11 Sep 2017

Changing a flower’s color with the CRISPR gene-editing tool
It often takes years of careful cross-breeding for horticulturalists to turn flowers certain colors, but scientists can dig right in and change them at a genetic level much faster. Using the CRISPR-Cas9 gene-editing tool, scientists have changed the flowers of the Japanese morning glory from its usual violet color to a pure white, by disrupting a single gene.

Can AI detect homosexuality from a facial image? And should it?
A study published late last week from two Stanford researchers has caused shockwaves around the world. The duo reportedly developed a neural network that could detect the sexual orientation of a person just by studying a single facial image. The startling degree of accuracy achieved by the algorithm has been questioned by some and accused as dangerous by others.

Report: Syrian army controls entire Damascus-Deir al-Zor highway
Syrian government forces seized a final stretch of highway linking the eastern city of Deir al-Zor to the capital Damascus on Sunday in further advances against Islamic State, a Hezbollah-run media unit reported. The rapid government advances, accompanied by Russian air strikes, are squeezing Islamic State in its last major Syria stronghold, as US-backed forces separately oust the jihadists from areas they hold to the east, on the other side of the Euphrates river.

Did the Saudi Crown Prince make a covert visit to Israel?
Rumors about the momentous visit, which was not confirmed by Israel, started swirling when Israel Radio’s diplomatic correspondent covering Arab affairs, Simon Aran, took to Twitter to announce the visit. Aran tweeted that a senior Arab figure from the Gulf region paid a visit to Tel Aviv last week, stirring immense interest in the Arab media.

Who: Over 500 dead as Congo cholera epidemic spreads
Outbreaks of the water-borne disease occur regularly in Congo, mainly due to poor sanitation and a lack of access to clean drinking water. But this year’s epidemic, which has already hit at least 10 urban areas including the capital Kinshasa, is particularly worrying as it comes as about 1.4 million people have been displaced by violence in the central Kasai region.

Departing sunspot AR2673 erupted again on Sept.10th (1606 UT), producing a major X8-class solar flare. Protons accelerated toward Earth by the explosion are swarming around our planet now, causing a moderately strong solar radiation storm.

North Korean Defector Claims Kim Jong-Un’s Days Are Numbered
“Kim Jong Un is mistaken that he can control his people and maintain his regime by executing his enemies. There’s fear among high officials that at any time, they can be targets. The general public will continue to lose their trust in him as a leader by witnessing him being willing to kill his own uncle.”

Fatah Official: Abbas to Ask UN General Assembly to Determine Borders of Palestinian State
Fatah chief and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is expected to call on the UN General Assembly to determine Palestinian state borders when it convenes in two weeks, according to Dalal Salama, a member of Fatah’s Central Committee.

Hillary gone wild! Whole world becomes her scapegoat
Twice-failed presidential hopeful trots out long list of people to blame for big failure. And when she lost, someone – anyone – had to be blamed. Anyone but Hillary Clinton, of course.

5.6M without power as Hurricane Irma batters Florida
The number of people left without power in Florida increased to 5.6 million overnight as Hurricane Irma downed trees and flooded streets throughout the entirety of the peninsula, state officials said Monday.

Israel’s south Lebanon flyover ‘a direct threat,’ says Lebanese official
The Israeli Air Force flyover near the city of Sidon was a “direct threat” aimed at Lebanon, speaker of parliament Nabih Berri said on Monday, according to Hezbollah-affiliated Al-Akhbar. On Sunday Israeli jets flew low over the city of Saida, near Sidon and the Ain al-Hilweh refugee camp in south Lebanon, causing sonic booms and damage to buildings.

Italy flooding kills six people in Livorno
At least six people have been killed after heavy rainstorms and flooding in the Italian city of Livorno. Four members of a family were killed when their basement apartment flooded. Italian newspaper Il Tirreno reports that two parents and their son died. One girl was rescued by her grandfather, but he died when he returned to attempt for his other family members, the newspaper said.

Iraqi Kurds ‘prepared to draw own borders’, Barzani warns Baghdad
The president of Iraqi Kurdistan has signalled it will draw the borders of a future Kurdish state if Baghdad does not accept a vote for independence in a referendum due later this month. Massoud Barzani told the BBC he wanted to reach an agreement with the central government if Kurds opted to secede. Iraq’s prime minister has rejected the referendum as unconstitutional.

China’s underground churches head for cover as crackdown closes in
The church he attends every week, housed in a flat in Zhuhai, Guangdong province, used to have a door plate bearing its name, a cross on the front wall and rows of chairs in the living room. But in November last year, worshippers decided to remove the door plate and the cross, and replaced the chairs with a couch. “We are trying to look more like a family that are here to chat and drink tea so no one will report us to the police,” Enoch said.

Hurricane Irma pounds Florida; extent of damage not yet clear
Hurricane Irma pounded heavily populated areas of central Florida on Monday as it carved through the state with high winds, storm surges and torrential rains that left millions without power, ripped roofs off homes and flooded city streets. Irma, once ranked as one of the most powerful hurricanes recorded in the Atlantic, came ashore in Florida on Sunday and battered towns as it worked its way up the state.

Israel and China sign $300 million ‘clean-tech’ trade agreement
Israel and China have signed a $300 million trade agreement meant to boost the export of Israeli environmental-friendly energy and agricultural technologies to China, Israel’s Finance Ministry said on Monday. Foreign Minister Moshe Kahlon was in Beijing to sign the “clean-tech” deal which builds on past agreements, the ministry said in a statement.

The Biggest Story In America That No One Is Talking About – Its Devastation Has Been Horrifying Update: It’s being reported that all the fires in Montana have burned a combined 1,000,000 acres.

Yes, This Is A Real CNBC Article On “Economics”
This trash is clearly being sold so that idiots can cite a study that says a universal basic income is a good thing. The chorus grows in the media, training the sheep how to sing their song of ignorance. Baaa if you support a universal basic income!

George Soros And The Politics Of Hope And Hate
“Once again, useful idiots are being manipulated within a much larger global geopolitical/geo-personal context. “

Australians face coldest night in 45 years…
IF you thought winter was over, you might want to think again because spring isn’t quite ready to officially take over just yet. Temperatures across NSW plummeted yesterday with residents in the inland town of Goulburn shivering through the coldest September night in 45 years, with a chilly -5C

BOOM: Passage of Taylor Force Act will cut American aid to the ‘Palestinians’ until they stop paying Muslim terrorists salaries for killing Jews in Israel
Taylor Force Act, which cuts U.S. aid to PA until it stops paying terrorists, attached to the 2018 Foreign Operations budget in the Senate.

WATCH: Lou Dobbs Exposes Obama’s Treason On National Television
…Dobbs has found himself talking more and more about the way Obama and his merry men will do anything to disrupt President Trump. He really brought the point home on his show when he said, “Barack Obama, who many claim will be creating a shadow government to frustrate the policy goals of this administration, we’re looking at something that’s coming very close to, it seems to me, sedition.”

WATCH: CIA Agent Breaks Silence and Blows the Whistle to Reveal Obama’s Real
…Donald Trump’s presidency so far has shone a light on the White House’s war with the deep state. One former member of the intelligence community has spilled the beans about the Obama administration’s cooperation with the deep state.  Former CIA analyst, and retired U.S. Army Reserve Lieutenant Colonel, Tony Shaffer, told Fox News back in February that the Obama administration was behind the public leaks of Lt. General Mike Flynn’s phone calls with Russian officials.