4 July 2017

#Drought17: South Dakota Farmers Bale Wheat Crop
It’s no secret that North and South Dakota are bone dry. The U.S. drought monitor screams it loud and clear with colors indicating extreme drought to abnormally dry conditions covering the two states. With no significant rain in sight over the next 10 days, Dakota farmers are buckling up for some warmer temperatures and continued dry conditions.

Saudi Arabia V Qatar conflict may trigger ‘Mother of all Wars’ – World War 3 threat issued
The Gefira foundation said the rivalry, if left unsolved, could result in a “mother of all wars” exploding within the Middle East. Using World War One and Two as examples, the research group claimed large-scale conflicts are usually triggered by a “single event”.

Battle for Jerusalem in UNESCO returns
As Israel wages a diplomatic battle against the UNESCO resolution defining the Cave of Machpela in Hevron as a Muslim shrine devoid of any Jewish connection, the Palestinian Arabs have been working to advance an additional resolution meant to sever the Jewish connection to Jerusalem.

North Korea launches ballistic missile
North Korea launched an unidentified projectile into the sea off its east coast on Tuesday (local time), South Korea’s military said, according to Reuters. The projectile, which the South Korean military also described as a ballistic missile, was launched from the North’s western region.

Kremlin: Putin-Trump meeting agreed for July 7 in Hamburg
A meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and his U.S. counterpart Donald Trump will take place on the sidelines of a G20 summit in Hamburg on July 7, Russian news agencies quoted Kremlin foreign policy aide Yuri Ushakov as saying on Tuesday.

Austria to send troops, armoured vehicles to border with Italy to block migrants
The move reflects deep concern in Vienna and elsewhere in Europe over the huge number of asylum seekers who continue to cross the Mediterranean from the coast of Libya – so far this year more than 85,000 have been rescued and brought to Italy.

Mysterious fliers threaten “genocide of the white race”
It appeared to be a jobs flier, promising to “make you rich if you join us.” Then it continued, “we are killing off the entire evil white race by making them addicted to cocaine, crack, spiked marijuana, spice, meth, heroin, hash, and other poisons, to kill them.”

Abbas to Africa: No Israel ties without end to military rule
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas on Monday told African states that improved ties with Israel should be calculated in relation to the Jewish state’s commitment to ceasing its military rule over Palestinian territories. Over the past year, Israel has launched an intensive effort bolster its ties with African states, making inroads in a continent that has long refrained from enhancing such cooperation.

At July 4th event, Netanyahu vows to make every Jew feel at home at Kotel
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pledged Monday to make the Western Wall a place where all Jews can feel at home. “I am committed, and I remain committed, to making every Jew feel at home in Israel, including at the Kotel,” he said at the annual July 4th ceremony at the US ambassador’s residence in Herzliya. “All we need is patience and perseverance.”

Haley asks UN not to inscribe Hebron on World Heritage List
The United Nations should opposed the Palestinian Authority request to inscribe Hebron’s old city and the Tomb of the Patriarchs on the World Heritage in Danger list, US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley said on Monday in advance of Friday’s vote on the matter in Krakow, Poland. “The Tomb of the Patriarchs, which is sacred to three faiths, is under no immediate threat. Such a designation risks undermining the seriousness such an assessment by UNESCO should have,” Haley said.

North Korea missile test: Hwasong-14 hailed as ICBM
North Korea says it has successfully tested its first “intercontinental ballistic missile” (ICBM). A state television announcement said the missile, which landed in the Sea of Japan on Tuesday, could hit targets anywhere in the world. But the US and Russia said the missile had a medium range and presented no threat to either country.

Austrian troops may stop Italy migrants at Brenner Pass
Austria is ready to deploy troops and armour at the Brenner Pass – a border crossing with Italy – if the influx of migrants to Italy continues to grow. Defence Minister Hans Peter Doskozil announced the measures in an interview with Austria’s Kronen Zeitung daily. He said four Pandur armoured personnel carriers had been sent to the Tyrol region and 750 troops were on standby.

Raqqa: IS ‘capital’ wall breached by US-backed Syrian forces
US-backed Syrian forces have breached the wall at Raqqa’s Old City as they try to retake the city from so-called Islamic State, the US military says. It says the coalition had helped the advance of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) by firing on two sections of the historic Rafiqa Wall. The SDF, supported by US-led coalition air strikes, has spent months encircling the city.

Kremlin: Putin-Trump meeting agreed for July 7 in Hamburg – agencies
A meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and his U.S. counterpart Donald Trump will take place on the sidelines of a G20 summit in Hamburg on July 7, Russian news agencies quoted Kremlin foreign policy aide Yuri Ushakov as saying on Tuesday.

Free Our Internet (FOI) Rolls Out July 4 Campaign to Save Internet from Soros Censorship Rules
…The “Net Freedom Ring” campaign will commence on July 4th  and calls for internet independence from government regulations such as the FCC’s 2015 so-called “Net Neutrality” rules pushed by President Obama that were designed institutionalize the censorship that Internet portal giants Google, Facebook, and Twitter impose on conservative and libertarian websites including Infowars.com.

New Jersey Homeland Security Officially Lists Antifa as a Terrorist Organization
Feds slap extremist anti-Trump group with domestic terror label.

Obama Plans Meeting with South Korean Leaders
Former President Barack Obama will meet informally on Monday with South Korean leaders while in that country to give a speech at an international forum, The Hill reported Sunday.

A Hot New Fashion Trend Has Men Dressing In Skirts, Dresses And 8 Inch Heels
..In recent years we have been hearing a lot about “gender fluidity”, and this is yet another example of that phenomenon. The distinctions between men and women are being blurred, and there are many that would like to eliminate them altogether.

U.N. goes Orwellian: 3 disturbing identifiers for mass migration
Migration is INEVITABLE. Migration is NECESSARY. Migration is DESIRABLE. These three sentences flash at the end of a new video released by the International Organization for Migration (IOM), a United Nations group dedicated to “promoting humane and orderly migration for the benefit of all.”

Obama Linked Activist Groups Plan Massive Protests Against 4th Of July Celebrations 
While patriotic Americans will be celebrating the greatness of our country this Independence Day, those on the far-left and liberal extremists have other plans. There are groups that are funded with the billions of dollars that Barack Hussein Obama secretly funneled to hardcore, radical Trump hating leftist organizations like AntiFa, MoveOn, Our Revolution, Indivisible, CREDO and other liberal ‘resistance’ groups that are planning to disrupt 4th of July celebrations.

‘They’re Going Fast:’ Trump Declares ISIS Fight Is A ‘Whole Different Ball Game’ Now That Obama Is Gone
…Trump has granted Mattis extraordinary powers in the fight against ISIS, including the ability to set troop levels and adjust the rules of engagement. The decisions mark a sharp departure from the policies of former President Barack Obama, who tightly managed the wars from the White House.