8 Aug 2017

Democratic Socialists of America Endorse BDS, Call for Israel’s Destruction
America’s largest socialist organization overwhelmingly voted to support the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement at its biannual convention in Chicago on Saturday. The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) conveniently held its convention on the Jewish Sabbath, when no observant Jews would be able to appear or protest. After the vote, which passed by 90 percent, was met with wild applause, the crowd of DSA attendees began to chant a popular genocidal slogan of the pro-Palestinian movement, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.”

‘Being black doesn’t give you license to call everyone racist’
Prominent American jurist Alan Dershowitz slams Democratic congresswoman Maxine Waters after she accuses him of racism. Dershowitz, a life-long Democrat who backed Hillary Clinton in 2016, pushed back on Sunday, calling Waters’ accusation outrageous, adding the congresswoman “ought to be ashamed of herself.”

The spiritual crisis of post modern, Western society
The tone of political discourse in America and Europe has become so polarized, embittered and volatile that it conveys a grave sense of deep anxiety and loses of national self confidence and direction. Similarly, for the first time in human history, America and Western Europe are suffering from negative fertility rates, meaning that they find themselves in a slow process of national suicide, whose end will be the extinction of thousand year old national heritages.

Damascus under reconstruction for upcoming international fair
This has been the largest construction project for the city since the Syrian civil war broke out more than six years ago. Major streets and buildings in Damascus have been undergoing renovation and reconstruction in recent weeks as the Syrian capital gears up to host the 59th Damascus International Fair later this month.

5.3 magnitude earthquake rocks Turkish coastal town
An earthquake with a magnitude of 5.3 shook southwestern Turkey near the Aegean coastal town of Bodrum on Tuesday, the US Geological Survey said. It was not immediately clear whether anyone was injured. The quake struck some 15 kilometers (about 9 miles) southeast of Bodrum, the USGS said.

King Abdullah’s Ramallah visit sends a message to multiple audiences
By making a quick but rare trip to Ramallah on Monday, Jordan’s King Abdullah II sent a message to several different audiences at the same time…Since Abdullah’s visits to the area are quite rare, that he went to Ramallah and not to Israel was a demonstrative act showing Jerusalem that, following the Temple Mount crisis and the incident at the Israeli Embassy in Jordan, it is “not the right time to come to Israel,”…

Iraq Shia militia ‘lose dozens in attack’
Dozens of Shia militiamen have been killed in an attack in Iraq close to the border with Syria, reports say. There are conflicting accounts as to what happened. The group said US aircraft were to blame, though the US-led coalition denied this. So-called Islamic State (IS) has said it killed scores of Iraqi troops in an ambush in the area.

Americans now have the highest credit-card debt in U.S. history
American consumers just hit a scary milestone. They now collectively have the most outstanding revolving debt — often summarized as credit card debt — in U.S. history, according to a report Monday released by the Federal Reserve. Americans had $1.021 trillion in outstanding revolving credit in June 2017. This beats the previous record in April 2008, when consumers had a collective $1.02 trillion in outstanding credit revolving credit.

Prof lets students choose own grades for ‘stress reduction
A University of Georgia professor has adopted a “stress reduction policy” that will allow students to select their own grades if they “feel unduly stressed” by the ones they earned. According to online course syllabi for two of Dr. Richard Watson’s fall business courses, he has introduced the policy because “emotional reactions to stressful situations can have profound consequences for all involved.”

Turkish tourist resort is hit by another earthquake after powerful quake triggered a tsunami two weeks ago
A Turkish tourist resort has been hit by another earthquake two weeks after a powerful tremor triggered a tsunami in the area. An earthquake with a magnitude of 5.3 shook the southwestern Turkish town of Bodrum this morning, the U.S. Geological Survey said. It was not immediately clear whether there were any injuries. The quake struck some about 9 miles southeast of the Aegean coastal town of Bodrum, the USGS said.

U.S. May Begin Airstrikes Against ISIS in Philippines
The Pentagon is considering a plan that allows the U.S. military to conduct airstrikes on ISIS in the Philippines, two defense officials told NBC News. The authority to strike ISIS targets as part of collective self-defense could be granted as part of an official military operation that may be named as early as Tuesday, said the officials. The strikes would likely be conducted by armed drones.

China holds wargames as North Korea tensions spike
The Chinese navy and air force flexed their muscles in live-fire drills in seas adjacent to the Korean Peninsula, the defence ministry said, amid regional tensions over North Korea’s pursuit of nuclear weaponry. The “large-scale” exercises were being conducted in the seas and skies off China’s east coast in the Yellow Sea and Bohai Gulf, and included the firing of dozens of missiles, a notice posted late Monday on the Ministry of Defence website said.

US spy satellites detect North Korea moving anti-ship cruise missiles to patrol boat
Despite the United States’ insistence that North Korea halt its missile tests, U.S. spy agencies detected the rogue communist regime loading two anti-ship cruise missiles on a patrol boat on the country’s east coast just days ago. It’s the first time these missiles have been deployed on this type of platform since 2014, U.S. officials with knowledge of the latest intelligence in the region told Fox News on Monday.

US urges UN force in Lebanon to prevent Hezbollah weapons
US Ambassador Nikki Haley urged the UN peacekeeping force in Lebanon on Monday to step up efforts to prevent the spread of illegal arms in the south, which she said “are almost entirely in the hands of Hezbollah terrorists.” Haley made clear…that the United States is seeking “significant improvements” to the UN force, known as UNIFIL (United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon), when the UN Security Council renews its mandate…

Marijuana devastated Colorado, don’t legalize it nationally
Last week, Senator Cory Booker introduced the Marijuana Justice Act in an effort to legalize marijuana across the nation and penalize local communities that want nothing to do with this dangerous drug. This is the furthest reaching marijuana legalization effort to date and marks another sad moment in our nation’s embrace of a drug that will have generational consequences.

Transgender ‘Rainbow Day Camp’ 
A transgender day camp for kids ages four through twelve in California is boasting triple enrollment since its founding three years ago, reported the Associated Press.

Obama Addresses Kenyan Election Before Trump
Former President Barack Obama issued a statement on Monday urging Kenyan voters to reject violence and embrace an “inclusive democracy” ahead of Tuesday’s election. Obama issued his statement even though President Trump has not yet weighed in publicly on Kenya’s election.

TRAITOR: Trump’s National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster Revealed To Be George Soros Plant From Obama Era
EDITOR’S NOTE: President Trump’s administration has been plagued by leaks and other problems because his administration is filled with people loyal to Barack Obama and George Soros. Such is the case with his National Security Advisor, H.R. McMaster, an Obama loyalist who has deep ties to New World Order puppet-master, George Soros. The swamp has reached your bathtub, Mr. President, you better start draining a little bit faster. 

DOJ Releases Emails Comey’s FBI Said ‘Did Not Exist’
The Department of Justice has quietly released emails that former director, James Comey’s FBI claimed did not exist. Among media blackout, and as silently as possible, the government released over 400 pages of emails related to the infamous private meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch.

Trump Launches ‘Real News’ Broadcast; Fake Media Goes Nuts
President Trump posted a video to social media Sunday of a ‘real news’ broadcast highlighting positive stories concerning the administration, and it has triggered detractors, especially those working for what The President refers to as the ‘fake’ media.

Fears North Korea could steal RADIOACTIVE water to make nuclear weapons 
FEARS have been raised North Korea could dredge the waters around Japan as the crisis-hit company behind Fukushima plans to dump one million tonnes of radioactive waste into the ocean – including a rare ingredient needed for nuclear weapons.