5 July 2017

Synergy Between Torah and Science: How Far is TOO Far?
Zoltan Istvan, known for his endorsement of transhumanism as his political party and own philosophy, puts forth the idea that all humans desire to reach a state of perfect personal power, to be omnipotent in the universe. In this, the movement is a form of alternate Messianic movement. And therein lies a much larger danger.

Arab nations say they have Qatar’s response to their demands
Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates said in a joint statement they would respond “in a timely manner.” The countries did not elaborate on what steps they could take, though a major credit rating agency warned it had changed Qatar’s economic outlook to negative over the turmoil.

Philippine troops arrest Marawi militants’ ‘main financier’
Philippine security forces arrested on Wednesday the main financier and logistics supporter of the pro-Islamic State militants who have for weeks been battling government troops for control of a southern town, the army said.

Today, July 5th, the sun is blank–no sunspots. White light images from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory show no dark cores anywhere on the solar disk. This marks the 44th day in 2017 without sunspots. So many blank suns is a clear sign that Solar Minimum is approaching.

Iranians confirm goal is to ‘rule worldwide’
According to the Middle East Media Research Institute, the commanders believe the Islamic revolution in Iran is only the first stage on a path to spreading the rule of Shiite Islam in the Middle East and worldwide.

Synagogue membership in UK drops to all-time low, survey finds
The UK is now home to the largest number of synagogues ever recorded in the country, but membership has dropped to the lowest number on record, according to a report released Wednesday by the Institute of Jewish Policy Research and the Board of Deputies of British Jews. The report, titled Synagogue membership in the United Kingdom in 2016, found that despite the 454 synagogues that now exist in the UK, the number of household memberships to them have dropped below 80,000.

North Korea ICBM launch: US and S Korea respond with drill
The US and South Korea have held a ballistic missile drill, after North Korea tested a long-range missile experts believe may reach Alaska. Self-restraint was “all that separated armistice and war” and could be changed at any time, the two allies said. It would be a “grave mistake” for the North to think otherwise, they said.

Saudi Arabia has ‘clear link’ to UK extremism, report says
Saudi Arabia is the chief foreign promoter of Islamist extremism in the UK, a new report has claimed. The Henry Jackson Society said there was a “clear and growing link” between Islamist organisations in receipt of overseas funds, hate preachers and Jihadist groups promoting violence. The foreign affairs think tank called for a public inquiry into the role of Saudi Arabia and other Gulf nations.

Raw waste water use on farms is ‘50% higher’ than estimated
The global use of untreated waste water from cities to irrigate crops is much more widespread than previously estimated…The farmers often produce crops which are consumed as street food by around 800,000 people. These can contain “unbelievable amounts” of e-coli bacteria, say the authors. “The de-facto re-use of urban waste water is understandable, given the combination of increasing water pollution and declining fresh water availability…” said Anne Thebo, from the University of California…

…US President calls emergency meeting to formulate ‘measured response’ to North Korea’s record-breaking missile test…
President Donald Trump called an emergency meeting on the Fourth of July to formulate a ‘measured response’ to North Korea’s first intercontinental ballistic missile test, amid fears it could reach as far as Alaska. North Korea declared Tuesday that it had finally achieved its dream of building an intercontinental ballistic missile, saying it would ‘fundamentally put an end to the US nuclear war threat and blackmail’.

Satellite is SPIRALLING out of control above Earth
A SATELLITE is spiralling out of control and could head towards Earth, its operator has confirmed. Spacecraft construction company SES says it lost control of its satellite on June 17 and is now struggling locate it. SES’s AMC-9 satellite, which was 36,000 kilometres above the Earth’s surface, began spiralling out of control following a “significant anomaly”.

Israel slams latest UNESCO vote as ‘absurd, pathetic and unnecessary’
Israel protested on Wednesday a UNESCO vote that called it an “occupying power” in Jerusalem’s Old City, which includes sites sacred to the Jews, Christians and Muslims. Participants in a UNESCO World Heritage Committee’s session in Krakow, Poland, called on Israeli authorities to stop excavations and other works in the Old City, saying they are illegal.

Egypt agrees to open Rafah Border Crossing
Relations between Hamas and Egypt are growing warmer, as the Egyptians prepare for the opening of the Rafah Border Crossing this September, allowing free passage of Palestinian civilians from the Gaza Strip to Egypt and back. Millions of dollars were invested in preparing the Rafah Crossing for its reopening in recent months.

Israeli Rabbi: World is Nearly Ready for Messiah, All That’s Missing are the Nations
“You know what is missing?’ Rabbi Anava asked rhetorically. “The nations of the world. Now, all we need to do is involve a couple billion people from the other nations to be part of the redemption.” Rabbi Anava cited the biblical source requiring Jews to teach non-Jews.

Trump’s revenge and how Woodward/Bernstein ruined journalism
Trump’s self-made video parody that shows him wrestling down CNN has all the self-righteous pundits in an uproar, but it puts the heat where it belongs…on CNN and the rest of them that round-the-clock give him no peace, no mercy, no fairness, no slack. In return, Trump goes Raw. (Like Truman once did.) Friends in Israel tell me that Trump is not alone. Benjamin Netanyahu, they say, gets the same treatment from the Hebrew press. Most times, even worse.

Kremlin hopes Putin-Trump meeting to establish working dialog
The Kremlin said on Wednesday it hoped a planned meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and his US counterpart Donald Trump this week would help establish an effective working dialog between them. Such a dialog was needed between Washington and Moscow to help resolve conflicts around the world, the Kremlin said.

Over 200 North Americans become Israelis as first aliya flight of the summer arrives
The passengers include 34 families, 78 children, five sets of twins, and 51 singles, working in a range of professions. The oldest is 82 years old, and the youngest a month and a half. Forty-seven of the immigrants are moving to the periphery, as part of Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael-Jewish National Fund’s Go South and Go North programs.

Severing ties with the EU starts in DAYS as transferring of laws to begin NEXT WEEK
The bill is designed to transpose EU law as well as repealing the 1972 European Communities Act which formalised Britain’s membership of the bloc.

Canada’s Disturbing Independence Day Gift to America
Rebel media.com CEO Ezra Levant is right in tweeting that Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau “chose July 4th as the day to announce he’ll pay $10,000,000 to an unrepentant Al Qaida terrorist who killed an American.”

A NEW LOW: Transgender ‘Sam Doll’ Aims to Teach Children in Canada About ‘Gender Identity’ Gender Creative Kids Canada has developed a children’s toy that teaches kids that ‘transgenderism’ is normal and healthy. Production, marketing and distribution of the doll is being funded by money raised on Kickstarter. The Canadian government has also contributed to some of the funding as they helped launched the ‘Gender Creative Kids Canada’ website.

A Single Wiretap Intercepted 3 Million Calls Last Year — And It Absolutely Concerns You
To carry out a relatively unimpressive drug sting, an unarmed federal agency  swept up well over 3 million phone conversations in two months with a lone wiretap order — one of 3,186 such orders issued by federal and state judges in 2016 — evincing an overreach of State authority so egregious, it would behoove the law-abiding and law-breaking, alike, to take note.

Paul Craig Roberts: “Once Only Blacks Were Enslaved, Now We All Are”
“Democracy does not exist in America. All the bombast you will hear on the 4th is designed to keep you locked in The Matrix… The talk about “taking back your government” is nonsense. The government doesn’t belong to you. You can’t take it back… Chris Hedges says that your only alternatives are to overthrow the criminal class in Washington or to accept your slavery.”

Secret Service Grills Kathy Griffin Over Trump “Severed Head” Stunt
A little more than a month after comedian Kathy Griffin was fired by CNN for posing for a photo holding President Trump’s bloody severed head, Dan Abrams’ Law Newz blog reports that Griffin was grilled by the Secret Service over the controversial photoshoot.

Russia and China Call for U.S. to Freeze Large-Scale Military Exercises Amid North Korea Tensions
Russia and China have proposed that North Korea declare a moratorium on nuclear and missile tests while the United States and South Korea refrain from large-scale military exercises