7 Mar 2017

Hardline Islam and Saudi money are spreading across the Indian Ocean and into Asia
a dark force is spreading across parts of south and south-east Asia that is threatening social cohesion and peaceful coexistence: the rise of Islamism.

Madagascar Braces for Extreme Rains From Category 2 Tropical Cyclone Enawo
Dangerous Category 2 Tropical Cyclone Enawo was plowing westwards at 6 mph on Monday morning towards Madagascar, and is expected to make landfall on the island on Tuesday morning. The storm is passing over waters of 29°C—approximately 0.5°C above average in temperature—and is an unusually wet storm, with amounts of water vapor near the very high end of what is observed in tropical cyclones.

Switzerland earthquake: Tremor near Zurich also felt in Italy and Germany
A moderate earthquake (erdbeben) with a preliminary magnitude of 4.6 has struck southeast of Zurich, with shaking felt in Liechtenstein, Austria, southern Germany, and northern Italy, residents and seismologists say.

Switzerland funds NGOs that call for Israel’s destruction
Switzerland finances organizations in Israel and the Palestinian territories that call for the annihilation of Israel and for the death of Jews, according to a Basler Zeitung report.

Josh Earnest Won’t Deny Trump Tower Was Surveilled By Obama Administration
When pressed by ABC’s Martha Raddatz on Sunday, Josh Earnest opted not to categorically “deny that the Obama Justice Department” monitored Trump Tower during the 2016 election.

North Korea bars Malaysians from leaving, in ‘diplomatic meltdown’
North Korea barred Malaysians from leaving the country on Tuesday, sparking tit-for-tat action by Malaysia, as police investigating the murder of Kim Jong Nam in Kuala Lumpur sought to question three men hiding in the North Korean embassy.

Erdogan compares German actions to those of Nazi period
“Germany, you have no relation whatsoever to democracy and you should know that your current actions are no different to those of the Nazi period,” Erdogan said at a rally in Istanbul. ”

Archeologists discover 2,000-year-old ‘Emperor’s Road’ near Beit Shemesh
A wide and well-preserved 2,000-year-old road dating to the Roman period was unearthed last month during archaeological excavations carried out by the Israel Antiquities Authority and students near Beit Shemesh. The dig, located just off of Highway 375, was conducted prior to laying a water pipeline to Jerusalem at the initiative of the Beit Shemesh water corporation Mei Shemesh.

IDF forces defuse two explosive devices found near Gaza border
Two explosive charges found near the border fence with the Gaza Strip were defused by IDF troops on Tuesday morning, the army said. According to the statement, the two charges that had been laid in an off-limits area in the Northern Gaza Strip, were planted in order to harm IDF troops. After they were neutralized the charges were taken in for further examination.

‘ISIS fighters trying to flee Mosul, Iraqi forces to prevail’
A US general in the international coalition in Iraq says that Islamic State forces defending western Mosul are disorganized and some foreign fighters are trying to leave the city. Government forces nontheless face a “very hard fight” in the battle for the city but they will prevail, US Air Force Brigadier General Matthew Isler said.

Europe court backs Belgium’s rejection of visa to Syrians
The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has backed a Belgian decision to refuse a humanitarian visa to a Syrian family. The family of five, from Aleppo, had applied for a 90-day visa at the Belgian embassy in Lebanon, so they could later seek asylum in Belgium. Initially, the Court’s top adviser said Belgium was wrong to deny them a visa.

Syrian children in state of ‘toxic stress’, Save the Children says
Millions of Syrian children could be living in a state of “toxic stress” due to prolonged exposure to the horrors of war, aid group Save the Children says. The damage to an entire generation of children could soon become irreversible without immediate help, it adds. The stress of war has led to increased bedwetting, self-harm, suicide attempts and aggressive behaviour among many children, according to a new report.

North Korea says missiles were drill for strike on US bases
Nuclear-armed North Korea said Tuesday its missile launches were training for a strike on US bases in Japan, as global condemnation of the regime swelled. Three of the four missiles fired Monday came down provocatively close to US ally Japan, in waters that are part of its exclusive economic zone, representing a challenge to US President Donald Trump.

Missile defense system that China opposes arrives in South Korea
The first pieces of a US-built missile defense system designed to mitigate the threat of North Korean missiles arrived at the Osan Air Base in South Korea Monday night, according to the US military. The announcement comes just a day after North Korea test-fired four ballistic missiles into the Sea of Japan, also known as the East Sea.

Bizarre ‘megaship’ captured by International Space Station camera before Nasa ‘dims the feed’
A bizarre ‘megaship’ has allegedly been captured by an International Space Station (ISS) camera before Nasa reportedly dims the feed. Conspiracy theorists are claiming that the footage could have been altered by the independent space agency to make the objects ‘disappear’. In the clip, a long ‘cigar-shaped’ UFO is seen hovering above the Earth’s horizon with two bright reflective-objects sitting just below.

Trump signs revised travel ban in bid to overcome legal challenges
President Donald Trump signed a revised executive order on Monday banning citizens from six Muslim-majority nations from traveling to the United States but removing Iraq from the list, after his controversial first attempt was blocked in the courts. The new order, which takes effect on March 16, keeps a 90-day ban on travel to the United States by citizens of Iran, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen.

House Republicans Release Plan To Repeal and Replace Obamacare: Key Highlights
The plan would dismantle the key aspects of ObamaCare, including subsidies to help people buy coverage, the law’s fines on people who don’t purchase health insurance, the expansion of Medicaid, and drop the plan to tax employer-sponsored plans.

Exxon to invest $20 billion on U.S. Gulf Coast refining projects
Exxon Mobil Corp, the world’s largest publicly traded oil producer, said on Monday it would invest $20 billion through 2022 to expand its chemical and oil refining plants on the U.S. Gulf Coast.

Schlichter Warns “Watch The Liberals – All They Have Left Is Lies”
“Watch the liberals. Listen to what they say, because their lies and their slanders are a road map to their plans for the future. Straightforward from here, given the chance, they absolutely intend to impose the kind of quasi-fascist rule they falsely accuse Trump of contemplating. But their problem is that we now recognize their lies, and we see their endgame, and the collapse of the media gatekeepers means they can no longer keep us blind and isolated. “

As U.S. aid to Pakistan shrinks, in steps China
Pakistani leaders often wax lyrical about their “sweeter than honey” relations with all-weather friend China. There’s no romance about their marriage of convenience with America. As the Trump administration plots its policy toward a key partner, it will find Pakistan being drawn deeper into Beijing’s embrace and its promise of $46 billion in energy, infrastructure and industry investments by 2030. The money could transform the Muslim nation’s economy.

China’s Banking System Hits $33 Trillion, Overtaking The Eurozone As World’s Largest
Chinese bank assets hit $33 trillion at the end of 2016, versus $31 trillion for the eurozone, $16 trillion for the US and $7 trillion for Japan. The value of China’s banking system is now more than 310% the size of its GDP, compared to “only” 280% for the eurozone and its banks. China’s bank assets are projected to grow by $3.3 trillion in 2017.