5 Mar 2017

North Korea fires 4 ‘ballistic missiles’ amid Seoul’s joint drills with US
“We estimate the North fired four ballistic missiles. We are conducting an analysis (with the US) on the missiles to determine their type and other specifications. It will take a while before we can come up with a final analysis (based on US satellite data),” South Korea’s Office of Joint Chiefs of Staff said in a statement.

Papua New Guinea hit by 6.5 earthquake, no tsunami expected
The quake struck the South Pacific nation near New Britain island at a depth of 28 kilometers (17 miles), U.S. Geological Survey said. There were no immediate reports of damage.

Netanyahu to urge Russia to say ‘nyet’ to Iranian ops near Israel border
Israel hopes to reach “specific understandings” with Russia to prevent Iran from permanently setting up a base of operations in Syria against Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the cabinet on Sunday. At the opening of the weekly cabinet meeting, Netanyahu announced that he will be traveling to Moscow on Thursday for a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, and the focus of the discussions will be on current efforts to put together new arrangements in Syria.

Stranded in Aleppo: Syrians claiming to be Jews seek aid from Israel
A family from Syria’s war-torn Aleppo is appealing to the state of Israel for refuge, citing their Jewish heritage… “There is nobody who can help us to get out of this place,” said 30-year-old Aleppo resident Razan (real name withheld) in an audio recording aired on the radio station. “We are asking that the Israeli government does not abandon us, but helps us get out of here to another country. I ask that the government demands from the entire world to do this. All my love and loyalty is to this religion [Judaism].”

Headstones toppled in Brooklyn Jewish cemetery
Headstones were found toppled in a Brooklyn Jewish cemetery Sunday morning, ABC7NY reported. It is the latest in a rash of vandalism of Jewish burial grounds. Dov Hikind, a New York State Assemblyman, tweeted photos of the Washington Cemetery vandalism. The cemetery is on Midwood’s Bay Parkway.

US delegation in Israel to study relocation of embassy to Jerusalem
An official United States delegation led by Congressman Ron DeSantis (R-FL) is briefly visiting Israel on Saturday and Sunday to study the possibility of relocating the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. “The delegation is in Jerusalem to learn first hand what it will mean to move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem,” said Ruth Lieberman, a friend of DeSantis and a political advisor in Israel.

Somalia drought: More than 100 die from hunger in one region
Somalia’s Prime Minister, Hassan Ali Haire, says 110 people have died from hunger in a single region in the past 48 hours amid a severe drought. The figure for the south-western Bay region is the first official death toll announced during the crisis. The full impact of the drought on the country is still unknown. Humanitarian groups fear a full-blown famine will follow.

Mexico opens legal aid centres to fight US deportations
Mexico has opened legal aid centres at consulates in 50 US cities, in a move designed to protect its citizens from tougher immigration enforcement. Mexican Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray reaffirmed concerns about the human rights of Mexicans in the US. But migrant defence centres would not “promote illegality,” he said.

Loretta Lynch: Need more marching, blood, death on streets
The Obama administration’s former Attorney General Loretta Lynch has made an impassioned video plea for more marching, blood and death on the streets – a video that was later posted on the Facebook page of Senate Democrats as “words of inspiration.” The video is less than a minute long and begins by stating that people are experiencing “great fear and uncertainty,” with the unstated implication it is due to Donald Trump’s takeover of the White House.

In day of pro-Trump rallies, California march turns violent
Supporters of Donald Trump clashed with counter-protesters at a rally in the famously left-leaning city of Berkeley, California, on a day of mostly peaceful gatherings in support of the U.S. president across the country. At a park in Berkeley, across the bay from San Francisco, protesters from both sides struck one another over the head with wooden sticks and Trump supporters fired pepper spray as police in riot gear stood at a distance.

China cuts growth goal, puts focus on reform and ‘firewall’ against risks
China has cut its growth target this year as the world’s second-largest economy pushes through painful reforms to address a rapid build-up in debt, and erects a “firewall” against financial risks. China aims to expand its economy by around 6.5 percent, Premier Li Keqiang said in his work report at the opening of the annual meeting of parliament on Sunday.

Could Artificial Earthquakes Trigger Disaster? Oklahoma’s Risk “Now Equal To That Of San Francisco”
In its annual national earthquake outlook , the U.S. Geological Survey reported Wednesday that a large portion of Oklahoma and parts of central California have the highest risk for a damaging quakes this year: between 5 and 12 percent.

Treasury Department burning through cash as debt ceiling approaches
The Treasury Department has been rapidly spending its large cash reserves ever since President Trump took office, a move that complies with federal law, but could also make it harder for the government to stay under the debt ceiling once the limit kicks in again later this month.Purge from cache

British University Bans All “Politically Incorrect” Words: Here’s The List…
Cardiff Metropolitan University is at the forefront of political correctness sensitivity. The University just banned lecturers from using any sexist or insensitive Words. The list of banned words is wider than you might think… including mankind, homosexual, housewife, manmade, and sportsmanship.

California school district will no longer take part in funeral processions for Navy SEALs, sailors
A Southern California school district will stop taking part in funeral processions for U.S. sailors and Navy SEALs killed overseas, which have drawn thousands of students.

Trump expected to sign new travel ban into US by early next week
President Trump is expected to sign a revised executive order early next week banning travel from several Middle Eastern and African counties, the president’s latest effort to prevent radical Islamic terrorism on U.S. soil.