10 Sep 2017

SHOOT THEM DOWN: Trump Gives Order to Take Out North Korean Missiles
President Trump has given the military a direct order to shoot down any North Korean launched missile heading for the U.S. mainland, Guam, or Hawaii. According to a Newsmax report, sources familiar with the decision say that Kim Jong Un’s recent threat against Guam – where many of our troops are stationed – was enough to convince the president that further action was necessary.

Israel to offer Mexico aid, approves $1 mill for Houston Jewish community
Israel extended offers of aid Sunday to the US and Mexico following a string of devastating natural disasters. The government unanimously approved a proposal at the weekly cabinet meeting put forward by Education and Diaspora Affairs Minister Naftali Bennett for a $1 million aid package to help rebuild Jewish institutions in Houston hit badly by Hurricane Harvey.

Report: Hezbollah claims it uncovered an Israeli spying device in southern Lebanon
Hezbollah…claimed on Saturday night that it had spotted an Israeli device used for espionage in southern Lebanon. The organization released an announcement on the Al-Manar television channel…stating that “resistance fighters seized an Israeli spying contraption, with a thermal camera for night vision, which was hidden in a rock in Kfar Shebba, east of Shebba Farms in south Lebanon.”

China looks at plans to ban petrol and diesel cars
China, the world’s biggest car market, plans to ban the production and sale of diesel and petrol cars and vans. The country’s vice industry minister said it had started “relevant research” but that it had not yet decided when the ban would come into force. “Those measures will certainly bring profound changes for our car industry’s development,” Xin Guobin told Xinhua, China’s official news agency.

Tony Blair defends call for EU migration curbs
Tony Blair has defended his call for new controls on EU migration as a cabinet minister accused him of a belated “epiphany” on the issue. The ex-PM said the UK could stay in the EU after all with new curbs in place. He claimed this would address people’s “grievances” without the “sledgehammer” of Brexit.

Hurricane Irma: Caribbean islands left with trail of destruction
Hurricane Irma has caused catastrophic damage in several Caribbean islands, killing at least 25 people and leaving thousands homeless. Irma – one of the most powerful storms ever recorded in the Atlantic basin – swept across islands including St Martin, Puerto Rico, Cuba, and the British and US Virgin Islands. It has caused more than $10bn (£7.6bn) in damage, disaster risk experts say.

Merkel suggests Iran-style nuclear talks to end North Korea crisis
German Chancellor Angela Merkel…would be prepared to become involved in a diplomatic initiative to end the North Korean nuclear and missiles program, and suggested the Iran nuclear talks could be a model. South Korea on Saturday braced for a possible further missile test by North Korea as it marked its founding anniversary, just days after its sixth and largest nuclear test…further escalated tensions in the region.

Syrians express gratitude for Israeli field hospitals
Dozens of Syrian civilians have written letters of gratitude to Israel and the IDF for establishing field hospitals on its northern border which…provide[s], medical care to numerous victims wounded in the country’s ongoing violent civil war….“Syria was the most beautiful country of all Arab countries. We thought that Israel was our enemy, but we realized that it’s good to us. I want to thank the hospitals in Israel…

Houston residents confront officials over decision to flood neighborhoods
Angry Houston residents shouted at city officials on Saturday over decisions to intentionally flood certain neighborhoods during Hurricane Harvey…City Council member Greg Travis…told about 250 people that an Army Corps of Engineers official told him that certain gauges measuring water levels at the Buffalo Bayou…failed due to a decision to release water from two municipal reservoirs to avoid an overflow.

Iranian warship turns away U.S. battleship: Tasnim
A rocket-bearing Iranian military vessel confronted an American battleship in the Gulf and warned it to stay away from a damaged Iranian fishing boat, Tasnim news agency reported Sunday, but the U.S. Navy denied any direct contact with Iranian forces. The American battleship turned away after the warning from the Iranian vessel, which belonged to the naval branch of the Iranian army, according to Tasnim.

Mexican quake death toll rises to 90 as Oaxaca reports more fatalities
The death toll from the massive earthquake that struck Mexico on Thursday night has risen to at least 90 after emergency services in the southern state of Oaxaca said late on Saturday there had been 71 confirmed fatalities in the state alone. “It’s 71 (dead). Just for Oaxaca,” said Jesus Gonzalez, a spokesman for the state civil protection authority.

Syrian army controls entire Damascus-Deir al-Zor highway: Hezbollah media unit
Syrian government forces seized a final stretch of highway linking the eastern city of Deir al-Zor to the capital Damascus on Sunday in further advances against Islamic State, a Hezbollah-run media unit reported. Troops moving in from the west linked up with forces already in Deir al-Zor at the Panorama entrance to the city, bringing the whole road under their control for the first time in years, it said.

After The Storms Are Over: America Can’t Afford To Rebuild
“There’s no meat left on that bone. There isn’t even a bone left. There’s only a debt-ridden mirage of a bone. If you’re looking to define the country in bumper-sticker terms, that’s it. A debt-ridden mirage. Which can only wait until it’s relieved of its suffering. Irma may well do that…”

“It’s A Killer” – Florida Orders A Third Of The Population To Evacuate As Irma Hurtles Toward Tampa
Gov. Rick Scott has ordered an unprecedented 6.2 million residents to evacuate…”It’s getting late… if you’re not on the road on the west coast by noon you need to get to a shelter…get off the road,” 

Israel Has Launched Its Largest Military Exercise in Almost 20 Years
The Israeli military is in the midst of its largest military exercise in nearly two decades, focusing on a potential war with Hezbollah.  Held in the north of the country, the roughly two-week drill – dubbed “The Light of Grain” – comes amid rising tension along the Lebanese-Israeli border, where Hezbollah, the Lebanese political party and militia, has maintained a presence for decades.

Al Sharpton’s daughter Ashley Sharpton arrested after cops say she attacked cab driver
No justice, no peace — of birthday cake. A birthday celebration for Rev. Al Sharpton’s daughter ended in handcuffs early Saturday after she punched a cabbie in Midtown and snatched his keys, police sources said.

Deadly quake, Hurricane Katia a one-two punch for Mexico
One of the most powerful earthquakes ever to hit Mexico was followed by a Gulf coast hurricane, dealing a one-two punch to the country, killing at least 61 people as workers scrambled to respond to the twin national emergencies.

Gay people to blame for Hurricane Harvey, says US Pastor
Many have put Hurricane Harvey down to climate change. But one American religious leader has new reasons for why the violent storm hit the US city of Houston – gay people. Kevin Swanson, a pastor in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, claims God brought the powerful hurricane and subsequent flooding on the Texan city because its mayor ‘very, very aggressively pro-homosexual’.