1 June 2017

Jordanian Government Says Jews Defiling the Temple Mount
The Jordanian Ministry of Foreign and Expatriate Affairs sent an official letter to the Israeli Embassy in Amman protesting the presence of “Jewish extremists” on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem under police protection. “Jewish extremists” is a euphemism for any religious-looking Jew who visits the Temple Mount.

Turkey Turns Away From NATO to New Partner for Military Cooperation
Instead of hosting the summit in Istanbul, Germany, France, the Netherlands and Denmark proposed to hold the meeting at the new NATO headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. The idea has been endorsed by 18 NATO members and Canada.

‘Axis of love’: Saudi-Russia detente heralds new oil order
A meeting between the two men who run Russia and Saudi Arabia’s oil empires spoke volumes about the new relationship between the energy superpowers. The sources did not disclose further details, but any cooperation in Asia between Russia and Saudi Arabia – the world’s two biggest oil exporters – would be unprecedented.

Israeli minister holds rare meet with PA prime minister in West Bank
Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon met Wednesday evening in Ramallah with Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah to brief him on the steps the security cabinet decided last month to improve the economic situation in the PA. The meeting between the senior Israeli and Palestinian officials comes amid efforts by the US to jump-start the diplomatic process through a series of measures it wants to see Israel, the Palestinians and the Arab world take to improve the overall atmosphere on the ground.

Report: Abbas admits Trump was ‘enraged’ during Bethlehem meeting
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas told a PLO meeting on Tuesday that his “meeting with President Donald Trump was not comfortable,” because the American leader was “enraged.” The London-based Al-Arabi al Jadid news-site quoted a senior Palestinian source who said that Abbas told those present about the “uncomfortable meeting with Trump in Bethlehem,” on May 23 as opposed to the “positive” meeting at the White House with the US president earlier that month.

Trump to announce decision on global climate deal Thursday
US President Donald Trump said he would announce on Thursday his decision whether to keep the United States in a global pact to fight climate change, as a source close to the matter said he was preparing to pull out of the Paris accord. Trump said he would make the announcement at 3 p.m. EDT (1900 GMT) in the White House Rose Garden, ending his tweet with “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

China ‘trying extremely hard’ on climate
China will honour its commitments on climate change, its premier has said, as the US appears poised to pull out of a key deal. Speaking on a visit to Germany, Premier Li Keqiang said fighting climate change was in China’s own interest. China was counting on other countries to follow its example, Mr Li said.

JetBlue and Delta Test Biometric Scanning to Replace Boarding Passes
JetBlue Airways Corp. and Delta Air Lines Inc. will test facial- and fingerprint-recognition technology at two U.S. airports to replace boarding passes, building on industry efforts to increase security and ease passage through airports. The JetBlue program will start next month on flights from Boston to Aruba’s Queen Beatrix International Airport, the airline said in a statement Wednesday.

Venezuela devalues currency in crisis dollar sale
Crisis-hit Venezuela devalued its currency by 64 percent in a dollar auction that aimed to stabilize its foreign exchange market, officials said Wednesday. Under an overhauled official exchange system, the government let investors bid for the dollars at a new higher rate in what President Nicolas Maduro said was an effort to undermine the black market. It was the latest in a series of moves to ease a crisis in a country stricken by soaring inflation and shortages of food and medicine.

Jordan warns Israel of deteriorating ties over ‘extremist’ visits to al-Aqsa
The Jordanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent a letter to the Israeli embassy Wednesday protesting visits to the al-Aqsa Mosque by what it called “extremists under the protection of the Israeli Police.” In the letter, the Jordanians claimed the visits had taken place repeatedly over the course of a week. Jordan had also previously issued a harsh statement condemning “settlers” for “defiling al-Aqsa.”

Japan’s military begins major drill with U.S. carriers watching North Korea
Japan’s navy and air force began a three-day military exercise with two U.S. aircraft carriers in the Sea of Japan on Thursday adding pressure on North Korea to halt an accelerating ballistic missile program. Japan’s Maritime Self Defence Force has sent two ships, including one of its four helicopter carriers, the Hyuga, to join the U.S carriers, the USS Ronald Reagan and USS Carl Vinson, and their eight escort ships, Japan’s military said in a release.

Hillary Clinton just unabashedly threw the Democratic National Committee under the bus
Hillary Clinton had bitter words to share about the Democratic National Committee while speaking with journalists Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher at Recode’s CodeCon on Wednesday. “I get the nomination, I’m now the nominee of the Democratic Party,” she recalled. “I inherit nothing from the Democratic Party.”

CNN Fires Kathy Griffin From New Year’s Show After Donald Trump Beheading Stunt
CNN has fired Kathy Griffin from their annual New Year’s Eve program, which she cohosted with anchor Anderson Cooper. The network just made the announcement via Twitter. “CNN has terminated our agreement with Kathy Griffin to appear on our New Year’s Eve program,” the CNN Public Relations account tweeted.

Bunker Hill battle: College bars distributing Constitution
A symbol of patriotic resilience in the Revolutionary War, Bunker Hill is now the scene of a battle over the free speech rights that many early Americans died to establish and protect. Administrators at Bunker Hill Community College in Boston were threatened Tuesday with a lawsuit for ordering students with the campus Young Americans for Liberty chapter to stop distributing copies of the U.S. Constitution.

Church of England to Vote on Offering ‘Baptism’ for Transgender People to Mark New Identity 
The Mail on Sunday reported that the vote has been scheduled for July, after a motion putting the controversial issue up for a vote moved forward. Liberal voices within the Church have argued that vicars have had to carry out unofficial services to welcome and accommodate transgender Christians, and have called on the community to embrace those who identify as such.

Obama-Era Officials Subpoenaed By House Intel Committee In Trump “Unmasking” Probe
In addition to four subpoenas focusing purely on the Russia investigation, the Republican-led House Intel Committee also issued three subpoenas focusing on “unmasking” questions, involving how and why names of Trump associates were unredacted and distributed within classified reports by Obama administration officials during the transition between administrations.

Trump Spark The Breakup Of ‘The West’ Last Week?
“The European half of Trump’s trip should be taken as a fire-bell-in-the-night warning: Shape up, Europe, or you may find yourselves on your own when it comes to the defense of your continent. For we Americans have had about enough.”