5 Sep 2017

Hurricane Irma Strenghtens To “Extremely Dangerous” Category 5, Eastern Caribbean On Lockdown
Irma has strengthened to an “extremely dangerous” Category 5 hurricane, the National Hurricane Center said in its advisory at 7:45am AST. According to the Hurricane center, NOAA and Air Force hurricane hunter aircraft data indicate Hurricane Irma has intensified into an “extremely dangerous” Category 5 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale with maximum winds of 175 mph (280 km/h) with higher gusts.

Seals Bearing Names of Biblical Kings Discovered in City of David
A collection of dozens of sealings, mentioning the names of officials dated to the days of the Judean kingdom prior to the Babylonian destruction, was unearthed during excavations by the Israel Antiquities Authority in the City of David National Park in the area of the walls of Jerusalem, funded by the ELAD (El Ir David) organization.

Two-thirds of Americans approve of editing human DNA to treat disease
The advent of powerful gene editing tools like CRISPR is making editing human DNA incredibly easy and precise. The technology holds the potential to rid humanity of diseases like sickle cell anemia. Earlier this month, researchers in the US successfully edited dozens of human embryos and corrected a gene mutation that causes a serious heart condition.

China has tools to pressure Kim but worries of consequences
China has the economic tools to pressure North Korea but fears pushing Kim Jong Un’s government so hard it collapses.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott declares state of emergency ahead of Category 4 Hurricane Irma
Florida Gov. Rick Scott has declared a state of emergency in the state as rapidly growing Hurricane Irma, now a Category 4 storm, is expected to make landfall later this week. The state of emergency has been issued for all of Florida’s 67 counties. Scott said that the state would “prepare for the worst and hope for the best” as Irma is expected to hit the state around Friday.

Sound of Messiah Is Heard in Israel as First Jacob’s Sheep Shofarot in 2,000 Years Are Blown
For the first time since the Temple stood in Jerusalem, the sounds of shofarot (ram horns) from Jacob’s Sheep were heard in Israel, trumpeting out from the mountains of Naftali, in a powerful chorus that may soon be announcing Messiah in the far corners of the world.

Hurricane Irma Gears Up to Reinforce Post-Eclipse Prophecy
When the solar eclipse crossed over the continental United States two weeks ago, it was immediately followed by a hurricane of epic proportions in a manner that conformed precisely to prophetic sources. Two weeks ago, a rare solar eclipse transversed the US, the first time in 99 years such an event had occurred. Four days later, Hurricane Harvey hit Texas. The connection between the eclipse and the hurricane was implicit in how events unfolded.

In Meeting With Pope, Orthodox Rabbis Accept Catholics as “Partners”
On Thursday, Pope Francis met with a delegation of Jewish leaders at the Vatican to discuss the history and future of Jewish-Catholic relations, receiving their response to the Catholic Nostra Aetate, in which the rabbis called for a “new era in Catholic-Jewish relations” while declaring the Christians to be “our partners, close allies, friends, and brothers”. The rabbis also called on the Vatican to unite in the battle against religious persecution and radical Islam.

Head of U.S.-Saudi Business Council: Trump Has ‘Heralded a New Era’ in Economic Growth
President Donald Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia in May “heralded a new era” in economic growth between the United States and its longtime ally, according to the head of the U.S.-Saudi Arabian Business Council.

It’s time for UNIFIL to confront Hezbollah
It’s not every day that there’s good news to report from the United Nations. Last week, we got some good news, as the UN Security Council voted to significantly strengthen its efforts to stop the Hezbollah terrorists in southern Lebanon. The clouds of war have been gathering right under the nose of a UN peacekeeping force. At the direction of its Iranian patron, Hezbollah has amassed an arsenal of weapons and battle hardened fighters in southern Lebanon.

Nuclear inspiration: Has North Korea emboldened Iran?
Israel is worried about the impact an unchecked rogue nuclear state could have on Iran’s own military ambitions. “Only a determined international response [to North Korea] will prevent other states from behaving in the same way,” Israel’s Foreign Ministry said…“Iran is watching the [North Korean] crisis very carefully. We have to take into consideration that the way that this crisis will end, will effect the Iranian policy,” Shay said.

North Korea nuclear crisis: Putin calls sanctions useless
Russian President Vladimir Putin has said pursuing further sanctions against North Korea is “useless”, saying “they’d rather eat grass than give up their nuclear programme”. The US said on Monday it would table a new UN resolution on tougher sanctions in the wake of the latest test of a nuclear bomb by the North on Sunday. Mr Putin also said that the ramping up of “military hysteria” could lead to global catastrophe.

Rare malaria death of girl in northern Italy puzzles doctors
A four-year-old Italian girl has died of cerebral malaria in northern Italy, a region free of the disease, in what doctors see as a very mysterious case. Sofia Zago died in Brescia on Sunday night, after being rushed to hospital with a high fever on Saturday. Italy is free of the Anopheles mosquito that carries cerebral malaria, the deadliest form of the blood disease. But after a scorching August, some fear that it might have reached Italy.

U.S. Urges Fuel Cutoff for North Korea, Saying It’s ‘Begging for War’
The Trump Administration, warning that North Korea is “begging for war,” is pressing China and other members of the United Nations Security Council to cut off all oil and other fuels to the country. The effort…came as South Korean officials said Monday that they had seen evidence that North Korea may be preparing another test, likely of an intercontinental ballistic missile.

As robots edge into workplace, free money idea takes hold
Driverless trucks. Factory robots. Delivery drones. Virtual personal assistants. As technological innovations increasingly edge into the workplace, many people fear that robots and machines are destined to take jobs that human beings have held for decades…Enter the idea of a universal basic income, the notion that everyone should be able to receive a stream of income to live on, regardless of their employment or economic status.

IDF prepares largest military drill in almost 20 years along Lebanon border
The IDF is gearing up to hold its largest military drill in nearly 20 years—a combined arms exercise along its border with Lebanon—at a time of rising tensions with Iran and Hezbollah. A military official said Monday that the joint exercise, which will begin Tuesday and involve thousands of ground, sea and air force vehicles and personnel, will prepare soldiers for “preserving the current stability in the northern sector.”

Putin: Russia reserves right to further cut U.S. diplomatic mission
Russia reserves the right to further cut the number of U.S. diplomatic staff in Moscow, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday, in response to what he called Washington’s “boorish” treatment of Russia’s diplomatic mission on U.S. soil. Speaking after U.S. officials ordered Russia to vacate diplomatic premises in several U.S. cities, Putin said he would order the Russian foreign ministry to take the U.S. authorities to court…

Hurricane Irma to track toward US; Residents of East and Gulf coasts urged to prepare now
“This hurricane has the potential to be a major event for the East Coast. It also has the potential to significantly strain FEMA and other governmental resources occurring so quickly on the heels of Harvey,” Evan Myers, expert senior meteorologist and chief operating officer, said.

Retired FBI Agent Sues DOJ For Records On Contributions Made By A Clinton Ally To McCabe’s Wife
“I am saddened by how the FBI’s reputation has been tarnished by the poor judgement and ethics of its leadership.  I know I’m not the only retired (or serving) FBI special agent who is concerned about Mr. McCabe’s conflicts of interest on the Clinton email matter.  The agency seems to be illegally hiding records about this scandal, which is why I’m heading to court with Judicial Watch.”

North Korea Seen Moving ICBM Into Position For Possible Launch: Report
Confirming overnight intel reports, on Monday South Korea’s Asia Business Daily reported that North Korea has quietly started moving (during the night-time) an ICBM-class missile following Sunday’s nuclear test, in preparation for a possible launch over the next five days.

Chilling peek inside John McCain’s wicked heart
The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it? – Jeremiah 17:9Sen. John McCain is at it again! Sen. McCain recently wrote a scathing column for the Washington Post attacking President Donald Trump as “poorly informed” and “impulsive.” McCain stated, “We are not his subordinates. … we don’t answer to him.”

Top 10 leftist groups wreaking havoc across U.S., sabotaging Trump
So America elected Donald Trump as president and you thought it was finished with the likes of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, leftist billionaire George Soros and radical socialists hellbent on destroying the U.S.? Not so fast! The nation is now seeing an explosion of coordinated anti-Trump “resistance” in a fierce, multi-front war on President Trump and America. And a WND investigation has found many groups leading the “Trump resistance movement” have the fingerprints of Soros, Clinton and Obama all over them.

Joel Osteen: Televangelist Whose Church Closed During Hurricane Harvey Tells Victims not to Have ‘Poor Me’ Attitude
A televangelist whose church closed its doors during Hurricane Harvey claims that he is the victim of “misinformation” and told flood victims not to have a “poor me” attitude.