6 May 2017

Clash erupts on Afghan-Pakistan border
Troops from Afghanistan and Pakistan have exchanged fire along their border, prompting Pakistan to seal the Chaman border crossing. Pakistan said Afghan border police opened fire on troops who were guarding a census team. The head of a government hospital in Chaman told the BBC that at least six people have been killed and 31 injured.

Exclusive: US bank shuts anti-Israel account in a reportedly unprecedented move
The giant Dallas-based bank Comerica announced on Friday that it will close a bank account held by an anti-Israel organization that promotes a boycott of the Jewish state. “Comerica Bank has taken steps to close the account. The account closing, the result of a business decision, will occur in due course. We will have no further comment on this matter, ” Wayne Mielke, the bank’s spokesman, wrote The Jersualem Post by email.

Canada considers retaliation for US tariff on softwood lumber
Canada is considering multiple trade actions against the US in response to tariffs on softwood lumber. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Friday he was considering banning US coal exports in response to the “unfair” tax on Canadian lumber. The government is also looking at duties against several Oregon industries, the BBC has learnt.

Tornado touched down at Atlanta airport, the National Weather Service says
An EF-0 tornado touched down Thursday at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, the National Weather Service said Friday. The tornado lifted about 10 cargo bins that weighed up to 500 pounds after touching down briefly at a cargo bay on the north side of the airport, officials said. Some of those bins landed on a nearby roof that was 60 feet high, according to the National Weather Service.

‘Alarming’ rise in children hospitalized with suicidal thoughts or actions
The percentage of younger children and teens hospitalized for suicidal thoughts or actions in the United States doubled over nearly a decade, according to new research…A steady increase in admissions due to suicidality and serious self-harm occurred at 32 children’s hospitals across the nation from 2008 through 2015, the researchers found. The children studied were between the ages of 5 and 17, and although all age groups showed increases, the largest uptick was seen among teen girls.

Venezuela Is Starving
…“I watched him sleep and sleep, getting weaker, all the time losing weight,” said Ms. Planchart, 34 years old. “I never thought I’d see Venezuela like this.” Her country was once Latin America’s richest, producing food for export. Venezuela now can’t grow enough to feed its own people in an economy hobbled by the nationalization of private farms, and price and currency controls.

LGBT Conference in the state religious schools
The State-Religious education division in the Education Ministry held a first of its kind seminar on Wednesday for principals of yeshivas and ulpanot (Jewish high schools for girls), which dealt with issues relating to the gay community. In the event, which was held in Tel Aviv, the attendees listened to personal stories, experiences with the difficulties of sexual identity and held an “open conversation from the heart of the debate.”

Japan, China agree to enhance financial cooperation
Japanese and Chinese finance ministers agreed on Saturday to enhance cooperation through bilateral dialogue on their economies and policy steps. The two ministers also agreed to hold the next bilateral economic dialogue in 2018 in China, a joint statement issued after their meeting showed.

Iowa Supreme Court blocks portion of 20 week abortion ban
The Iowa Supreme Court on Friday granted an emergency temporary injunction halting a portion of a 20-week abortion ban that was signed into law by Republican Governor Terry Branstad just hours earlier. The law, passed by Iowa’s Republican-controlled House and Senate last month, bans abortions once a pregnancy reaches 20 weeks and stipulates a three-day waiting period before women can undergo any abortion.

U.S. job growth rebounds sharply, unemployment rate falls to 4.4 percent
U.S. job growth rebounded sharply in April and the unemployment rate dropped to 4.4 percent, near a 10-year low, pointing to a tightening labor market that likely seals the case for an interest rate increase next month despite moderate wage growth. Nonfarm payrolls surged by 211,000 jobs last month after a paltry gain of 79,000 in March, the Labor Department said on Friday. April’s job growth, which was broad-based, surpassed this year’s monthly average of 185,000.

Exclusive: Saudi Arabia, U.S. in talks on billions in arms sales – U.S. sources
Washington is working to push through contracts for tens of billions of dollars in arms sales to Saudi Arabia, some new, others in the pipeline, ahead of U.S. President Donald Trump’s trip to the kingdom this month, people familiar with the talks told Reuters this week. Saudi Arabia is Trump’s first stop on his maiden international trip, a sign of his intent to reinforce ties with a top regional ally.

Fake Law: How Trump-hatred warps the judiciary
Something ugly is happening to the First Amendment. It is being contorted to enable judges to protest Donald Trump’s presidency. The perennial impulse of judges to manipulate the law to achieve morally and politically desirable ends has only been exacerbated by the felt necessity to “resist” Trump. The result: Legal tests concerning the freedoms of speech and religion that in some cases were already highly dubious are being further deformed and twisted.

FCC to Investigate Stephen Colbert Over Controversial Donald Trump Joke
FCC chairman Ajit Pai said that his agency will be looking into complaints made against Stephen Colbert for what some labeled a homophobic joke about President Donald Trump. “I have had a chance to see the clip now and so, as we get complaints — and we’ve gotten a number of them — we are going to take the facts that we find and we are going to apply the law as it’s been set out by the Supreme Court and other courts and we’ll take the appropriate action,” Pai told Philadelphia’s Talk Radio 1210 WPHT.

Macron Says He Is Victim Of “Massive, Coordinated” Hack After 9 Gigabytes Of Private Documents Released
The Macron political campaign said it has been the victim of a “massive, coordinated” hacking operation on Friday night, when over 9 gigabytes of private emails and documents were released on 4chan, many revealing Macron’s personal financial data and transactions.

A New Street Drug Can Kill You By Touching Your Skin: What You Need To Know
Carfentanil, a powerful new opioid, has already claimed three lives… Engineered to be used as an elephant tranquilizer, the drug’s lethal dosage is 20 micrograms. Since the product can cause deadly effects just by being sprinkled on someone’s skin, authorities are highly concerned.

TrumpCare passed because GOP moderates know it’s doomed to fail
“Historic,” CNN’s Wolf Blitzer said as House Republicans passed TrumpCare II by two votes.  “It’s gonna be an unbelievable victory,” President Trump bragged in advance, a few hours later. “Unbelievable,” indeed.  Yesterday’s events were a Kabuki performance.  The bill passed because it’s sure to fail.

Hideous! Australian Company Turns IVF Human Embryos into Jewelry
…IVF human embryos are set in “embryo straws,” which are then cremated prior to the creation of the jewelry. The “cremains” are then set within a durable resin, which can be colored with various “shimmer tints.” Glistening mica can also be added to the resin, according to the firm’s Web site. The resulting resin stone is then set into jewelry.

Trial to expose radical Islamic agents embedded in U.S.
A former federal investigator enlists his son to infiltrate a Muslim front in the nation’s capital that had routinely collaborated with the White House and federal law-enforcement agencies as a “civil rights” group. The daring undercover operation results in the capture of 12,000 pages of incriminating internal documents along with audio and video recordings, attracting the interest of the FBI and congressional investigators.