25 May 2017

Too Far? L.A. Times Publishes Op-Ed About Putting a ‘Binding Curse’ on President Trump
Diane Wagman is an author who frequently writes op-eds for The Los Angeles Times newspaper. She wrote: I cast a spell on the president. I was not alone. Thousands of witches, believers and people like me all over the world performed “A Spell to Bind Donald Trump….

Polls: Americans Don’t Want Trump to Be Impeached
A majority of American voters say there is no evidence of collusion between members of President Trump’s campaign and Russia and most are doubtful that investigations into the matter will lead to impeachment.

Trump Surges in Polls During First Foreign Trip
Rasmussen reports the president’s approval numbers rising to 48 percent from a recent low of 43, with disapproval at 52 percent, down from 57. The poll canvasses 500 likely voters per night for a three-day rolling average, with a margin of error of plus or minus 2.5 percent.

China Accuses US Warship Of “Trespassing” In Disputed Waters, Warns It To “Leave Immediately
The U.S. patrol, the first of its kind since October, marks the latest attempt to counter what Washington sees as Beijing’s efforts to limit freedom of navigation in the strategic waters. One official said it was the first operation near a land feature which was included in a ruling last year against China by an international arbitration court in The Hague. The court invalidated China’s claim to sovereignty over large swathes of the South China Sea

Bad intel from Russia influenced Comey’s Clinton announcement: report
James Comey’s controversial decision to detail the FBI’s findings in the Hillary Clinton email case without Justice Department input was influenced by a dubious Russian document that the FBI now considers to be bad intelligence, The Washington Post reported Wednesday.

Washington Dignitaries Gather to Celebrate Jerusalem Day, Call for Embassy Move
More than 100 lawmakers and religious leaders closely involved in U.S. government policy on the Middle East came out to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem on Wednesday, Jerusalem Day. The celebration was hosted by the Israel Allies Foundation (IAF) and took place in the Rayburn House Office Building at the U.S. Capitol.

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback Rumored to be a Pick for U.S. Religious Freedom Ambassador
According to Russell Moore, President of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, Brownback was “second to none” as far as advocacy for persecuted religious groups was concerned. Brownback, who is currently 60 years of age, is a conservative Catholic. He served over a decade in the U.S. senate prior to becoming the Governor of Kansas. At present, he is two years into his second term as Governor of Kansas.

Taiwan approves same-sex marriage, first such ruling in Asia
Until 2001, China listed homosexuality as a mental disorder, but it is not illegal to be gay. Many large cities have thriving gay scenes, although gay men and women still face a lot of family pressure to get married and have children.

Hamas calls for day of rage in support of hunger strikers
Hamas urged Palestinians in the West Bank to participate in a day of rage on Friday to support hunger strikers in Israeli prisons. “Hamas calls on our people to spark clashes with the Israeli occupation in a day of rage,” Hamas said in a statement on Wednesday night

Report: Netanyahu mulling radical plan for east Jerusalem neighborhoods
A plan to separate some of east Jerusalem’s neighborhoods was presented to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu several months ago in a work meeting between the premier and MK Dr. Anat Berko (Likud). Berko accompanied her plan with a detailed map, aerial photographs and groundwork. The map in question was a map of the municipal areas of Jerusalem. At the center of it was marked a new border…whose purpose was to remove Israel’s municipal responsibility over a long list of Palestinian neighborhoods in east Jerusalem.

Evidence of 2,000-year-old battle for Jerusalem unearthed in City of David
To mark Jerusalem’s jubilee celebration commemorating the Six Day War, the Israel Antiquities Authority on Thursday unveiled rare relics from the 2,000-year-old battle for the capital that took place on the eve of the destruction of the Second Temple. Findings, including well-preserved arrowheads and stone ballista balls, were discovered on the main street that ascended from the city’s gates and the Pool of Siloam to the Temple, which was excavated in recent years.

Report: Iran builds new underground ballistic missile factory
Iran has built a third underground ballistic missile production factory and will keep developing its missile program, the semi-official Fars news agency reported on Thursday, in a development likely to fuel tension with Arab neighbors and Washington. “Iran’s third underground factory has been built by the Guards in recent years … We will continue to further develop our missile capabilities forcefully,” Fars quoted the head of the Republican Guard’s airspace division, Amirali Hajizadeh, as saying.

South China Sea: US warship sails close to disputed Mischief Reef
A US warship has sailed close to an artificial island built by China in the South China Sea, the first challenge to Beijing’s claim to the waters since President Donald Trump took office. According to unnamed sources cited by US media, the USS Dewey passed within 12 nautical miles of Mischief Reef. China said the US vessel had entered its waters “without permission” and its navy had warned it to leave.

Trump in Brussels for ‘tough’ Nato talks amid protests
US President Donald Trump is in Brussels for what his team is describing as “tough” talks with other members of the Nato military alliance. Nato has agreed to Mr Trump’s request to join the US-led coalition against so-called Islamic State. But he may also press members to pay their full financial share.

Boeing is building DARPA’s new hypersonic space plane
A few years ago, DARPA started work on a new experimental aircraft project called the XS-1, a vehicle designed to make launching satellites a faster, less expensive endeavor. Today, that project just took a huge leap forward: DARPA has announced that it’s partnering with Boeing to build its next generation hypersonic space plane.

Brazil’s President Deploys Federal Troops to Quell Protests
Besieged by protests, Brazil’s president on Wednesday deployed federal troops to restore order in the capital, Brasília, after demonstrators calling for his ouster clashed with security forces. Defense Minister Raul Jungmann went on national television on Wednesday afternoon to insist that President Michel Temer was only trying to restore calm in the capital by calling in the troops to patrol some areas.

Jordan holds Israel responsible after Jews ‘dishonored al-Aqsa’
The Jordanian government has strongly condemned the presence of Jews at the al-Aqsa mosque complex on Wednesday after 15 Jews were arrested for bowing on the Temple Mount, where they are not allowed to pray, while others sang the Israeli national anthem. A statement from the Jordanian government slammed Israeli authorities for “allowing Jewish extremists to storm Al Aqsa Mosque/Al Haram Al Sharif,” which they said “violated the sanctity of the mosque and offended the feelings of Muslims around the world.”

Philippines deploys helicopters in battle to retake city from Islamist rebels
Troops backed by attack helicopters battled dozens of militants linked to the Islamic State group holed up in a besieged city in the southern Philippines on Thursday after attempts to secure volatile areas met heavy resistance. The army sent about 100 soldiers, including U.S.-trained special forces, to retake buildings and streets in mainly Muslim Marawi City held by militants of the Maute group, which has pledged allegiance to Islamic State.

The Trump Collapse Scapegoat Narrative Has Now Been Launched
“I have been warning since long before the election that Trump’s presidency would be the perfect vehicle for central banks and international financiers to divert blame for the economic crisis that would inevitably explode once the Fed moved firmly into interest rate hikes. Every indication since my initial prediction shows that this is the case. The media was building the foundation of the narrative from the moment Trump won the election.”

Another Insurer Quits Obamacare Leaving 25 Counties In Missouri With No Healthcare Options
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City has just joined the growing ranks of insurers across the country that have decided they’ve lost just about enough money on Obamacare and their exit will leave 25 counties in Missouri with zero healthcare options in 2018.

‘Black Lives Matter’ Movement to Be Awarded Peace Prize
The Black Lives Matter movement will receive the Sydney Peace Prize, an award given by the Sydney Peace Foundation — part of the University of Sydney — and be honored at an event in the city in November, the foundation announced this week.

Manchester attack: Who was Salman Abedi?
Police have named 22-year-old Salman Ramadan Abedi as the person suspected of carrying out the suicide attack at Manchester Arena on Monday evening.

If a nuclear bomb explodes nearby, here’s why you should never, ever get in a car
No one could fault you for panicking after the sight and roar of a nuclear blast. But there is one thing you should never do, according to Brooke Buddemeier, a health physicist and radiation expert at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

Hannity Says Liberal Fascists After Sponsors
Sean Hannity says a media watchdog is guilty of “liberal fascism” for targeting advertisers on his Fox News Channel show, as one company announced Wednesday that it would no longer hawk its wares there.