13 June 2017

Prophecy by the Numbers, Chapter and Verse
Rabbi Ephraim Sprecher, Dean of Students at the Diaspora Yeshiva and a noted lecturer, recently revealed an amazing method of prophecy that can be accessed by simply reading the Bible. … every year has a corresponding verse in the Torah. According to Rabbi Sprecher, all that is required to find the verse that describes a particular year, whether it is in the past or the future, is to count verses from the beginning of Genesis until the number of verses equals the Hebrew calendar year.

Three EU countries say ‘no’ to Muslims
EU mulling legal cases against Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic over their refusal to take in Muslim asylum-seekers.

Tropical Storm “Calvin” dumping heavy rain on Mexico, flash floods and mudslides expected
Tropical Depression 03E, located near the coast of Oaxaca, Mexico, has intensified into a tropical storm, receiving the name Calvin at 21:00 UTC on June 12, 2017. Calvin is expected to cause flash floods and mudslides in the Mexican states of Oaxaca, Guerrero, Chiapas, Tabasco and Veracruz through midweek. This is the third tropical storm of the 2017 Eastern Pacific Hurricane Season; average to date is 1.2

Tidal waves drive 1,500 out of Ketu-South homes
(GHANA) ..at Blekusu in the Ketu South district, the waves started sweeping through the community around 6:00 am on Sunday. She said a good number of the residents there have been left homeless with women and children worst affected. Over 242 houses were submerged and properties destroyed,

Turkey earthquake: Magnitude 6.3 seismic shock strikes western coast and large Greek island
A strong magnitude 6.3 earthquake off the western coast of Turkey and between the Greek islands of Lesbos and Chinos shook buildings from the Aegean Turkish province of Izmir to the Greek capital of Athens.

Israel Prepares for Massive Earthquake
“I hope there will not be an earthquake in 2017. There are enough earthquakes around us in all senses of the word, but we live adjacent to the Syrian-African rift, and an earthquake can hit at any moment,” Netanyahu said at Sunday’s Israeli cabinet meeting.

Egypt offers Gaza electricity in exchange for crackdown on security at border
Egypt extended an offer to Hamas to provide power to the Gaza Strip in exchange for security changes at the border, Ashraq Al-Awsat, the international Arab newspaper based in London, reported Tuesday morning. According to the report, Cairo said it was willing to ease up restrictions at the Rafah crossing and provide additional humanitarian aid to the Strip if a list of security demands that was passed on to Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar will be met.

Nairobi building collapse: People missing as residents join search
Several people are reported missing after a seven-storey building collapsed on Monday night in an eastern suburb of the Kenyan capital Nairobi. The Kenya Red Cross tweeted that response teams were at the scene, in the Kware Pipeline Embakasi area. The Star newspaper said dozens of people had been evacuated moments before the collapse.

Panama cuts ties with Taiwan in favour of China
Panama has cut long-standing diplomatic ties with Taiwan and established relations with China, in a diplomatic coup for Beijing. The Panamanian government said it recognised there was “only one China” and considered Taiwan part of it. Taiwan expressed “anger and regret”, and accused Panama of “bullying”.

Bangladesh: Dozens killed as rain triggers landslides
Heavy monsoon rain has triggered landslides in south-east Bangladesh, with officials reporting at least 61 people died, including five soldiers. Hills collapsed in three districts in Chittagong after some of the heaviest rain in recent years. Rescue operations are being hampered by bad weather and officials told the BBC they feared the death toll would rise.

Greece earthquake hits Lesbos: Tremors felt in Istanbul and Athens
A strong earthquake has struck off the Aegean coast of western Turkey and the Greek island of Lesbos, with tremors felt in Istanbul and Athens. The epicentre of the 6.3 magnitude quake was 5km (3 miles) south of Plomari, a town on the coast of Lesbos, the US Geological Survey said. Several buildings were damaged but the village of Vrisa was worst hit with 10 people taken to hospital.

Migrant influx shifting but no let-up: Frontex
The migrants pouring into Europe have changed routes: the crossing between Turkey and Greece is practically closed, but ever greater numbers are risking their lives to cross the Mediterranean between Libya and Italy. A criminal industry has flourished, while the European Union has beefed up its border agency Frontex to try to check the mass migration.

Islamic State calls for Ramadan attacks in US, Europe
The Islamic State group is calling on supporters to carry out attacks in the United States and Europe during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan that began two weeks ago. In an audiotape circulated online Monday, spokesman Abu al-Hassan al-Muhajer praised last week’s attacks in Iran’s capital, saying the country is “weaker than a spider’s web” and calling for more assaults.

Jerusalem’s Western Wall ‘Can Never Be For Non-Muslims,’ Top Palestinian Official Claims
While giving a sermon on Friday, Mahmoud al-Habash, supreme Sharia judge and top religious advisor to Palestinian Authority (PA) President Abbas, said that the Western Wall in Jerusalem’s Old City is an “Islamic endowment that can never be for non-Muslims.”

Shale Production Will Hit An All Time High Next Month… And That’s Just The Beginning
According to the latest EIA Daily Prodctivity Report forecast released today, in July the total shale basin output is expected to hit 5.475 mmb/d, surpassing the previous production record of 5.46 mmb/d reached in March 2015. And that’s just the beginning.

UN places Jerusalem in the ‘State of Palestine’
Aside from several postings for employment opportunities in “Occupied Palestinian territory,” referring to locations in Judea and Samaria, most recently the UN posted an opening for a position in “Jerusalem, Palestine.”

BREAKING: US Immigration Begins Deporting Christians to Face Genocide #NotOnMy
The United States has started mass deportations of Iraqi Christians. The Christians will be sent to an area with an active war zone, many have been told they will be sent to Mosul, a location with an active ISIS presence. They will be murdered if their religious affiliation is discovered.

Public Libraries Hosting ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ for Children
Since last fall, the Brooklyn Public Library in Park Slope has been offering the storytime for children, bringing in various drag queens to read children’s books about homosexuality, gender identity and “non-conformity,” and “general youth discomfort.”

Poll: 73 Percent of Americans Support Euthanasia
Nearly three out of four Americans support euthanasia, a new Gallup poll revealed.

Tetanus vaccines found spiked with sterilization chemical to carry out race-based genocide against Africans
Tetanus vaccines given to millions of young women in Kenya have been confirmed by laboratories to contain a sterilization chemical that causes miscarriages, reports the Kenya Catholic Doctors Association, a pro-vaccine organization.

Gingrich Questions Special Counsel’s Impartiality – “Republicans Are Delusional…Look Who He Is Hiring”
“Republicans are delusional if they think the special counsel is going to be fair. Look who he is hiring.check fec reports. Time to rethink.”