3 June 2017

Bill honoring reunification of Jerusalem makes its way through US Senate
Senator Mitch McConnell along with Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer…introduced a bill this week to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the “reunification of Jerusalem.”…it emphasizes that for 3,000 years, Jerusalem has been “Judaism’s holiest city…”The bill also praises Egypt and Jordan for their embracing of peace with Israel…and reiterates American policy that the permanent status of Jerusalem must be determined through direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, “towards a two-state solution.”

US warns Beijing on South China Sea islands
The US will not accept China’s militarisation of man-made islands in the South China Sea, Defence Secretary James Mattis has warned. Speaking at a security conference in Singapore, he said such moves undermined regional stability. China’s territorial claims in the resource-rich South China Sea are contested by several nations.

Organic foods backed by landmark report – warning pesticides far more dangerous than was thought
Consumers should consider going organic because pesticides on foods are far more dangerous than was thought, causing damage to the human brain, a major study suggests. The research, published by the European Parliament, warns of the “very high costs” of current levels of exposure to pesticides – especially for children and pregnant women.

A big health insurer is planning to punish patients for ‘unnecessary’ ER visits
Anthem is the nation’s second-largest health insurer, with thousands of medical professionals on its payroll. Yet its Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Georgia subsidiary has just informed its members that if they show up at the emergency room with a problem that later is deemed to have not been an emergency, their claim won’t be paid….It defined inappropriate visits as any but those that “a prudent layperson, possessing an average knowledge of medicine and health,” would believe needed immediate treatment.

Seizing of Philippines city by Islamist militants a wake-up call for Southeast Asia
At the beginning of the battle that has raged for the past 12 days in Marawi City at the southern end of the Philippines, dozens of Islamist militants stormed its prison, overwhelming the guards. “They said ‘surrender the Christians’,” said Faridah P. Ali, an assistant director of the regional prison authority. “We only had one Christian staff member so we put him with the inmates so he wouldn’t be noticed,” he said.

Boy ‘Identifying’ as Girl Swamps Opponents in Connecticut High School Track Meet
A…high school girl’s track star from New Britain, Connecticut, has lost her usual first place spot to a boy who “identifies” as a girl on an opposing high school track team, and her loss sparks many questions about fairness and rights. Freshman Andraya Yearwood, 15, a biological male who identifies as a girl, received permission to join the Cromwell High girls track team…And, all of this has occurred quite despite the fact that Yearwood has taken no steps to transition into a girl.

Puerto Rico’s Exodus Is Speeding the Island’s Economic Collapse
The choice is heartbreaking: stay to help other families, or leave to help your own That’s the calculation thousands in Puerto Rico are making. The bankruptcy of the U.S. commonwealth, the culmination of years of decline, has accelerated an exodus that’s adding to the island’s economic misery.

Clash Between Qatar And The Saudis Could Threaten OPEC Deal
The cohesion of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), which includes all Arab Gulf countries, seems to be cracking.

Sweden: Three Out of Four ‘Child Refugees’ Are Actually Adults
A new study by the Swedish National Board of Medicines has found that three out of four so-called child “refugees” are actually adults, another illustration of how European people are being massively deceived about the true nature of the migrant crisis.

Trump Vows to Cut Obama Regs Draining $2 Trillion From Economy
A record-setting series of regulations issued by the outgoing Obama administration in 2016 will cost the economy nearly $2 trillion a year, but President Trump has vowed to boost the economy by cutting these regulations.

Hillary Aide Charged with Violations of Espionage Act and Conspiracy with Hostile Foreign Agents
Buried in the news of everything important by the Mainstream Media that is still protecting Hillary and Obama even after Donald Trump became president: Report what we need to report and cover up what we need to cover up.

Obama’s shadow government grows roots in Washington President Obama has bought the mansion he’s been renting in the nation’s capital to wage war against his successor’s administration.

Secret Court Rebukes Obama NSA for 5-year Illegal Surveillance of U.S. citizens
There is no doubt that Obama illegally abused his power against United States Citizens using the NSA as well the IRS and every other letter agency. Well we just got some more evidence that he was spying on us and a a secret court that called the matter a “very serious” constitutional issue.When does Obama get to wear an orange jumpsuit?