Israel Wipes Out Iranian Chemical-Bio Facility :: By Kit R. Olsen

Get ready for the Rapture. Believers are one major step closer to going home.

Overnight, Israel destroyed the main chemical-biological facility run by Iran in the heart of Syria  (September 7, 2017). The facility was used to develop chemical biological weapons as well as medium range missiles; this is the most intense and serious attack by Israel against Syria (Iran) in the last ten years; it is the same facility that Assad used to develop chemical weapons launched  against his own people (under Iranian auspices and the knowledge of the Russians).

This information was reported from Galilee this morning by Amir Tsarfati, whom I have cited often in my writing since 2009. Ten years ago Israel destroyed the plutonium manufacturing nuclear reactor in Syria built and developed by the North Koreans.

The facility Israel just wiped-out in Syria was run and built by the Iranians and their proxies, Hezbollah. The location of the facility was close to a Russian air base. Incredibly and mysteriously, Israel was able to achieve this attack without Israeli aircrafts being detected by the Syrian system.

This situation is in a developmental stage. It is being reported that Prime Minister Netenyahu is saying even moderate Sunni Arabs are supporting this situation as they are all terrified of Iran and its ability to destroy the entire region. The word is coming out that Iran is promising a severe retaliation.

It is no coincidence that the Israelis have been having intense military drills in Northern Israel for days, most probably because they expect Iranian/Hezbollah retaliation for destroying their evil facility. The word is coming out now that Iran is promising a severe retaliation.

This is a huge prophetic development and an indication that the most biblically prophesied war, the battle of Ezekiel 38 and 39 (Gog-Magog) is getting closer. In my book, Israel’s Guaranteed Future Glory, I wrote about some of the events that will lead up to this epic battle and how I would not be surprised if: “An incident involving some destruction of Iran’s nuclear facilities is very possible in the near future, even before the Gog-Magog incursion.”

The Israeli’s just did that today on September 7, 2017 by attacking the main chemical and biological facility in Syria run by Iran and Hezbollah. The following is an excerpt from Israel’s Guaranteed Future Glory, relating to this and other prophetic Middle East events.

The Timing of Isaiah 17

The destruction of Damascus is foretold in the book of Isaiah and Jeremiah. It is possible that Isaiah’s prophecy could be fulfilled at the time of the Gog-Magog war, and actually be destroyed when God unleashes His mighty power as detailed in Ezekiel 38 and 39. Although it does seem like the destruction of Damascus could happen at any time, especially since Syria is engulfed in internal fighting. ISIS is on the move and the entire country is in serious trouble.

Some people think Damascus will be destroyed by a nuclear attack—which is possible during the Tribulation. But a major nuclear attack prior to the Tribulation would cause a great deal of radioactive fallout and cause too much damage in the entire area. Jerusalem is only 134 miles from Damascus. Even a tactical nuclear weapon could easily cause serious problems. Verse 1 states, “Damascus will be a ruinous heap.” How this cataclysmic prophecy will be fulfilled is unknown. We cannot say for sure how this will happen or what God’s plans are for the fulfillment of this prophecy.

ISIS and Muslim rebels have surrounded the ancient city of Damascus, and the entire country is in serious crisis barely holding on. (Since March 2015, Assad has steadily lost territory in the northwest, south, and central Syria to an array of groups including the Islamic State, the Al Qaeda-linked Nusra Front, and rebels who profess a more moderate vision for Syria.)

Damascus is known to be a major hub for terrorists. Syria’s involvement in the ongoing aggression to eliminate Israel will bring catastrophe to that nation. Additionally, current news reports point to extreme political and civil devastation continues to grow within Syria. As far back as 2007, Israeli intelligence discovered that in the desolate Syrian Desert, a facility was in the process of manufacturing nuclear weapons.

It was being aided by North Korea. Of course, Israel did what she had to do and sent a few jets overhead to take care of the problem. The Israelis were able to unscramble the radar so the visit was a complete surprise to the Syrians and everyone else involved, including Iran. It is often said that Syria is just Iran’s proxy. Russia also, is a great ally and defender of Syria arming the anti-Israel neighbor with missiles and other weapons.

In February of 2011, Western Intelligence agencies discovered another nuclear plant in Syria, in a Damascus suburb. In addition, a German newspaper, the Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ), reported that it received photos of the site, but will not publish them because inferences can be made as to when they were taken, and thus to who leaked them. In addition, Washington’s Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS) published photos on February 23, 2011 of one of three more sites that are believed to be connected to the Al-Kibar facility destroyed in 2007, as reported in Arutz Sheva, Israel National News on February 24, 2011.

Never Underestimate Israel When Dealing with Iran

An incident involving some destruction of Iran’s nuclear facilities is very possible in the near future, even before the Gog-Magog incursion. As difficult and challenging as it may seem strategically, Israel may find a way to take out the areas that house Iran’s nuclear weapons programs such as the Fordo site located deep in the mountains of Iran, near the city of Qom or the area where the Bushehr nuclear plant that resides in Iran (Elam).

I have heard reports given by Amir Tsarfati, that Israel has been going into Syria, Iran’s strategic ally, taking out some of their caches of weapons. It has been reported for years that Israeli war planes have targeted military sites including Dimas, 25 kilometers (15.5 miles) northwest of Damascus and located on the Damascus-Beirut road at the foothills of the Anti-Lebanon Mountains.

They also targeted Damascus International Airport, 25 kilometers east of the capital. Perhaps the Israeli’s have some other clever clandestine strategies in mind to put an end to Iran’s potential nuclear holocaust. I would not underestimate the Israeli’s when it comes to protecting their homeland and their very existence.

Intense uprisings in the Middle East countries are quickly escalating. Iran is gaining more control of the entire region while its leaders are continuing to loudly threaten Israel and all Jews with comments like: “The Zionist regime will be wiped soon.” Radicals are gaining strength, while traditional moderate Arab leaderships are weakening. Egypt has fallen apart and is in total chaos—a dangerous situation that most likely leading to an Iranian type extremist hard-line government—leading to its complete demise.

Lebanon, Israel’s neighbor to the north has essentially been taken over by Iran gaining much closer proximity to Israel. Iraq is on the verge of being taken over by pro-Iran Shiite factions. It is very possible that Israel will defend herself against Iranian nuclear threats by using subterfuge or some kind of creative preemptive defense measures even before the battle of Ezekiel 38 and 39 takes place. We certainly are living in very perilous times in these last days.

It is impossible to keep up with the fast-moving events involving the Middle East. No doubt some of these situations are being methodically manipulated by those who have diabolical, hidden agendas and want to bring about “change.” Change, that is not in the best interest of freedom-loving people. But God cannot be outwitted. He has the final say regardless of what governments, terrorists or pompous elitists try to do.


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