21 July 2017

Court shocker: Girl must use girls locker room
Rejecting eight years of “gender identity” politics under President Obama, a Missouri appeals court ruled a biological girl must use a locker room for girls.

BOMBSHELL: Libyan Army Claims Hillary Was COOPERATING With Terrorists That Lead To Raid On Benghazi
We know there is more to the Benghazi story than Obama and Hillary told the American people, the evidence they lied about the video should have been proof enough but mainstream media does not care and neither does Trey Gowdy who, as far as we know, is still investigating what transpired.

Tea party wins 8-year battle with IRS
It took eight years of frustration, court battles and waiting. It took the complete change of a presidential administration. And it took the persistent fighting of a top-level team of lawyers. But the Albuquerque Tea Party now is registered with the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)4 organization, even though it was one of the hundreds of conservative groups obstructed by the agency under Barack Obama.

Bill Nye Goes After Old Skeptics
 Comedian Bill Nye “The Science Guy” said Wednesday that the climate change movement can only move forward once the older generation begins to die off.

Why do we care about cosmic rays? For one thing, they penetrate commercial airlines, dosing passengers and flight crews so much that pilots are classified as occupational radiation workers. Some research shows that cosmic rays can seed clouds and trigger lightning, potentially altering weather and climate. Furthermore, there are studies… linking cosmic rays with cardiac arrhythmias in the general population.

3-Magnitude 6.7 quake off Turkish and Greek coasts kills two
A powerful earthquake of magnitude 6.7 killed two people when it struck near major Turkish and Greek tourist destinations in the Aegean Sea on Friday, Turkish and Greek officials said. The quake, which struck at 1:31 a.m. (2231 GMT on Thursday), was located off the southwestern coastal city of Marmaris in the Mugla province, the USGS said. It was close to the Turkish towns of Bodrum and Datca, and the Greek island of Kos in the Dodecanese Islands archipelago, all of which are major tourist destinations.

Tour operators say US to ban citizens from travel to North Korea
Two tour agencies that arrange trips to North Korea said on Friday the US government will soon ban its citizens from traveling there, after the death of a US student arrested there while on a tour. Koryo Tours said the ban would be announced on July 27 and would go into effect 30 days later.

Security forces maintain vigilance as Jerusalem prayers conclude
Security forces were braced for a standoff with Muslim worshipers in Jerusalem’s Old City on Friday afternoon after the security cabinet decided to leave the metal detectors at the entrances to the Temple Mount. “Israel is committed to maintaining the status quo on the Temple Mount and to protecting the safety of worshipers and visitors,” the Prime Minister’s Office said. The Tel Aviv meeting began late Thursday night and ended in the early hours of the morning.

Abbas asks US to intervene in Temple Mount crisis
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has asked the Trump Administration to help quell the rising tensions over the Temple Mount, known to Islam as the Al-Haram/Al-Sharif. According to Wafa, the Palestinian News and Information Agency, Abbas spoke by telephone with US President Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, who is also his senior advisor.

Head of Islamic body: ‘1.7 billion Muslims say no to metal detectors’
The head of the Wakf Muslim religious trust in Jerusalem, Abdul Azim Salhab…rejected the security cabinet’s decision not to remove metal detectors at the entrance to the Temple Mount…Salhab said: “We are one. We all reject the measures to put in metal detectors. We reject the entrance of settlers to the mosque compound. We in Jerusalem represent 1.7 billion Muslims who say in one voice no to the metal detectors. We say no to the arrangements taken by the Israelis against the Wakf.”

Leading Sunni Muslim center calls for intervention to ‘save’ al-Aksa
The leading center for…Sunni Muslims, Egypt’s al-Azhar, has called for…intervention to “save” al-Aksa mosque from Israel. A statement…issued…by al-Azhar…said the institute was following with “deep concern the escalation of the Israeli occupation forces against blessed al-Aksa mosque.” It warned against the “continuation of the violations”…these alleged violations were provoking the feelings of Muslims all over the world and threatening the stability of the entire region.

Temple Mount spillover: US warns of riots in Jordan
The United States Embassy in Amman received reports of planned demonstrations following noon prayers in Amman on Friday in response to the ongoing situation at Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The embassy reported “to expect to see an increased police and security presence in and around Amman.” The US embassy also warned…”Even demonstrations intended to be peaceful can…escalate into violence,” and…one should “avoid areas of demonstrations, and exercise caution…

North Korea tourism: US ‘to ban Americans from visiting’
The US is to ban its citizens from travelling to North Korea, according to two agencies that operate tours there. Koryo Tours and Young Pioneer Tours said the ban would be announced on 27 July to come into effect 30 days later. The US has not confirmed the news.

Greece-Turkey earthquake: Two killed on island of Kos
A strong earthquake in the Aegean Sea has killed at least two people on the Greek island of Kos, officials say. The 6.7-magnitude quake hit 12km (seven miles) north-east of Kos, near the Turkish coast, with a depth of 10km, the US Geological Survey said. At least 100 others were also injured at the popular tourist destination. Some buildings were damaged.

Venezuela crisis: Deadly clashes as millions join strike
Millions of Venezuelans have joined a general strike called by the opposition as pressure mounts on President Nicolás Maduro to cancel elections for a new constituent assembly. Clashes between police and protesters killed at least three people. More than 300 others were reportedly arrested. Mr Maduro said the strike was minimal and that its leaders would be arrested.

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman overhaul security agencies
Saudi Arabia’s King Salman has issued a series of royal decrees, marking a new shake-up of top officials. He set up a security agency, bringing together counter-terrorism and domestic intelligence under the authority of a single body. The king also replaced the head of the royal guard, and made several appointments to the team of his son, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

US lawmakers want fresh sanctions on Hezbollah
Republican and Democratic US lawmakers introduced legislation on Thursday seeking to increase sanctions on Hezbollah, accusing the powerful Shi’ite Muslim political group of violence in Syria and amassing rockets along Israel’s border. The bill, an amendment to existing sanctions on the group, seeks to further restrict its ability to fundraise and recruit, increase pressure on banks that do business with it and crack down on countries, including Iran, that support Hezbollah.

U.S. general says allies worry Russian war game may be ‘Trojan horse’
U.S. allies in eastern Europe and Ukraine are worried that Russia’s planned war games in September could be a “Trojan horse” aimed at leaving behind military equipment brought into Belarus, the U.S. Army’s top general in Europe said on Thursday. Russia has sought to reassure NATO that the military exercises will respect international limits on size, but NATO and U.S. official remain wary about their scale and scope.

President Trump Reverses Barack Obama’s Discriminatory Anti-Christian Refugee
No President in US history showed as much hate and disdain for Christian and Jews as former President Barack Hussein Obama. There are multiple examples of this:

Billions Of Lives Are At Stake As China Threatens India With War 
There several powerful nations that could spark a global conflagration without America’s input.

Walmart Wants To Scan Customers’ Faces
Walmart is developing facial recognition technology so it can identify the shoppers who appear irritated or just generally unhappy, according to a Wall Street Journal report published Wednesday.

Salvation Army Has Its Bell Rung by NYC
…While parents fight on that front, faith-based groups are being assaulted on another. In New York City, the local human rights commission is charging the Salvation Army’s substance abuse center with “gender identity discrimination” for refusing to change their rules to accommodate people who identify as transgender. Their crime? Housing patients according to their actual gender.

US Congress On Pace To Be The Least Productive Legislature In 164 Years
Without even enough Senate Republican support for a “clean repeal” of Obamacare, this Congress is on its way to historical levels of getting nothing done. So is the ‘Resistance’ winning? And will the divided GOP endanger President Donald Trump’s 2020 chances?

Rare Earth Mania And China/US Trade Spat 2.0?
We doubt that many have heard of it, or know what it’s used for, but the price of Praseodymium-Neodymium – a rare earth element – has been on a tear, up 43% ytd. And, if this is the start of another “rare earth” frenzy like that seen in 2011, it is about to go much, much higher.