21 Aug 2017

“Democrats were the party of slavery”
Fox News contributor Jesse Watters wants the public to remember that most of the Confederate war heroes were in fact, members of the Democratic Party. Today, that same Party is demanding that statues of Confederate leaders be removed. “Let’s remember that all of these Confederate war heroes were Democrats,” said Waters, “Maybe the Democratic Party wants us to take down these statues so we can forget that it was the Democrats who supported enslaving black people.”

Largest US Islamic Charity, Designated as Terror Group by UAE, Posts Anti-Semitic Social Media
Khaled Lamada, chairman of Islamic Relief’s U.S. branch (IR-USA), has posted anti-Semitic content and publicly expressed support for the Muslim Brotherhood—the parent group of the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas—on his social media accounts since 2013.

PA official says China could be ‘honest broker’ in Israel-Palestine talks
A senior Palestinian official told a Chinese newspaper that China could be an “honest broker” between Israel and Palestine, and that the country could have an important role in future peace agreements. China’s Xinhua news agency reported on Saturday that Tayeb Abdul Rahim, secretary-general of the Palestinian presidency and an aide to President Mahmoud Abbas, had told the outlet in a recent interview that China’s role in future peace negotiations could “help resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict based on the two-state solution.”

Israeli Police Stop Soccer Game on Temple Mount Only After Jews’ Request
Israeli Temple Mount policemen stopped on Sunday Arab kids from playing soccer on the Temple Mount only after they were requested to do it by one of the Jewish visitors to the holy site, the Temple Organizations Headquarters reported.

Palestinian Authority threatens to cut all funds to Gaza
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas on Sunday threatened to gradually cut all funding to the Gaza Strip until Hamas agreed to reconcile with Fatah. He declared his intentions during a meeting in Ramallah with Meretz head Zehava Gal- On, whose office later reported his statement. “We transfer $1.5 billion a year [to Hamas in Gaza],” he said, adding that he had already cut 25% of that amount.

US Navy ship and oil tanker collide near Singapore
Ten US Navy sailors are missing and five have been injured after a US destroyer and an oil tanker collided near Singapore, the Navy says. The guided missile destroyer USS John S McCain was sailing east of Singapore and preparing to stop in the port when the collision with the Liberian-flagged vessel occurred. A wide-ranging search and rescue operation is under way.

US-South Korea set for divisive military drills
The US and South Korea are conducting annual military drills which consistently infuriate Pyongyang, despite appeals to halt the exercise. Last week North Korea appeared to back down from a threat to send missiles towards the US Pacific island of Guam, but said it would watch US actions. It has already condemned these drills as pouring “gasoline on fire”.

Syria war: Russian jets ‘destroy IS convoy near Deir al-Zour’
Dozens of so-called Islamic State (IS) militants are reported to have been killed in a Russian air strike near the eastern Syrian city of Deir al-Zour. Russia’s defence ministry said at least 200 jihadists had died after its air force targeted a convoy of about 20 4x4s, armoured vehicles and tanks. It did not say when the strike took place, but a monitoring group reported that a convoy had been hit last Friday.

Killer robots: Experts warn of ‘third revolution in warfare’
More than 100 leading robotics experts are urging the United Nations to take action in order to prevent the development of “killer robots”. In a letter to the organisation, artificial intelligence (AI) leaders, including billionaire Elon Musk, warn of “a third revolution in warfare”. The letter says “lethal autonomous” technology is a “Pandora’s box”, adding that time is of the essence.

Eclipse spectacle set to grip US public
Skywatchers in the United States are preparing for the spectacular sight of a total solar eclipse. The Moon is set to pass in front of the Sun, casting a deep shadow that will sweep over the nation from Oregon in the west to South Carolina in the east. It is the first such event since 1918 where the path of darkness crosses both the Pacific and Atlantic coasts.

Tech Censorship of White Supremacists Draws Criticism From Within Industry
The debate intensified over whether the…tech companies that blocked white supremacists and a neo-Nazi website on the internet have gone too far, as a prominent privacy group questioned the power a few corporations have to censor…“As [an] internet user, I think it’s pretty dangerous if my moral, political or economic whims play some role in deciding who can and cannot be online,” Matthew Prince, CEO and co-founder of Cloudflare, said…

U.S. scales back visa services in Russia after Putin cuts its staff
The United States said on Monday it was scaling back its visa services in Russia after Moscow ordered it to sharply cut its diplomatic staff… President Vladimir Putin, reacting to new sanctions imposed by the U.S. Congress which President Donald Trump reluctantly signed into law, last month ordered Washington to cut diplomatic and technical staff in Russia by 755 people, or by about 60 percent, by Sept. 1.

On Eve of Total Eclipse, Top Five Heavenly Bible Signs of 5777
On the eve of the highly-anticipated solar eclipse, Breaking Israel News took a look back at the biggest astronomical events of the year and what they mean for the Jewish people and the nations.

New Bill Would Require Donald Trump To Undergo Mental Health Evaluation
A new bill introduced in the House of Representatives would require President Donald Trump to undergo a physical and mental health exam to determine if he is stable enough to stay in office.

ASA Unveils Plan To Stop Yellowstone “Supervolcano” Eruption, There’s Just One Catch
A NASA plan to stop the Yellowstone supervolcano from erupting, could actually cause it to blow… triggering a nuclear winter that would wipe out humanity.

Video Emerges Showing Clashes Between Indian, Chinese Soldiers
The video, which has been widely circulated on social media, shows many soldiers from the two countries punching and kicking each other and throwing stones.

Bannon: “No Administration In History Has Been So Divided”
“If the Republican Party on Capitol Hill gets behind the president on his plans and not theirs, it will all be sweetness and light, be one big happy family…”

Police uncover gas arsenal at bomb factory as Barcelona mourns
Spanish police said Sunday they had uncovered a cache of 120 gas canisters at a house believed to be the bomb-making factory of suspects in terror attacks that claimed 14 lives, as Barcelona mourned victims of the rampage.

Trump to ‘cut all military aid to Islamic Pakistan’, thinks US is being ‘ripped off’ by muslim nation
I had just about given up on Trump, and then he says this. We can only hope that he will follow through, and not be persuaded by McMaster that all Pakistan needs is a few more U.S. billions to turn it into a reliable ally.

This ‘Mother of Satan’ plot by Islamic terrorists would leave thousands dead
The Barcelona terrorists were plotting a far bigger atrocity – targeting hundreds of innocent victims – using a deadly homemade explosive known as the ‘Mother of Satan’, it emerged last night.

JUST IN: Gun Confiscation Bill Signed Into Law
…The law, SB 719A, allows law enforcement or anyone close to a person to file a gun-stripping petition if they believe the person poses a risk to themselves or others. The petition can be filed against any law-abiding US citizen. In other words, it completely disregards an American’s right to own a gun, or to a fair trial.