29 Apr 2017

North Korea test-fires ballistic missile
North Korea test-fired a ballistic missile early on Saturday (local time) from a region north of its capital, Pyongyang, Reuters reported, citing the South Korean Yonhap news agency.According to the report, the test appeared to have failed.

Very strong M6.8 earthquake hits Philippines, tsunami warnings issued
A very strong and shallow earthquake registered by the USGS as M6.8 (downgraded from M7.2) hit near the coast of Mindanao, Philippines at 20:23 UTC on April 28, 2017 (04:23 local time on April 29). The agency is reporting a depth of 41.7 km (25.9 miles). PHIVOLCS is reporting M7.2 at a depth of 87 km (54 miles). (EMSC, GFZ Potsdam). Tsunami warnings have been issued.

Tillerson to UN: Act before North Korea does
“Failing to act now on the most pressing security issue in the world may bring catastrophic consequences,” Tillerson told the Security Council, according to AFP. “The threat of a North Korean nuclear attack on Seoul or Tokyo is real, and it is likely only a matter of time before North Korea develops the capability to strike the U.S. mainland,” he warned.

Russia’s Lavrov says ready to cooperate with U.S. on Syria: agencies
Moscow is ready to cooperate with the United States on settling the Syrian crisis, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Saturday, Russian news agencies reported. Russian authorities reiterate periodically that they stand ready to renew cooperation with Washington on Syria and, more globally, on fighting terrorism.

Quran blamed in new U.S. disease outbreak
Muslim communities often prove difficult to convince that vaccinations are appropriate for their children. “The case against vaccinations is first an Islamic one,” he said, citing a 2011 article by Dr. Majid Katme, spokesman for the Islamic Medical Association in the United Kingdom.

Trump Will Recognize Undivided Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital – But Won’t Overturn Embassy Veto in May
The biannual veto of the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995 is due for renewal in May. Since the bill was first passed, every US president has signed a waiver at six-month intervals delaying the legislation’s enactment. The May deadline will mark the first time the bill has come up for consideration under President Trump.

US approves possible $440 million arms sale to Israel
The US State Department approved a “Possible Foreign Military Sale” to Israel, according to a Defense Security Cooperation Agency press release on Friday. The DSCA said that the Israeli government requested to purchase 13 76mm naval guns, as well as a variety of naval maintenance materials and tools, US Government and engineering technical, logistics and support services, operations and maintenance training, and other related supplies and services. The estimated cost of such a deal is $440 million.

President Trump proclaims May ‘Jewish American Heritage Month’
President Donald Trump proclaimed May as Jewish American Heritage Month in a press release Friday. “During Jewish American Heritage Month, we celebrate our Nation’s strong American Jewish heritage, rooted in the ancient faith and traditions of the Jewish people,” Trump said. Trump mentioned that the Jewish people have left “an indelible mark on American culture” through an ethical code and “tikkun olam” or repairing the world.

North Korea crisis: North in another ‘failed’ missile launch
North Korea has test-fired another ballistic missile, South Korean and US military officials say. The missile exploded shortly after take-off, they said – the second failed launch in the past fortnight. US President Donald Trump accused North Korea of showing “disrespect” towards China and its president.

Brexit: EU holds summit without UK to formalise strategy
European Union leaders are meeting in Brussels to discuss a joint strategy for negotiations with the UK over Brexit. Twenty-seven countries will be present, but the UK will not take part. The EU will insist that progress must be made in talks on separating the UK from the EU, before any discussions can begin about future trade relations.

Brazil: Violence erupts in Rio after general strike
Violence has erupted in Brazil at the end of the country’s first general strike in more than 20 years. Buses and cars have been set on fire in Rio de Janeiro’s city centre. Road blocks set up by activists were also ablaze and shops were vandalised. For most of the day the strike had been largely peaceful. Many people stayed at home and shops, schools and banks remained closed across the country.

US warship approaches North Korea after Kim Jong Un carries out another failed missile test
A US warship is heading towards North Korea after Kim Jong Un carried out yet another failed missile launch. The USS Carl Vinson, US super aircraft carrier, was spotted sailing north offshore Nagasaki, Japan on Saturday local time, in a show of force after North Korea’s latest test-fire flop.

‘Apartheid’ furor on the rise against Israel
Labeling Israel’s treatment of Palestinians as “apartheid” is like flinging a burning match into spilled gasoline—so combustible are the passions on both sides. Rima Khalaf did just that when a report commissioned by her UN agency at the request of 18 Arab member states accused Israel of having established an apartheid regime designed to dominate the Palestinian people as a whole.

Russia’s Lavrov says ready to cooperate with U.S. on Syria: agencies
Moscow is ready to cooperate with the United States on settling the Syrian crisis, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Saturday…Russian authorities reiterate periodically that they stand ready to renew cooperation with Washington on Syria and, more globally, on fighting terrorism. Relations between the two countries, however, are seen reaching another low after U.S. fired missiles at Syria…for its suspected use of poison gas earlier in April.

Government Shutdown Averted For 7 Days: Senate Passes Stopgap Spending Bill
One hour after the House of Representative passed the a stopgap spending bill in a 382-30 vote, moments ago the US Senate likewise voted the measure through; the bill which gives the government a week before this specatcle has to be repeated again unless a full spending bill is enacted, now goes to Trump for signing later today.

US GDP Collapses To 0.7%, Lowest In Three Years; Worst Personal Spending Since 2009
The Atlanta Fed was right once again, and slashing its forecast over the past 3 months today the BEA confirmed that in the first quarter US economic growth tumbled to just 0.7%, below the 1.0% expected, and the lowest print in three years going back all the way to Q1 2014.

United Nations To Trump: Repeal Of ObamaCare Against ‘Global Law’!
The United Nations has sent a letter to President Trump stating that if he repeals ObamaCare that it could be breaking ‘Global Law’!  Oh Hell No! There is no ‘Global Law’ and the United Nations is out of their minds!

Trump Will Overturn Obama’s Arctic Drilling Ban
President Donald Trump will sign an executive order Friday rescinding an Obama-era policy keeping most of the Arctic seas off-limits to drilling and asking the Department of the Interior to review the current five-year offshore leasing plan.

Trump Will Review Obama’s Locking Up Of Huge Swaths Of Ocean
….“We are reversing those and putting those into review,” Zinke told reporters Thursday evening. The move is significant and comes after fisherman challenged the legality of a 3.1 million acre marine national monument the Obama administration created off New England’s coast.

BREAKING: Judge Who Donated $300K to Obama Blocks Trump’s Order to Block Funding To Lawless Sanctuary Cities
U.S. District Judge William Orrick from San Francisco, which is a hotbed of leftist nonsense, has gone ahead and blocked an overall enforcement of the President’s executive order “barring federal funds” from illegal sanctuary cities.