24 Aug 2017

Pro Sports To Christian Players And Fans: ‘We Don’t Want Your Kind Around Here’
Professional sports, both individual teams and entire leagues, seek to enhance their brands by connecting promotions with the LGBT movement’s Pride campaign. Teams organize “Pride Nights,” including rainbow-themed merchandise, not only as marketing tools but as signs of their acquiescence to leftist views of social justice.

FEMA Prepares for ‘Black Sky’ Doomsday Events With Emergency Drills
An exercise designed to prepare the US for a high-tech end-of-days scenario has just ended in preparation for a threat that is growing as America’s enemies focus on these attacks that could cripple America. Government efforts in this area are increasing and as one expert put it, “It is not a matter of ‘if, but a matter of ‘when’”.

Black Lives Matter protesters target NFL headquarters in solidarity with Kaepernick
Hundreds of protesters called for a boycott of the NFL at the football league’s headquarters, in support of former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who is in danger of losing his career after refusing to stand for the national anthem.

Netanyahu: Peace is within reach
“We have a lot of things to talk about. How to advance peace, stability and security in our region – prosperity too – and I think all of them are within our reach,” he said.

US Defense Secretary says Russia trying to redraw borders by force
US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis on a visit to Ukraine on Thursday said Washington would continue to put pressure on Russia over what he called its aggressive behavior, but stopped short of promising to provide lethal weapons to Kiev. Mattis said Russia has not abided by the Minsk ceasefire agreement meant to end separatist violence in eastern Ukraine.

Trump “very committed” to Mideast peace, envoy says, but prospects unclear
U.S. President Donald Trump remains “very committed” to achieving Israeli-Palestinian peace, his son-in-law and senior adviser, Jared Kushner, told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the start of talks on Thursday. But there was little to suggest that any breakthrough or significant progress towards ending a decades-old conflict was imminent as Kushner began a day of separate meetings with Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

As Syria war tightens, US and Russia ramp up communication
Even as tensions between the United States and Russia fester, there is one surprising place where their military-to-military contacts are quietly weathering the storm: Syria. It has been four months since US President Donald Trump ordered cruise missile strikes against a Syrian airfield after an alleged chemical weapons attack.

Israel watches tag-team operation against ISIS nervously
As Hezbollah and the Syrian and Lebanese armies enter the fourth day of a major offensive against an Islamic State enclave in the Qalamoun mountains of Lebanon, Israel watches nervously. The Lebanese Army on Saturday opened its offensive…on the northeast border with Syria near the town of Ras Baalbek, while Hezbollah announced its assault staged from the Qalamoun region on the Syrian side of the border.

Indian Supreme Court in landmark ruling on privacy
India’s Supreme Court has ruled that citizens have a fundamental right to privacy, in a landmark judgement. The judges ruled the right to privacy was “an intrinsic part of Article 21 that protects life and liberty”. The ruling has implications for the government’s vast biometric ID scheme, covering access to benefits, bank accounts and payment of taxes.

Switzerland landslide: Eight missing in Val Bondasca region
Eight people are missing following a landslide in an alpine valley in south-eastern Switzerland, police say. The landslide on Wednesday forced the evacuation of some villages in the Val Bondasca region, officials said. German, Austrian and Swiss citizens are among those missing, Graubünden cantonal police said in a statement.

Qatar restores diplomatic ties with Iran amid Gulf crisis
Qatar has restored full diplomatic relations with Iran in defiance of four other Arab nations who have demanded it curb ties with the Islamic Republic. The emirate recalled its ambassador in 2016 when Saudi diplomatic missions in Iran were attacked after Saudi Arabia executed a leading Shia Muslim cleric. But Qatar now wants to strengthen bilateral relations “in all fields”.

India swine flu death toll rises above 1,000 this year
India appears to be in the grip of a swine flu outbreak with 1,094 recorded deaths over the past eight months, said an official report on Wednesday. The last three weeks have seen the highest number of fatalities, at 342. A total of 22,186 cases have been reported across the country.

Wall Street Banks Warn Downturn Is Coming
HSBC Holdings Plc, Citigroup Inc. and Morgan Stanley see mounting evidence that global markets are in the last stage of their rallies before a downturn in the business cycle. Analysts…cite signals including the breakdown of long-standing relationships between stocks, bonds and commodities as well as investors ignoring valuation fundamentals and data. It all means stock and credit markets are at risk of a painful drop.

Hunting a Killer: Sex, Drugs and the Return of Syphilis
For months, health officials…have been staggered by a fast-spreading outbreak of a disease that…was considered all but extinguished. Syphilis, the deadly sexually transmitted infection that can lead to blindness, paralysis and dementia, is returning here and around the country, another consequence of the heroin and methamphetamine epidemics, as users trade sex for drugs.

Harvey Likely to Be First Hurricane to Strike Texas Since 2008
Harvey, which is set to strengthen into the first hurricane to strike Texas since 2008, forced workers off Gulf of Mexico platforms, sent cotton rallying and has airlines preparing for flight disruptions. Now a tropical storm, Harvey “is expected to become a hurricane by Friday,” the National Hurricane Center said in an advisory issued at 4 a.m. Central Daylight Time.

Russia sends nuclear-capable bombers on mission near South Korea, Japan
Russian nuclear-capable strategic bombers have flown over the Pacific Ocean, the Sea of Japan, the Yellow Sea and the East China Sea, prompting Japan and South Korea to scramble jets to escort them… Russia’s Defence Ministry said in a statement the Tupolev-95MS bombers, code named “Bears” by NATO, flew over neutral waters and were accompanied by Russian Sukhoi-35S fighter jets and A-50 early warning and control aircraft.

Macau struggles to recover from Typhoon Hato’s destruction
Chaos and confusion gripped Macau on Thursday after one of the strongest typhoons on record hit the territory, killing at least nine people, and leaving more than half the city still without water and power… Rescuers on Thursday searched submerged cars for trapped people in the former Portuguese territory, while overwhelmed emergency services scrambled to respond to crisis calls.

United Nations Issues Rare “Early Warning” – Signals Potential Civil Conflict In America
In the past 10-years, the early warning citing “alarming racism” trends has been issued in Burundi, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Kyrgyzstan, and Nigeria… and now America!

BOMBSHELL: The House has Launched A Full Investigation Into The Obama Administration
Politico is reporting that the House Oversight Board has started a forceful investigation into the illegal actions of the Obama administration concerning Iran! Specifically, arrangements with Iran over its alleged nuclear weapons program which included BILLIONS of American dollars.

Church, Govt Argue Child Sex Predators Innocent Because Children Consented
The Catholic Church and government agencies in the United Kingdom have developed a new argument to avoid paying out settlements to victims of pedophilia and sex abuse: they’re claiming the children consented.

Alt-Left Protesters Show up to Phoenix Rally Armed With AR-15’s and Bullet Proof Vests
President Trump is holding a rally in Phoenix, Arizona Tuesday evening and Trump supporters are already lined up at the convention center chanting, “Build the Wall!”.

Hartford Bankruptcy Looms As CT Gov Admits “We Spent Money On Wrong Things”
“We built too many prisons, which we’re still paying off even while we’re closing them…”

Sharpton Targets the Jefferson Memorial
Racial arsonist Al Sharpton is demanding the federal government shut down the historic Jefferson Memorial in the nation’s capital because the long-dead president honored by the monument owned slaves.