and identify faces throughout the world… This could make Apple the target for a new mass surveillance order.”

END OF TIMES ARE UPON US: 100-year-old Jewish prophecy predicted Elul eclipse
In 1894, Rabbi Moses Israel Benjamin wrote a book called ‘Yalkut Moshe’ (Collection of Moses) in which he outlined his predictions for the end of the world. The Rabbi predicted that when the Hebrew month of Elul – which occurs around August/September and lasts 29 days – begins with a solar eclipse then it is a sign of the end times.

BOMBSHELL: Government contractors admit that Hillary’s State Department forced them to keep quiet about Benghazi security lapses that led to death of Ambassador
EXCLUSIVE: Security at the State Department’s Benghazi compound was so dire that another contractor was brought in to clean up the mess just two weeks before the 2012 terror attack – and was later pressured to keep quiet by a government bureaucrat under then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, according to two men from the American security company.