4 June 2017

Top Palestinian official: Western Wall should stay under Israeli sovereignty
Senior Palestinian Authority official Jibril Rajoub said Saturday evening that the Palestinians recognize that the Western Wall should stay under Israeli sovereignty in any peace agreement, however the Temple Mount should not. In an interview on Channel 2’s ‘Meet the Press,’ Rajoub stated that “We understand that the Western Wall must be under Jewish sovereignty, but the Temple Mount is ours.”

Mosul battle: ‘Dozens of civilians killed’ fleeing IS-held district
Dozens of civilians have been killed in Mosul while fleeing a district held by so-called Islamic State (IS) in the Iraqi city, reports say. A Reuters TV crew found the bodies of men, women and children lying in a street in the Zanjili district. It is not clear how exactly the civilians were killed. A US aid worker was quoted as saying that IS had been shooting people trying to escape.

White House to ramp up infrastructure effort in coming days
The White House will kick its major infrastructure initiative into high gear next week with a string of high-profile events aimed at ramping up support for one of President Trump’s chief campaign promises. The administration had been under increasing pressure to show progress on the $1 trillion rebuilding package, which Trump broadly outlined in his budget proposal last week.

Over 1,000 Stores Close in a Single Week
It’s been a tough week for the retail industry, with more than 1,000 stores closing their doors for good…Michael Kors announced it would be closing over 100 locations, and…Radio Shack closed 1,000 locations across America…More than 100,000 retail workers have lost their jobs since October 2016.

Defense Secretary Mattis turns up heat on North Korea and China
U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis turned up the heat on North Korea and its main benefactor, China, on Saturday, calling the North Koreans a “clear and present danger” and chastising the Chinese for coercive behavior in the South China Sea. His sharp words for both countries suggest he believes China will, out of self-interest, exert leverage on North Korea to halt its nuclear and missile programs even as Washington pushes Beijing to change course in the South China Sea.

United Airlines ends flights to Venezuela, further isolating country
United Airlines will end its daily flight service to Venezuela in July, further isolating the crisis-hit South American country from international travel…Many airlines have left after a protracted dispute over billions of dollars they say the government owes them. They say President Nicolas Maduro’s administration has failed to reimburse companies in hard currency for ticket sales in local currency, as per strict currency controls in the socialist nation.

149 Dead So Far In Ramadan Attacks
Significant terrorist attacks have sprung up across the globe since the beginning of Muslim holy month of Ramadan May 26, with current counts confirming three attacks and 149 dead, and a reported Saturday incident on London Bridge still developing. Islamist terrorist groups usually use the holiday to mount more significant terrorist attacks, and promise their followers extra benefits for dying in such attacks during the holy month.

Slashing of West Bank home plans frustrate settlers
Israeli settlers have learned that the Civil Administration’s High Planning Council, which will convene this week—for the first time during Donald Trump’s presidency—will not approve the construction of 4,000 housing units as originally planned, but only 2,291. According to them, of the units that will be approved, only a few hundred are planned for immediate construction.

Vice President Pence urges Congress to complete Obamacare repeal
U.S. Vice President Mike Pence on Saturday urged the Republican-controlled Congress to complete the job of dismantling Obamacare this summer and move on quickly to another big-ticket item on President Donald Trump’s agenda: tax cuts. Speaking days before lawmakers return to Washington amid doubts about their ability to agree on legislation, Pence sought to add urgency to the debate by warning that consumers face dwindling access to Obamacare health coverage in some states.

North Korea says rejects new sanctions, to continue nuclear program
North Korea “fully rejects” the latest U.N sanctions against its citizens and entities as a “hostile act” and will continue its nuclear weapons development without a delay, its foreign ministry spokesman said on Sunday. The U.N. Security Council on Friday expanded targeted sanctions against North Korea after its repeated missile tests, adopting the first such resolution agreed by the United States and Pyongyang’s only major ally China since U.S. President Donald Trump took office.

6 killed, 3 suspects dead after ‘terrorist incident’ at London Bridge, Borough Market
Six people were killed, three attackers are dead and many other victims have been transported to hospitals after a “terrorist incident” in London Saturday night involving a vehicle reportedly plowing into pedestrians on London Bridge and reported stabbings at Borough Market, police said.

Parents Shocked by Adult Drag Queen Performance – at Grade School Talent Show
What in the name of Ru Paul is wrong with the New York City Board of Education? Parents are furious after children as young as 5-years-old were exposed to a man’s erotic drag show performance at what was supposed to be a school district talent show.

USA Today: “Was the spying in the Obama administration worse than Watergate?”
…Obamagate is so much worse than Watergate. So much worse. Nixon wiretapped a room. Obama illegally surveilled 1000s of Americans, including President Trump, Republican news agents, SCOTUS, hundreds of judges, businessman etc. Susan Rice and Evelyn Farkas have already admitted this was the case. So much corruption. However, it’s not just the wiretapping and surveillance that is blatantly WRONG with the Obama era…

Obama Feds Refused to Prosecute NASA Intern Caught With Child Porn
A federal attorney in California refused to prosecute a NASA intern who was caught with nearly 1000 images of child pornography on his computer, according to a Inspector General’s report obtained by The Daily Caller.

Obama collusion with Russia?
Why didn’t the media go after President Obama for collusion with Russia? Was it simply because he wasn’t President Trump? To be clear, ace investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson does not believe the sometimes cozy contacts between the Obama administration and Moscow amounted to collusion, but, she observed, “under the definition currently used by Trump critics, it would be.”

CERN Director Visits Bilderberg, Fueling Fears Collider Opens Doors to “Extra Dimensions”
The top brass of CERN, which operates the the largest particle collider in the world, is attending Bilderberg this year, rekindling fears CERN will cause unfathomable changes to human civilization and may even lead to parallel dimensions.

Remember That Time Donald Trump Approved Sale Of 20% Of US Uranium To Russia? No, Wait…..That Was Hillary
…Remember the time that President Trump gave $150 Billion to a terrorist state and a sworn enemy of the United States. Then later shipped pallets full of small denomination unmarked bills to the same terrorist state and sworn enemy Oh no, that was President BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA.

Emails: Huma Abedin did ‘Russia’ favors for Clinton Foundation
… “The casual violation of laws concerning classified material and noxious influence peddling show the Clinton State Department was ‘corruption central’ in the Obama administration,” he said. “No wonder Clinton’s allies in the State and Justice Departments had been slow-walking and hiding these emails.”

Nebraska May Lose Last Obamacare Provider
Medica Health, Nebraska’s last remaining Obamacare compliant individual insurance provider, has not yet decided whether it will continue to offer plans next year, according to the Omaha World Herald. Should Medica join the ranks of providers that have left the state’s Obamacare exchanges, some 100,000 Nebraskans will be left without an option for Obamacare insurance.

Obama And Hillary’s Behavior Unreal Part Of Trump’s Term
Both former President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton slammed President Donald Trump last week, marking the earliest time a former president attacked a sitting president in recent political history.

Lindsey Graham: Obama Admin Surveillance May Have ‘Unmasked’ My Conversation
Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., in an interview on Fox News Friday, claimed that the Obama administration had improperly “unmasked” him, and worried that former FBI director James Comey would perform a “hit job on President Trump” in his testimony next week.